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Through your world, I have nothing

Novel: Through your world, I have nothing (途径你的世界,我一无所有)

Fiction: Modern Romance

Author: gentleman cat

Role: Bai Lan Yi Jiang Zhaoming


Bai Lanyi is a beautiful boss who is in a desperate situation. She lacks money and Jiang is a financial tycoon year by year. He lacks love, so they hook up with arrogance, calculating interests, but the game body is not the same . Be careful, her heart was given away, so she ran away, he chased after her and returned, he turned around and didn’t return, and finally she was disheartened, and she was looking for another to marry him, but she kept pressing, robbing her wedding ring, and robbing her of flowers

***” Jiang Zunian, are you crying? Why is it that the more you look, the more hypocritical you are?” She smiled sweetly and mentioned her wedding dress, “Bai Lanyi, are you a book? Why do you want to sleep more and more?”

Book Review Area

Jiankui: I always feel that the plot has a rotten atmosphere, and what is the difference between the protagonist and the natives?

Phoenix Mask: In the early stage, the fairy grass started to be poisonous in the middle stage, and then it was like a soul-breaking grass.

My Third Reich: 6666 Talking about the crooked buttocks is really a nonsense, the protagonist returns to the Third Reich to do all he can, and sacrifices millions of German superpowers and tens of millions of white people to finally push China as the world’s No. 1 A strong country is still the kind of a country that hangs the whole world. This is not called patriotism, what is patriotism?

Through your world, I have nothing

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004 Desperate

“This, this is impossible!”

Yun Qi stared at a pair of unbelievably big eyes, and the milk tea in her hands was shaken and spilled without knowing it.

“We were all acquaintances and friends that night. Besides, you drank half a glass of wine in total, and I poured it for you myself. There is absolutely no problem!”

“But that night, I really felt that I was half awake, and my consciousness was not very clear. Besides, after getting married, Jiang Zhaoming really never touched me again…”

Bai Lanyi’s eyes were swollen, and she shook her head dully. She always thought that her pregnancy and childbirth were hanging by a thread, which caused a huge heartache to the man. So that every time she tried to take the initiative, Jiang Zhaoming used various reasons to prevaricate it. I didn’t expect…he was resisting himself from the bottom of his heart, despising himself.

“That’s his impotence and premature ejaculation! He has no luck to endure our beautiful white beauty, so he has the ability to go out and steal something!”

Yun Qi disagreed. She kept the composure of a bystander and advised Bai Lanyi not to admit the account so quickly, “Lanlan, don’t be fooled by Jiang Zhaoming. I think he changed his mind first, and he was already with that little bitch. Now. Now that the unidentified incident has happened, I have made up another reason to throw dirty water on you! You must not panic now, think about it, and what to do next will be more beneficial to yourself. “

Bai Lanyi smiled bitterly: “What else can I do? I just want to get divorced immediately, and I want to stay as far away from that pair of sluts as possible. But Jiang Zhaoming just doesn’t agree. You said that since he loves An Lingran so much, why don’t you hurry up and put it away? I let it go and let her take the position rightfully?”

“Hey, what could be the reason? Either there are interests, or there is pressure from the family. Jiang’s family is not that shameless in T city, and the divorce may be more involved than you think. However, if you disagree, you can sue him. what!”

Yun Qi’s proposal made Bai Lanyi feel even more sour. Jiang Zhaoming, a devil who pinch people’s hearts, had already decided that she was reluctant to let the innocent Xiaomeng be hurt. Even if it is not her own, even if it is the crystallization of betrayal and deception, she has poured four years of maternal love into him after all.

“Aqi, I have to move out first. I can’t stay in that house for a day.” Bai Lanyi calmed down and let out a sigh of relief.

“Yes. If you can’t do it, just drag it out. If you have been separated for more than two years, you can get a divorce without tearing your face. However, if you move out, where do you want to live?”

Yun Qi looked at her little pigeon nest, which was less than 40 square meters, and gave Bai Lanyi a look that was more than enough but not enough. She is a poor doctor, and the rented house is still arranged by the hospital for welfare.

Bai Lanyi bit her lip. After she got married, she moved to Jiang Zhaoming’s house, and her own house had long since paid off her father’s debt when she was in prison.

“It really doesn’t work, I’m going to live in the factory.”

“Take it down! I heard that your factory workers demolished all your windows in order to collect debts. Lanlan, why don’t you go find your mother?”

Yun Qi’s voice became smaller and smaller, and finally fell into a weak voice under Bai Lanyi’s stern stare.

“I’ll figure out a way myself, so don’t worry about it blindly. Alas, it’s hard to take shifts off work, and you have to use it as a trash can for me. It’s hard for you, Aqi.”

“Don’t come! In fact, the best way to comfort my girlfriend is to tell her, cry ass, you see that I’m worse than you! I figured it out, or should I break up with Fang Wei, my family?”

“Get out of here!” Bai Lanyi pushed her and got up to go out.

“However,” after a pause, Bai Lanyi added, “Aqi, I still can’t let go of what happened five years ago. Although I can’t change anything now, I really want to know what happened. It’s the matter. Speaking of your family Fang Wei, I remember that his father was a **** .”

“I know, I’ll ask you back.”

Leaving Yunqi’s apartment, Bai Lanyi drove directly back to the factory.

As soon as I entered the compound, I heard a commotion inside.

“Sister Bai, you are here! I turned off the phone when I called you. They occupied the factory early in the morning!”

Secretary Xiaoguang hurriedly stepped forward and opened Bai Lanyi’s car door. He was also a college student who had just graduated, and this kind of battle really scared him enough.

At this moment, I saw that there were hundreds of people in front of the three rooms inside and outside. The dozens of old workers and backbones in the front row are all familiar faces of Bai Lanyi.

And those in the back who were dressed in three-haired beasts, holding swords, guns and clubs, looked like the ‘public relations team’ hired by the workers.

The huge banner is full of sight——

Unscrupulous capitalists hang on the No. 1 workshop, and pay my hard-earned money on the No. 2 workshop.

On the window of the general manager’s office in the middle administrative building, there is Bai Lanyi, who has money to pay off debts, but no money to sell B!

“Sister Bai, why don’t we call the police!”

Xiaoguang’s face flushed with urgency.

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