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Body Swap, Senior Becomes Buddy

Novel Title: Body Swap, Senior Becomes Buddy (身体互换,学长成了哥们)

Protagonist: He Lin Jiancheng


On a night of thunderstorms, He Lin, who failed in her confession, met Jian Cheng, a hated “childhood sweetheart”. He Lin, who was ridiculed, vented all her emotions in the heavy rain, but a lightning strike made the two exchange bodies, and suddenly.

The accident turned their lives upside down, the cynical scumbag turned into a close brother in the hearts of the company’s young sisters; the senior who had been secretly in love with him turned out to be buddies, and also encountered the same-sex confession, God. Ah, can you please stop making such a joke!

Body swap, seniors become buddies.

Read some chapters of “Body Swap, Seniors Become Friends”

Chapter 5 Another Beginning

Although Jian Cheng showed various unreliable signs, at this moment he showed unprecedented calmness and composure. Could it be that he was dazzled? Is this still the second-rate person you know?

Jian Cheng sat on the sofa, and He Lin also found a comfortable position to sit. The city street outside the window was bustling with traffic. In a bustling and prosperous metropolis, with impetuous people, everyone is desperately living, as if only in this way can they accept all the gifts of time with peace of mind.

“One day, the instructor came to me and said my father was here. I walked outside the camp gate and saw him.”

“Although I haven’t seen him for two or three years at the time, I still recognized him at a glance, the man who abandoned my mother like a shoe!”

“The scene at that time was like it was engraved in my mind!”


“Hello, your coffee, please take it slow!”

“Chengcheng, drink it quickly, you used to drink this kind of coffee the most!”

Looking at this slightly old man in front of him, shouldn’t he live a very nourishing life, with a beautiful woman in his arms and a booming business, why is he now running to the army to see his abandoned son.

“I don’t like drinking anymore!”

Jian Cheng’s indifference, Jian Lihui’s hand fiddling with the spoon hangs in the air.

The air suddenly became awkward.

“That’s right, we haven’t seen each other for several years, so what do you like to drink, I’ll give you…”

“You came to me today, not just to buy me coffee!”

Jian Cheng interrupted him.

The air was awkward again.

“I know you hated that I divorced your mother at the time, and I had no choice but to!”

Jian Cheng’s hands were clenched into fists. He would never forget the way his mother sat alone on the bedside when he came home from school that day, crying while covering his face.

It was because of this man’s compulsion that her mother, who had been strong in her life, chose to leave the city with which she was connected, and resolutely returned to her hometown.

A divorced woman with a child was always being pointed at at the time, but even so, when Jian Cheng said she would stop studying, her always gentle mother beat him and held him in her arms after the beating. inside.

“Chengcheng, my mother is sorry for you, but you have to remember that people can’t be without culture, and they can’t give up on themselves. Even if the world gives up on you, you can’t give up on yourself!”

Maybe it was these words that made Jian Cheng start his life again. In the third year of high school, his mother finally agreed to join him in the army, which may also be a way out.

“Are you forced?”

“Why are you harassing us now if you are forced to!”

“Chengcheng, I’m your father!”

“You do not deserve!”

Jian Cheng left the coffee shop without looking back. Since then, he has never come to the army to find him again.

“What about later?” He Lin took a sip of water.

“Later, my mother became seriously ill, so I asked the army for leave and went back.”

“And then what?”

Jian Cheng paused for a long time, as if he was brewing emotions, perhaps the last thing he didn’t want to recall and no longer want to face.

“When my mother was dying, she told me the truth. The reason why he divorced my mother was the same as what I thought at the time, that the woman was pregnant. Because of this child, my mother took the initiative to withdraw from this marriage, and returned with patience. home.”

Feeling Jane Cheng’s emotions and her mother’s forbearance and generosity, she didn’t get a good death.

“What happened after that, just like what was written in the bloody drama, the child in that woman’s belly was not his kind, but the woman who was in love with him, but just wanted to take him as a big head and as a smuggler. .”

“Then your dad… Then he broke up with that woman after he found out?”

“After being discovered, the woman wanted to share half of his property. Of course he was not happy, and finally gave the woman a sum of money!”

“So he will come to you later?”

“How can there be such a good thing in the world, when he wants to abandon it, he abandons it, and if he wants to find it, he finds it back!”

It may be that He Lin’s words stimulated Jian Cheng, and Jian Cheng’s emotions became a little excited, even angry, and he punched the table, and He Lin was startled.

Maybe after a person makes a mistake, he regrets what he did wrong, and always wants to make up for it and restore it.

“At first he thought that woman would give him a son, so he didn’t care about my mother and me, and then his hope was in vain, and he came back to us. He didn’t repent for everything he did, just for himself.”

Jian Cheng talked for a while, and He Lin didn’t want to interrupt him or make comments. No one else could feel what happened to her in every journey of her life. He Lin didn’t have any position to persuade him to give up hatred and hatred. Sadness, people can only pass. Do not persuade others to be kind without suffering others.

“He wants me to be discharged to help his company!”

He Lin took a look at Jian Cheng, maybe in the eyes of many people, this is an opportunity, because this opportunity can make him surpass at least 70% of the people, can save twenty years of struggle, and no longer worry about food and clothing.

But He Lin knew that Jian Cheng would not, because his arrogance in his bones would not allow him to accept charity from a man who had hurt his mother.

Even his own father.

“In order to prevent him from harassing me again, after I dealt with my mother’s funeral, I went back to the army to apply for discharge and left!”

He Lin was very regretful. He never thought that the seemingly cynical second bastard would have such a side. Could it be that his cynical and airy appearance is just his protective color?

“Then he never looked for you again?” He Lin asked cautiously.

Jian Cheng has calmed down a lot.

“Yes, but I won’t let him find me!”

Maybe a person does not want to be found by others, it is very easy, as long as you put yourself in the set shell, block all contact with the outside world, and refuse to communicate, then no one will find it.

“That day, when I met you in the park, I thought I saw it wrong. I didn’t expect to meet an acquaintance in this strange city, and that person was you!”

Thinking of the bad luck that day, He Lin blushed.

“Why, I’m not ferocious, aren’t you happy to meet me?”

“No, I’m lucky!”

He Lin looked at Jian Cheng. Jian Cheng’s face was already looking out the window, but she couldn’t see any expression.

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