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System: You must get full marks in the exam

Novel: System: You must get full marks in the exam (系统:你考试必得满分)

Type: Modern Romance

Author: Four Seasons Three Autumns

Role: Zhou Sisi Four Seasons Three Autumns

The classic modern romance novel “System: You must get full marks in the exam” is recommended for everyone to read. The author of this novel “Four Seasons and Three Autumns” is a great god of internet literature. Highlights of the plot: Zhou Sisi’s summer vacation is over quickly. Nancheng No. 19 Middle School. The moment Zhou Sisi stepped into the school gate, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh: “Nancheng No. 19 Middle School, it deserves its name!”

As the worst high school in Nancheng, the students in it are dressed in strange clothes, all their hair is colored, and all of them have unruly eyes. Tame, watching them as a group of newborns is like a wolf seeing a sheep. After Zhou Sisi finished his report, he came to the classroom of Class 3 of Senior 1. The door was open, and the new classmates were chatting enthusiastically. After entering the door, many classmates looked at Zhou Sisi up and down. She was a little embarrassed to see, so she found an empty seat and sat down…

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System: You must get full marks in the exam

“System: You must get full marks in the exam” online reading

Chapter 3 Hiring Workers

Zhou Sisi’s summer vacation quickly passed.

Nanjo Junior High School.

The moment Zhou Sisi stepped into the school gate, he could not help but let out a sigh: “Nancheng No. 19 Middle School, it deserves its name!”

As the worst high school in Nancheng, the students in it are dressed in strange clothes, all have colored hair, and all of them have unruly eyes. Looking at these new students is like a wolf seeing a sheep.

After Zhou Sisi finished his report, he came to the classroom of Class 3 of Senior 1. The door was open, and the new classmates were chatting enthusiastically.

After entering the door, many classmates looked at Zhou Sisi up and down. She was a little embarrassed to see, so she found an empty seat and sat down at random.

After a while, a potbellied male teacher walked into the classroom.

After the introduction, Zhou Sisi knew that this teacher who was wearing glasses and looked like a ball was his head teacher, Qin Shou.

Zhou Sisi: …

Some classmates, both male and female, whispered below.

When Qin Shou saw it, he picked up the teaching pole and walked over, shouting at the male classmates, “What are you talking about! Get your hands out!”

Then he turned his head and said to the girls with a smile, “Stop talking.”

With a fat face still pretending to be warm and soft, Zhou Sisi only felt chills when she saw this face.

It was finally the afternoon school.

Dad Zhou originally thought of arranging a driver for Zhou Sisi to take her to school, but Zhou Sisi felt that it was too ostentatious and not free, so it was better to ride a small electric donkey and go wherever she wanted.

How can the early morning sun and evening breeze be missed?

By the time Zhou Sisi returned home, Sister Lin had already prepared the meal and was waiting for her to be seated.

Mom and Dad put food in her bowl and asked, “How was your day? Sisi, are the teachers and classmates friendly?”

Thinking of Qin Shou’s greasy face, Zhou Sisi was really reluctant to speak, and said perfunctorily, “It’s okay.”

On the first day of school, there was nothing to do. I got a bunch of books, and Zhou Sisi, the clothes for the military training on the second day, packed it in her schoolbag and brought it back to wash.

After eating, Zhou Sisi got busy on her own. After seeing this, Sister Lin wanted to help, but Zhou Sisi refused.

Since junior high school, her clothes and room hygiene have been cleaned by herself, and Zhou’s mother is also happy. It is better for girls to be independent.

It was getting late after cleaning up, Zhou Sisi went back to the room to rest.

Lie on the bed with her phone and chatted with An Ge for a while.

Zhou Sisi: [An An, how are you doing today? 】

An Ge: [It’s alright, but the second year of high school started to get even more nervous. Today is the first day of school, so I sent out several exam papers. I miss my summer vacation.]

Zhou Sisi: […You No. 1 Middle School are too convoluted! Leave us scumbags alone.]

An Ge: [Hahaha, how are you doing today? Are you still used to it? 】

In the face of his good best friend, he can say anything naturally, this question opened Zhou Sisi’s chatterbox and began to complain about Qin Shou.

Zhou Sisi: [Guess what the name of our head teacher is? You absolutely can’t think of it! 】

Ange: [emmm]

Zhou Sisi: [Haha, I can’t guess, you dare to believe that someone is actually called “Qin Shou”]

[I don’t like him all the time, and his eyes are always a little sullen when he looks at people]

An Ge: [I heard someone say that there were teachers who molested students in the 19th, but it seemed to be suppressed. Sisi, you have to pay attention! 】

Zhou Sisi: [Who dares! I kicked him off! 】

Thinking of Zhou Sisi’s character as a female man, he would definitely not suffer any loss, so An Ge didn’t say anything anymore. After chatting for a while, the two said goodbye to each other.

After a summer break-in, Zhou Sisi gradually got used to the existence of System Xiaolan.

When Xiaolan first appeared, Zhou Sisi was always very uncomfortable when she took a bath, it felt like someone was spying on you all the time.

She asked “Are you human or what?” no less than a hundred times, but Xiao Lan herself couldn’t tell what it was.

Fortunately, the voice it spoke was a female voice, otherwise Zhou Sisi would not know how to deal with it.

She is not a person who is too entangled, and she slowly got used to this different “friend” with the mentality of being at ease.

During the summer vacation, Zhou Sisi would get up early every morning because of An Ge’s help to point out the direction for him.

It takes 90 points to pass the language and math, and Zhou Sisi will pass it directly.

In any case, the first monthly test will only test the knowledge points in the first few chapters. Politics is not like other subjects. As long as you memorize it well, you can always get points for writing up, no matter what.

As for the other subject, Zhou Sisi decided to directly let the system add 60 points to physics at that time, and hand it over to Xiao Lan to handle it.

Because the system was not activated, Zhou Sisi did not get any help, and was skeptical about it, for fear of an accident, she would not give up until Xiaolan assured her that there would be no problems.


A month passed in a blink of an eye.

Zhou Sisi has a straightforward and carefree temperament. He has made many new friends and met a few people he doesn’t deal with.

Feng Hao is one of them.

Zhou Sisi is beautiful, but her studies are not good. When she first started school, she was targeted by Feng Hao and a few gangsters who would tease her from time to time.

Zhou Sisi couldn’t bear this, grabbed the salty pig’s hand that was reaching out, and slapped him in the face.

Feng Hao was about to have a seizure, but Qin Shou just came to the classroom and encountered this scene.

The two were called to the office for trial training.

Zhou Sisi’s anger has not subsided, but in front of the head teacher, it is not easy to flare up again, and Feng Hao standing aside is also burning with anger.

Qin Shou criticized Feng Hao for death without even asking, and then looked at Zhou Sisi as if asking for credit.

Right is right, wrong is wrong, it was Feng Hao who was wrong, and it seemed that Qin Shou was responsible for it all.

Since then, Zhou Sisi has become more and more disgusted with Qin Shou, and has forged a son with Feng Hao.

Early in the morning, Zhou Sisilei couldn’t help but carry politics on her back. As she expected, this monthly test only tested the knowledge points in the first three chapters.

Counting the month since the start of school, Zhou Sisi has already memorized political textbooks for two months, and she is about to vomit.

Even if I work so hard, close the textbooks and swipe them down one by one, I still can’t remember some knowledge points.

She even suspected that the existence of System Xiaolan was to help God repair defective products like herself.

“Yo, silly Baitian is still reciting, you can’t understand even if your brain asks you to brush a plate.”

Feng Hao, who was late, shook his head and walked past Zhou Sisi.

“It’s none of your business!”

Zhou Sisi never swears at people, but Feng Hao is not a “person” in her eyes.

“I wish you a perfect score in the monthly exam tomorrow—”

Feng Hao, with a flat face, mocked Zhou Sisi with a long voice, and turned to lie down on his seat to catch up on sleep.

The good mood in the early morning was all mixed up by this mouse shit.

After calming down, Zhou Sisi continued to carry the textbook.

Tomorrow will be the crucial battle. Even if she fails the exam and acts like a spoiled child with her parents, they will agree to continue her schooling, but Zhou Sisi still wants to rely on her own strength to win dignified.

In addition… plug-ins are also part of the strength.

The exam takes two days, and Zhou Sisi’s novice package has only one day of experience.

She is optimistic about the future, and will take the physics and politics exams the next day, so on the first day of the exam, except for the Chinese exam papers, the rest are basically handed out and returned.

She was embarrassed to look up at the teacher when she collected the test paper.

When I got home in the evening, Dad Zhou was lying on the sofa watching TV. When he saw his daughter came back, he sat up and asked, “Girl, how was your test today?”

After changing his shoes, Zhou Sisi stretched out, “Don’t ask, you’ll know when the results come out anyway.”

“Haha, it looks like you have a plan, but don’t cry when the time comes.” Dad Zhou joked.

“No,” Zhou Sisi looked around: “Where’s my mother?”

“There is something going on at the company. Your mother may not be back tonight. If there is a meal for you, I will let Sister Lin bring it to you later.” Dad Zhou turned over and lay down on the sofa: “Oh, I can watch it all night tonight. The game is over, haha.”

Zhou Sisi gave him a white look: “I’ll report you later.”

“You can’t come back even if you report your mother. It’s hard to rest. It’s just casual, it’s just play.”

Zhou Sisi: “…”

After simply taking two bites of rice, Zhou Sisi couldn’t wait to return to his room.

Success or failure is tomorrow, activate the starter pack tonight.

“Xiaolan Xiaolan, please answer when you hear me, over.” Zhou Sisi called out in his heart.

Soon Xiaolan’s voice sounded in her mind: “Hello, Sisi.”

Zhou Sisi: “Can the novice package be activated now?”


After getting the answer, Zhou Sisi confirmed again: “Then the expiration date is until this time tomorrow, right!”

Xiaolan: “Yes, are you sure to activate?”


Zhou Sisi was inexplicably nervous at the moment, and her voice trembled slightly.

After she uttered the word “confirm”, her spirit suddenly became dazed, and there was a burst of coolness on both sides of her forehead, which made her feel particularly comfortable.

About half a minute later, Xiaolan’s voice came again: “The novice gift package has been activated, and the daily tasks have been issued, please check.”

The transparent blue screen appeared in front of him again.

【Name: Zhou Sisi】

【Age: 15】

【Intelligence: 0】

[Goodwill value: 10]

【Storage points: 60】

[Task: Help Fang Sizhe find his parents]

【Location: Tianlong International Building】

【Time: October 1】

[Reward: 50 goodwill points]

Zhou Sisi was secretly happy when she saw that her intelligence score was finally in the category of a normal person, but when she saw the goodwill value, she clearly remembered that her score was 15 at the beginning, and she was a little puzzled.

“Xiao Lan, why is my goodwill value still down?”

Xiaolan replied: “The system detected a conflict between you and outsiders, so 5 points will be deducted.”

Zhou Si thought about it, and he had a conflict with Feng Hao during the school year, which actually led to his own deduction…

Bah, what a broom star!

Seeing the line of tasks, Zhou Sisi was a little confused.

Who is Fang Sizhe? I don’t know him at all, but the reward of 50 Kindness Points seems to be quite a lot.

Zhou Sisi asked: “Xiao Lan, I don’t even know Fang Sizhe, and I have to help him find his parents. Could it be that there is something wrong with your system?”

Xiaolan explained: “The task dispatched by the system is to retrieve events that will happen near you. Of course, you need to find it yourself.”

Zhou Sisi pouted: “Okay, but what if I can’t complete the task?”

“If the host fails to complete the task within the specified time, 1 credit point will be deducted, and the accumulated 3 points will be automatically unbound, and the rewards obtained will be reset to zero.”

Zhou Sisi was ashamed for a while, I rely on it, then I can only run around to complete the task in the future.

She didn’t want to wear this useless head in the future.

It’s over, I didn’t expect that I would be a migrant worker after I was only 15 years old.

It’s just that this “salary” is still quite fragrant.

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