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Through the Book Seven Zeros, I got rich by red envelopes in time and space

Novel Title: Through the Book Seven Zeros, I got rich by red envelopes in time and space (穿书七零,我靠超时空红包暴富)

Type: Modern Romance

Author: I am an antique

Protagonist: Lan Ling, I am an antique

The popular novel “Wearing Books Seventy, I Get Rich Through Time-Space Red Envelopes” is written by the author “I’m an Antique”. Summary of the highlights of the novel:

Through the book seventy, I got rich by means of super-space red envelopes

Highlights from “Crossing the Books Seventy, I Get Rich by Red Packets Over Time”

Chapter 3 Into the City

With the comfort of her best friend, Lan Ling showed a smile in her eyes. Holding chopsticks, she began to show off rice in her mouth.

The taste of the dish is actually average, it seems to be packed from the restaurant downstairs, and the fried pork with chili is a bit oily.

However, in this era, it is a practice that makes people call prodigal. Which fried meat put so much oil?

The same is true of fried lettuce, it should be put in lard, it tastes very fragrant.

Tasting the familiar taste in her mouth, Lan Ling couldn’t help but recall the past: Yu Feifei and she are not in the same university, but in the art college next door. Her dream is to be a star, but she doesn’t really like acting, she just wants to make a lot of money .

But the entertainment industry is not so easy to mix, without connections and capital, nothing.

Even if Yu Feifei’s face is as bright as a spring flower, and the atmosphere is bright, but she can only take on some unnamed small supporting roles to live, and it is said that the eighteenth line uplifts her.

After all, in the circle, many of the 18th line are paid hundreds of thousands of yuan, and her income is just a little better than that.

The two girls supported each other in an unfamiliar city, shared laughter and tears, and spent all the big and small things together.

It’s a bit reluctant to be separated now, but fortunately, she was able to chat across eras and comfort each other, which eased her anxiety when she first traveled.

It was getting dark, Lan Ling washed her feet and was about to go to sleep when another message came from the other end of the phone:

[Yu Feifei: There are three chances in a day, and it can be refreshed tomorrow. Don’t waste one more time, [red envelope]]

[You received the red packet opposite, quilt*2]

Lan Ling smiled, feeling a little relieved, whispered good night softly, and fell into sleep.

The summer in the south is very hot. It is just after seven o’clock. The sun already has the power of noon, scorching the earth relentlessly and enthusiastically.

The bell to go to work rang three times, and young and middle-aged people from every household went to work in the fields.

Lan Zhenyu, the eldest son of the Lan family, who is Lan Ling’s eldest brother, is decent-looking, with thick eyebrows, big eyes, and strong muscles. He is the most popular strong man in the farm family nowadays.

He went to the warehouse ahead of time to pick up the family’s farm tools. Seeing that there was no movement in his sister’s room, he glanced at his daughter-in-law Lin Dongfang and asked, “What’s the matter, is my sister still not feeling well? Do you want to go to the county health center? ?”

“No, Mom said my sister was just tired last night, so let her take a day off today.”

Lan Zhenyu nodded, a little worried, “Is only one day off enough?”

“Mom doesn’t worry, let’s see, if it doesn’t get better tomorrow, go to the county.”

The Lan family has a large population, and there are quite a few strong workers. The men have a lot of strength and can get ten work points. The women are also the best outside the family, and they can save some money every year.

Otherwise, they would not be able to support this yard full of children.

The adults have all gone to work. The eldest child in the family, Lan Yonghua, is only eight years old. He is well-behaved and sensible.

The eldest brother’s child was born early, and the youngest son is five years old. Not only can he help, but he can also take care of himself.

The two daughters of the second brother’s family are pitiful. The second sister-in-law is soft-natured, and she is a patriarchal man in her bones. She wants to take care of herself and have a son.

The two sisters had not received any nutrition since they were young, and they were as thin and thin as firewood sticks.

The third brother’s son was born less than half a year ago. He was not weaned and was carried by his mother to work.

There is no way, the child can’t be separated from his mother, so he can only take it with him, put it under the shade of a tree while working, occasionally come over to hug and coax, and it will be fooled for a day.

In fact, the third sister-in-law usually takes care of the children at home. After all, it is unrealistic to call an eight-year-old child in a room. Today, it is not coincidentally that Lan Ling is at home.

Walking out of the house, there was a circle of radish heads in the main room, and two dolls lay side by side in an old-fashioned baby cradle.

The one-year-old girl from the eldest brother’s family, and the half-month-old boy from the third brother’s family, the two babies had baby fat on their faces, and there was a trace of crystal saliva hanging from the corners of their mouths, and they were looking at her with a toothless smile.

“Little aunt, you’re out, and I’ll bring you some food.”

At this time, Lan Xiaoting, the eldest daughter of the second brother’s family, came out. She was only four years old and she was already very sensible. She could cut hogweed and wash dishes.

How could Lan Ling let her help with her work? She waved her hand quickly and said, “I’m not busy, I’m not hungry. I’ll go to the county later.”

Last night, there was half a bowl of food left for her by Yu Feifei. Time was still in the space. She took it out and it was still hot, and quietly ate a sumptuous “leftovers” in the room.

“Okay, tell me when I’m hungry.”

“Hey, we Tingting are really sensible.”

Lan Ling touched her head, the hair under her hands was as dry and yellow as straw, and there was no oil. After all, no one could eat much oil and water, and hair could not absorb nutrients at all.

But it’s not dirty, with two big braids, it can be seen that although the second sister-in-law doesn’t pay attention to her daughter, she is also a very particular person.

After greeting the children, Lan Ling went to the field. There are many fields in the village, almost all of them in one area. There are still a few days before the busy farming season. The only work in the fields is weeding and pest control, which is relatively easy.

She found the third sister-in-law and said that she was going to the county seat and asked her to go back to take care of the child. The third sister-in-law agreed immediately.

The Red Star production team is not far from the town. It takes 40 minutes to walk. The village is full of dirt roads and there is a lot of dust. In order to hide people’s eyes and ears, Lan Ling carried a large backpack and sent messages while walking.

[Lan Ling: I’m going to the county now, you can give me something to sell. 】

[Yu Feifei: Are you going to the black market? You wait, I just came out of the supermarket and bought a lot of things for you, but it’s cheaper to buy online, you see what you need, I’ll place an order for you. [red envelope][red envelope]]

[You received the red envelope opposite, 50kg of fine rice*4]

【You have received the red packet on the opposite side, 5 liters of peanut oil in a barrel*6】

[Lan Ling: What do you buy so much for? 】

[Yu Feifei: It’s okay, make more money. You are still in the countryside, try to find a way to buy a house in the county town, buy a job by the way, and try to enter the city as soon as possible. Although I don’t have much money, this is nothing. 】

[Lan Ling: Thank you. 】

[Yu Feifei: What are you polite to me? I’ll take a few pictures later and talk later. 】

Although rice, flour, grain and oil are cheap in modern times, they add up to hundreds.

Yu Feifei is a public figure anyway, so she can’t dress too badly, and sometimes she has to go out to dinner with people in the circle or something.

Seeing that it’s the end of the month, this silly girl doesn’t have enough money for herself, I’m afraid she used Huabei to buy things for her.

Thoughts were flying, Lan Ling paused and found that she had arrived.

The county town is not prosperous, with gray walls and pavements, and houses with cement and blue bricks, all of which are not high.

The most prominent ones are the several tubular buildings near the government offices, and then the department stores and hospitals in the center of the county.

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