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Make up a Story – A Strange Tale on a Moonlit Nigh

Long, long ago, there was a mysterious kingdom of leaves in the clouds. The king of Leaf Country is a white fox named Qiqi, who lives in the most precious Moon Night Tree in Leaf Country. The Moon Night Tree has magical powers, it can listen to voices from all over the world.

According to legend, every time the Moon Night Tree is moved by a mortal story, it will condense a pearl-like fruit, the Moon Night Fruit. Qiqi feeds on moonlight fruit, and can know all kinds of strange things in the world, but he is also worried all day long. On this day, Qiqi was lying on a cluster of soft clouds, depressed.

Chapter 1

Xiuhe I heard that there is a remote Chenjia Village in the mortal world. There is a poor family in the village. The mother and daughter depend on each other. The daughter of this family, named Xiuhe, is a beautiful woman with a moving singing voice. Xiuhe often sings for her mother, Mrs. Zhang, who has been exhausted all day. The life of the mother and daughter is happy and fulfilled, talking and laughing.

It’s a pity that the sky didn’t come true, Xiuhe fell into a mountain stream and died when she was out picking wild vegetables. Zhang was so sad that she was blinded by crying, but she still refused to believe that her daughter had really passed away. One night, the blind Mrs. Zhang heard a knock on the door and fumbled to open the chaimen, only to hear the voice of her long-lost daughter.

“Mother~” “Xiuhe, my daughter! Are you back?” Mrs. Zhang wept with joy, almost tripping over the threshold with excitement. The person who knocked on the door supported the trembling old mother, but he could only repeat this one in a daze, “Mother!”, without any more words. “It’s good that you’re back, Xiuhe, it’s good that you’re back!” Mrs. Zhang stopped asking about other matters, and hurriedly took her daughter’s hand and entered the room to talk. …

After this night, everyone in the village felt very strange that the dead Xiuhe had returned! But he became taciturn, never spoke again, and looked like a walking corpse. Because it is said that several hunters who entered the mountain saw the corpse eaten up by wild beasts, so everyone believed that Xiuhe was really dead. Seeing Xiuhe reappear alive now, everyone couldn’t help feeling horrified.

A few brave villagers wanted to test whether Xiuhe was still alive, so they sneaked into the house, but unfortunately they were beaten out alive with a wooden stick by the vigilant Mrs. Zhang. Since then, most people in the village avoided the poor mother and daughter as if they were avoiding the god of plague. But there is only one exception, that is Orion Chen San.

Chen San is a vulgar hunter with no father or mother who lives by hunting in the mountains. He has always admired Xiuhe, and once asked someone to come to propose marriage. But Mrs. Zhang disagreed with this marriage, she didn’t want her daughter to marry Orion and continue to live this poor life. She hopes that Xiuhe can marry a scholar, so that her future life will be promising.

Unexpectedly, bad news came, and Xiuhe had an accident in the mountains. Mrs. Zhang went blind from crying, and her life became more difficult. However, Chen San, who was once looked down upon by Mrs. Zhang, often brought food to Mrs. Zhang. Today’s Mrs. Zhang has already changed her mind. On this day, Chen San sent two pheasants that he had brought in, and then skillfully chopped firewood and carried water. After busy work, he even cooked chicken soup for her and Xiuhe.

Mrs. Zhang couldn’t help sighing, although she couldn’t see her daughter’s appearance anymore, she knew that her daughter had completely changed her temperament now, and would only repeat “Mother” repeatedly, no different from a fool.

There was a barefoot doctor passing by, but after seeing it, he said that there was nothing serious, prescribed a few doses of medicine, and left in a hurry. These days, Mrs. Zhang has been hanging in her heart and can’t let go. “Little San, you have a heart! Thanks to you for coming to take care of my old lady these days! It’s just us orphans and widows, I don’t know how to repay you!” Chen San hurriedly persuaded her, saying. “Auntie, you are serious!

Xiuhe and I grew up together, no matter what, I won’t let you bother!” Mrs. Zhang was quite touched, “Little San, you are a good boy. It’s the old lady, I’m going to see it away! If I had agreed with you earlier, Xiuhe would have a good home! Poor Xiuhe has become like this now, what should I do?” Chen San glanced at her with a complicated expression. Xiuhe, whose eyes were dull and lifeless under the tree, quickly comforted Mrs. Zhang and said.

“Auntie, don’t worry! When I have saved enough money these days, I will take Xiuhe to the county town to find a good doctor! I will also find some herbs for your eyes! I believe that Xiuhe will one day Get well!” “Even if Xiuhe is like this all the time, I will take care of you for the rest of my life!” “With your words, mistress, I can feel relieved!”

Mrs. Zhang couldn’t help crying as she spoke. After a while, she fumbled back into the house again, and found a small bag in an inconspicuous corner under the bed. Mrs. Zhang handed the small cloth bag to Chen San. “Little San, open it!” After Chen San opened it, he couldn’t help being a little surprised. There were actually three one hundred taels of silver bills and some broken silver hidden in the cloth bag. “Auntie, this is…” Mrs. Zhang said calmly.

“This money is the silver taels I saved when I was a maid when I was young. Later, I saved it and added it to Xiuhe’s dowry money.” “I have never touched this money all these years, no matter how poor my life is I just hope that when Xiuhe gets married, she will be able to look good and decent.”

“Little San, I will give it to you now! First, I want you to take the money to take Xiuhe to medical treatment, and second, I hope that the You are willing to entrust Xiuhe to you!” “Of course I will!” Chen San promised solemnly upon hearing this. “I swear to God, I will take care of Xiuhe for the rest of my life, treat her well, and honor my aunt and you old man!

Otherwise, I, Chen San, will have a terrible death!” Mrs. Zhang was very satisfied. “You child, why do you still call me auntie! It’s time to change your mind now! When you pick a good day, you and Xiuhe should get married as soon as possible!” “Yes, mother!” Chen San quickly changed his mind. …

One month later at dusk, Chen San and Xiuhe got married under the witness of Mrs. Zhang. Although Xiuhe didn’t get better after seeing the doctor in the town, the family’s life gradually got back on track.

Chapter Two

Hidden Love Three months later, on this day, Chen San went out hunting. Suddenly an unexpected visitor came to the house. This person claimed to be Lin Wende, a scholar from a neighboring village. Lin Wende said that he and Xiuhe had been in love for a long time, and they made a marriage contract to each other. That day, he and Xiuhe met in the forest.

Chen San suddenly appeared, accusing him of not being good enough for Xiuhe, and even raised his hand. Xiuhe wanted to stop him, but was pushed down by Chen San, and his head hit the rock hard. Lin Wende checked Xiuhe’s breath at that time, and found that Xiuhe hadn’t breathed a long time ago, so he was shocked and wanted to report to the police.

But at this time, after Chen San killed Xiuhe, he frantically said that he would kill him to avenge Xiuhe. Lin Wende was chased by Chen San, and fell off the cliff in a panic. He thought he would lose his life, but he didn’t expect that there was a cold pool at the bottom of the cliff to save his life. A doctor walking around rescued him from the water and healed him.

When he returned home and was about to report on Chen San as a thief, he was told that Xiuhe was actually married to Chen San? Isn’t Xiuhe already dead? ! Lin Wende didn’t believe it, so he hurried here. Seeing that Xiuhe was still alive, but turned into such an idiot, he vowed to expose the true face of Chen San as a thief.

After hearing this, Mrs. Zhang turned pale with shock. She had never met Lin Wende before, nor had she ever thought that there was something hidden about her daughter falling into the mountain stream. And Chen San, this respectful and filial son-in-law, how could he kill his own daughter? ! Mrs. Zhang calmed down, she wanted Lin Wende to go back, and not to appear in this village rashly again. …

When Chen San came back from hunting, Mrs. Zhang looked calm, pretending nothing happened, and asked Chen San what prey he had shot. Chen San said happily, “Mother, it’s a half-sized wild boar! I also picked some wild mushrooms to make soup! Mother, you and Xiuhe are hungry! I’m going to cook!” Zhang said , “Very good!

Little San, you’ve worked hard!” After finishing speaking, Mrs. Zhang still held the comb and combed the stunned Xiuhe’s hair, her expression as usual. And Chen San also went into the kitchen to cook. Mrs. Zhang called her daughter in a low voice, “Xiuhe!” She stroked her daughter’s hair that was as soft as before, but now her daughter was no longer lying in her arms coquettishly, and then sang to her. Mrs. Zhang sighed, and had some calculations in her mind. … A few days later, after Chen San came back from hunting, the family had dinner as usual.

Mrs. Zhang advised Chen San to drink more alcohol. Chen San was a little surprised, although he likes to drink, isn’t the mother-in-law usually afraid that he will drink too much and make trouble, so she won’t let him drink too much? ! In addition, his own wine taste is not very good, so he himself often refrains from drinking. Mrs. Zhang said with a slight smile, “Today is a happy event!

It doesn’t matter if you can drink more!” Chen San was feeding Xiuhe with a spoon, so he asked a little strangely. “What’s the matter?!” Mrs. Zhang said, “It’s Xiuhe’s birthday!” When Chen San heard this, he couldn’t help feeling a little ashamed, because he had never known his wife’s birthday all this time. “Mother, it’s my fault! I didn’t prepare a gift for Xiuhe!

Tomorrow I’ll go to the town to buy some gifts for Xiuhe!” Chen San patted Xiuhe’s head. Mrs. Zhang went on to say, “You are a husband and wife, and you are one. Xiuhe’s birthday is naturally your birthday! Gifts or something, it doesn’t matter! You drink more wine today and be happy! Gifts, it will be natural in the future Make it up!” With that said, Mrs. Zhang was about to stand up and pour wine for Chen San. Chen San was a little flattered, and hurriedly said.

“Mom, I’ll do it myself! You just eat.” Mrs. Zhang nodded and said. “Then drink more wine and eat more vegetables! Don’t worry about Xiuhe, she probably has enough to eat! I’ll take her to the inner room to sleep first!” After finishing speaking, she took Xiuhe back to the inner room . And Chen San scratched his head foolishly, and started to drink, bowl after bowl like this, gradually overwhelmed, his mind began to dizzy, and there seemed to be double images in front of his eyes…

But Mrs. Zhang came out of the inner room again, and Advise him to drink more! He also babbled about some things… Chen San has a quirk of being drunk, that is, when he is drunk, he will honestly tell anyone what he asks, so he also restrains himself from drinking. But now, he is really drunk. Mrs. Zhang began to call a few times tentatively, “Little San!” Chen San answered drunkenly.

“Huh?!” Mrs. Zhang continued to ask. “Did you push Xiuhe on the mountain that day?” “No…it was me…uh…it was all my fault…I shouldn’t have pushed her…my fault…” “Xiuhe Did you lose your temper at that time?” “No…Xiuhe died in my arms…uh…Xiuhe”

“Are you going to kill Lin Wende?” “Yes…I want to kill That animal…” “Didn’t you say that you and others saw the beast eating Xiuhe’s corpse?” “It was me… I didn’t take good care of her, and I didn’t even keep her body… let those beasts eat her She…” “Then who is this Xiuhe…” “I don’t know…she is not Xiuhe…but she looks exactly like Xiuhe…no…she is Xiuhe…”…

The night is like water , Candles flickered in the house. At this time, Mrs. Zhang’s face gradually turned pale, and she felt cold all over! Just now she pressed Chen San about the questions in her heart. And Chen San, who was drunk, spoke out honestly. What Lin Wende said is true! Her daughter, Xiuhe, is really dead! It was killed by Chen San! Chen San also met several hunters with his own eyes and saw Xiuhe’s body being eaten by wild beasts!

So, who is this “Xiuhe” who is always by her side? !

Chapter 3

Monsters Recently, a big event happened in Hejia Village. The blind Mrs. Zhang sued her son-in-law Chen San to the Yamen, saying that Chen San had murdered her daughter Chen Xiuhe. He also said that the daughter “Xiuhe” beside her is also a monster! Everyone thinks Mrs. Zhang is crazy! Except Lin Wende. From beginning to end, Lin Wende assisted Zhang in this lawsuit.

Lin Wende is not only a scholar, but also a wealthy family. He sent money to the county magistrate. The county magistrate took the money, acted naturally, and imposed a severe sentence. Chen San couldn’t bear it anymore, and finally confessed the truth of the matter. Chen San loves Xiuhe, and even though she was rejected, he still likes her all the time.

He was very angry when he learned that she was with Lin Wende, a scholar from the neighboring village! Lin Wende is not a good man, he has many confidante outside, and Xiuhe is just one of them. That day, he saw Xiuhe with this swinger again. He was furious and wanted to expose the hypocrite’s true colors. He got into a fight with this hypocrite, Xiuhe came to try to persuade him to fight, but was pushed to the ground by their scuffle. Xiuhe fell to the ground and groaned in pain, a pool of blood flowed out from her body.

It turned out that Xiuhe was already pregnant. At that time, Xiuhe was already very weak, and it seemed that the child could not be kept, and the whole person was in danger. Chen San was in great pain. He wanted to kill Lin Wende, a scumbag, but he wanted to save Xiuhe first. Chen San hugged Xiuhe and was about to go down the mountain to find a doctor, but Lin Wende was afraid of exposing his scandal, so he kept preventing Chen San from leaving.

In the end, Xiuhe lost too much blood and passed away. Chen San put down Xiuhe’s body and went mad to kill Lin Wende. Lin Wende fell off the cliff while running away. Later, Chen San came back in grief to find Xiuhe’s body, but found a huge beast eating Xiuhe from a distance. When he arrived, everything was too late… Chen San thought Lin Wende was dead, but he didn’t expect this scumbag to be still alive. Chen San glared at the graceful Lin Wende. he shouted angrily.

“Lin Wende, man is doing it, and God is watching! You have done those ugly things! Don’t you dare to admit it?! You killed Xiuhe! It was you who killed the child in Xiuhe’s womb, you beast in clothes! God, sooner or later I’ll accept you!” Mrs. Zhang was shocked.

“Is this true?! Didn’t you admit that you killed my Xiuhe when you were drunk? Why did you say that Lin Xiucai did it? I don’t believe it! You are lying!” Chen San smiled wryly. “Mother, do you think I still need to lie now?! It is true that I killed Xiuhe. If I hadn’t fought this beast, Xiuhe would have been fine! I was the one who killed Xiuhe… Woohoo! I deserve to die Damn me!”

“Zuzu, I can prove that what he said is true, it was Lin Wende who killed Li Xiuhe!” At this moment, in the chaos, the rich and handsome man spoke, he was really Lin Wende. “I’m confused! Are you sure you killed Chen Xiuhe!” The county magistrate in the high hall felt incredible.

It was the first time he saw himself admitting that he was the murderer. “Yes!” Lin Wende said lazily. “Then you are Lin Wende!” The county magistrate rolled his eyes in disbelief. The people around also felt incredible. “Well, I’m Lin Wende!” Lin Wende admitted casually. “That’s bold, you murderer, you are so arrogant, handcuff you!” The county magistrate was about to give an order, blowing his beard and staring. “Oh, no, this Chen Xiuhe is still alive?! I’m confused.”

“Zizu, this Xiuhe is not human!” Lin Wende turned to “Xiuhe” who had been huddled in the corner. “She’s a rabbit monster! Oh, she’s still the kind who is still inexperienced!” “You ate Xiuhe to save the child in her stomach!” Lin Wende looked at “Xiuhe” with a smile on his face. “You should be pregnant now, Xiuhe and Lin Wende’s child is in your womb, right?! This child will be a different kind after birth, do you still want to give birth to it?!”

After hearing these words, “Xiu He Wo”, shed sad tears, no longer in a daze. … The people present were extremely confused when they saw this situation. Rabbit demons and the like, killing people and so on, all have big heads, and there are many discussions. The county magistrate got even bigger and patted the gavel. “Su Jing! Be quiet in the courtroom!”

“My lord, this matter is very clear. In this case, it was Lin Wende who killed Chen Xiuhe. Well, Chen San is innocent!” Lin Wende said without any pressure. “Your Excellency, please sentence me!” Not only the county magistrate, but other people present, including Chen San, all looked at Lin Wende with eyes like a fool. Lin Wende remained calm.

“But, isn’t Chen Xiuhe still alive in this case?! Could it be that she is really a monster as you said! Then she doesn’t look like one!” The county magistrate was powerless to complain. “That’s easy!” Lin Wende smiled again and his fingers melted. The “Xiuhe” in front of him turned into a white-haired rabbit, which was beyond everyone’s imagination. “My lord, reply to the letter now!”

Lin Wende’s hand immediately attracted the attention of the audience. “Xiuhe has been killed, that Xiuhe was transformed by a rabbit monster! Lin Wende is indeed the murderer!” “Yes… catch the rabbit monster immediately! Where is the rabbit monster?!”

The county magistrate was about to pronounce the sentence, but found that the The white-haired rabbit is gone. “Hey, why did Lin Wende faint?!” Everyone found that Lin Wende had fainted again. After a while, Lin Wende woke up and found himself in the courtroom, feeling that everything was incredible. When he came back to his senses, he found that he had already been burdened with a case of murdering Xiuhe. At this moment, Lin Wende’s memory is somewhat blank… It’s hard to argue.

However, the transcripts in the courtroom have already recorded dozens of his wonderful dictation about the process of his crime. Is there a ghost? ! This…Lin Wende’s memory stays at…the moment he came out of Chen Xiuhe’s house that day. He saw the wandering doctor who advised him, Brother Hu, patted him on the shoulder, smiled and said to him, “Good job!”

Then, he became groggy, as if he didn’t remember anything… etc. When he woke up, he was sentenced to beheaded for killing Xiuhe.

Chapter 4 Anecdote At this time, in a certain forest. An extremely low-key walking doctor, squatting on the grass, said to the snow-white rabbit in front of him with a headache, “As a monster, you can’t give birth to human children! The species are different! Let this piece of meat in your belly Hurry up and reincarnate! You will also suffer from indigestion! Rabbits should be vegetarians!”

Rabbit shook his head very humanely. “You also know that you are in human form, you don’t even have a human IQ, you are a fool! I prescribed some medicine for you, and you still look like this! It’s useless!” Some of the doctors said carelessly.

“It’s unreasonable for you to consume your demon power to save a life that should have been lost!” The rabbit shook his head again. “Okay! I don’t care about you anymore, you can figure it out! Don’t be intimidated by strange things in the future!” The man shook his head, got up and left. However, he threw a vial to the little rabbit from a distance. …

After this incident, Chen San and Mrs. Zhang also returned home safely. On the way back, neither of the two spoke first, and remained silent. Chen San spoke first. “Mom!” Mrs. Zhang couldn’t hold back the tears and responded. “Hey!”

Chen San continued, “I never blamed you! I just thought that I should have told you the truth in the first place, so that nothing like that would happen! But, fortunately, in the end, Lin Wende, that hypocrite, finally gave up.” Chen San thought in his heart: Uh, although the process was a bit strange, all kinds of monsters came out, but the result is still satisfactory!

Zhang couldn’t help crying. “I’m sorry, Xiaosan! It was my old lady who believed in the traitor by mistake and almost killed you! It’s all my fault. You can still forgive me! You are really a kind child! It’s a pity that my Xiuhe has no blessings, I can marry you! I can’t become your mother!” Chen San said immediately. “Mom! You will always be my mother! I have always regarded Xiuhe as my wife, and she has always been in my heart! I will take her place and honor your old man!”

“After this incident, I decided not to be a hunter! No Kill again! Just do some small business, or farm, and life should be easy, don’t worry!” Zhang was moved. “Little San…” “Mother!”… The case of Chen Xiuhe seems to have become a big legend in this place, and it has been passed down for thousands of miles, and it has intensified.

One day, a traveling doctor, a little unbearable in the scorching heat, walked to a tea shed to rest, ordered a plate of snacks and a pot of good tea. The man drank a bowl of herbal tea happily, his eyes narrowed in comfort, like a cozy fox. At this time, the people sitting next to him began to talk about a strange case that happened two years ago, saying that the rabbit turned into a debtor and so on. “You said it was strange, so what is the relationship between Chen Xiuhe and this rabbit demon?” The person in Tsing Yi asked in puzzlement.

“I heard that this rabbit was caught by a hunter once, and it was Chen Xiuhe who saved the rabbit. The rabbit is grateful, so I want to help Chen Xiuhe to seek justice.” Another man in gray said. “You’re not right! It was Lin Wende who appealed for his grievances that day! Yes, he was the one who arrested himself!” The man in Tsing Yi retorted.

“It’s also strange! Has Lin Wende gone crazy? Catch himself! No wonder it’s possessed by a ghost!” “I think it’s also possessed by a wronged soul!” The doctor with bulging cheeks and slurred speech couldn’t help but interjected. “Maybe it’s that innocent soul who can’t get used to this Lin Wende!” “Hey, brother, what’s your opinion?!”

The gossip duo was very excited when they saw someone joining. “Could the wronged soul be the dead Chen Xiuhe?” “Maybe not!” The doctor burped and said leisurely. “Maybe it’s also a monster!” “I’ve heard! Lin Wende offended the Fox Fairy! Because his family is in the fur business! He specializes in fox fur! Look, how many cute little foxes he killed would offend the fox. Ancestor!!! Hiccup~ No business, no harm! Hiccup~”

The gossip duo looked at each other. “Really?!” “Hey, where’s that brother from just now?!” “Oh, don’t care about him, let’s continue talking.” “This Chen San was originally a hunter, but now he’s farming and selling side dishes!” “Probably I’m also afraid that these animals will become ghosts!”

Qiqi rolled many times on the clouds, complaining to Yueyeshu depressedly.

“Moon Night Tree, what’s wrong with you?! Why did this kind of story move you too! Where is the touching point?! There won’t be any problems with your tree!” Moon Night Tree dropped four leaves rustlingly, Each leaf has a character, quotient, human, wisdom, sense. Qiqi is puzzled, what do you mean (;`O´)o At this time, a gust of wind blew up and arranged all the leaves in an order. Kiki read it together. “IQ is touching~” Kiki rolled his eyes.

The full text is over. [Digression] I recently watched a TV series about suffering, and found it very interesting.

Every episode is really moved, and I am dumbfounded and moved TV dramas these days are not easy! I also made one myself, and found that I couldn’t pull it out, and it made me confused! It’s finally over. …

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