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The God Level Master Ling Tianwang Bingxia

In the story of the god-level master Ling Tianwang Bingxia (天师下山我有六个神级师傅凌天王冰夏), the protagonist Ling Tian grew up in a Taoist temple on Longpan Mountain and learned art from six masters. For 18 years, he has been working hard to follow six masters. The master was studying medicine, Buddhism, Taoism, martial arts, etc., and finally came to this day, he learned something, the master let him go down the mountain to take revenge, what is going on?

It turned out that the reason why Ling Tian studied so hard was because 18 years ago, his family was destroyed by the enemy. In the entire Ling family, he was the only one left, who was rescued by six masters. This time, he went down the mountain and only for revenge…

The Heavenly Master Comes Down the Mountain I Have Six God-level Masters Ling Tianwang Bingxia

Novel Introduction

“Little God, how long have you been up the mountain?”

On Longpan Mountain, in the quaint Taoist temple, a Taoist with white hair and white hair and a fairy style asked softly.

“Back to Master, it’s been eighteen years”

Behind the Taoist, a handsome young man replied respectfully.

“Eighteen years.” The old man counted with his fingers, sighed with emotion, and then said: “It’s time to go down the mountain.”

Ling Tian’s face was calm, but his heart was very excited. Eighteen years later, the master was finally willing to let him go down the mountain!

So, he gave a deep salute to the old man’s back.

“Thank you, Master!”

After all, four figures appeared behind him.

A fat monk in a tattered monk’s robe, with a shiny face, said to Ling Tian with a smile: “Xiao Tian, don’t let yourself be wronged after going down the mountain. If you have anything to do, go to my Buddhist sect, and make sure to let the teacher let him go. Many of the Eighteen Kings of Hushan appear in front of you at the fastest speed.”

Next to the monk, a kind-hearted old man in blue clothes said, “You have already learned all my medical skills. While making the name of the medical sage reverberate across the land of China, remember, the hearts of doctors and parents.”

An ordinary-looking gray-robed old man looked at Ling Tian and nodded slightly, and said in a hoarse and blunt voice: “If someone offends you, kill it, I will bear it.”

“Old Yang, you should restrain your murderousness, Xiaoxiashan is not doing your god-killing business.” An old man in a neat tunic suit and a spirited old man next to him was dissatisfied, and turned to the young man with a smile: “Little God, Wei Shi has already explained to the troops everywhere, if you have anything, just go to them, but if there is any trouble, the fifth master will also trouble you to help you deal with it.”

“Follow the teachings of the masters!”

Ling Tian looked at the five masters who had lived with him for 18 years, and his nose was sour: “I won’t be on the mountain in the future, you all have to take care of your health. When I finish the matter down the mountain, I will definitely come back to see you often.”

After saying that, he walked down the mountain.

After walking out of the Taoist temple, Ling Tian looked at the layers of forests on Longpan Mountain, his face sinking like water, and his eyes were cold.

“Bai Family, Ye Family, Liu Family… All those who attacked my Ling Family, I will make you all pay the price!”

As Ling Tian left, several masters put away the smiles on their faces.

“Old man, why do you want Xiaoxia to be in the mountains?” The fat monk yelled at the Taoist priest with some dissatisfaction.

Old Dao narrowed his eyes and slowly got up and walked into the Taoist temple: “There is a relationship between existence and yin and yang, and there is a certain number in the dark. If you keep it alone, it will only turn the rough jade into a stubborn stone, and the sword will be covered with dust.”

“Every day the gods are babbling, the little girl at the foot of the mountain is your arrangement.” The second master, the fat monk, asked loudly.

The old man paused, “I arranged it, but you ask who didn’t arrange something interesting for Xiaotian?”

Hearing this, the four masters all looked at each other with strange expressions, but laughed without saying a word.

After Lao Dao put his hands on his hands, he continued to walk towards the Taoist temple, and said in deep thought: “I’m going to retreat, remember to let Xiao Liu’s Yanyu Pavilion pay more attention to the matter down the mountain. After all… we only have such a disciple.”

“I’m going to inform Yanyu now!”

The fat monk was the first to rush out of the Taoist temple, walking in the opposite direction from Ling Tian.

Several people looked at the fat monk who disappeared in a flash, and they all leaked expressions of contempt, and at the same time spat, “Monk Hua!”

Yan Yu, Ling Tian’s sixth master, is gentle and enchanting, and has an unusually hot body. It can be said that he is the dream lover of all men.

Yanyu Pavilion, as the name suggests, is a gentle place like smoke and jade.

However, what is unexpected is that this kind of place has opened all over China, and even has a foothold abroad.

Ling Tian soon came to the foot of the mountain, and as soon as he stepped on the path between the mountains, he saw a beautiful girl facing him, followed by a strong man, walking towards the mountain in a turbulent manner. At the same time, their eyebrows were full of worry .

After all, Ling Tian had been watching on Longpan Mountain Road for 18 years. The traffic on the mountain remained unchanged, and his robes had been washed and faded. Even though he was handsome, he looked like a beggar who had lived in the mountains for a long time.

The middle-aged strong man stood directly in front of the girl, and said vigilantly, “Where is the wild boy, get away!”

Ling Tian’s expression was startled, are the people under the mountain so rude? Curse when you meet?

Before Ling Tian could speak his theory, the girl behind the strong man shouted, “Uncle Yi, he’s just a petite beggar. Let’s not waste time and go into the mountains to find Immortal Master Dao Yuan.”

The strong man got the order, glared at Ling Tian fiercely, and turned to leave.

Ling Tian dodged in front of the two of them, folded his arms in front of his chest, and asked, “Who told you that Immortal Master Daoyuan is on this mountain?”

Dao Yuan is the Dao name of Master Ling Tian.

Immortal Master is the honorary title people give to the leader of the Taoist sect.

Eighteen years ago, Grandfather had never done anything since he rescued him back to the mountain. How did this girl of the same age as him know that, and even found Longpanshan?

“Boy, don’t worry about what you shouldn’t know.” The strong man said viciously.

The girl looked at Ling Tian up and down. Although she was wearing tattered clothes, her face was still okay. Because she was concerned about her grandfather’s condition, she asked with an attitude of giving it a try: “This little Taoist priest, my grandfather is seriously ill, only Immortal Master Daoyuan can save you, do you know where Immortal Master is in the mountains?”

Ling Tian frowned, although he didn’t know where they got the news, but the master who is at the key point of deducing the secret will definitely not go down the mountain for them, and said solemnly: “I have been here for eighteen years, since I have never heard of any Dao Yuan Immortal Master.”

This sentence is not a lie, and several other masters said that the masters all called the old man.

The girl was already a little desperate when she heard the words, a mist of water appeared in her smart eyes, and a desolate expression appeared on her delicate face, but it was quickly replaced by firmness: “Anyway, this is our last hope, Uncle Yi. , let’s go up the mountain to find it.”

Ling Tian didn’t want them to disturb the master’s retreat, so he stopped them and said indifferently, “I’ve lived here for so long, and I haven’t heard of any immortal masters at all, but if something happens, I can help you.”

Hearing Ling Tian’s words, the girl’s dull eyes flashed with hope again, she wanted to say something, but was interrupted by the strong man beside her: “Boy, this is the eldest lady of the Jiang Hai Wang family, put away your careful thoughts. Otherwise, I don’t know how to die.”

The hope in the girl’s eyes fell on Ling Tian’s clothes, which soon dimmed again. Yes, how could such a little beggar cure grandpa’s illness.

Ling Tian laughed, knowing that he was being treated as a liar, he pondered for a moment, and said to the girl, “If I guessed correctly, you are here for your grandfather?”

“It’s a mystery, the lady has told you just now that we are here for the master’s illness.”

The strong man showed disgust, and said disdainfully: “Quickly get out of the way, and delay the business, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Ling Tian was not angry, and said calmly, “I can also see that your grandfather fell ill three months ago, and on the 5th, 15th, and 25th of every month, his whole body is in severe pain, making it difficult to fall asleep. , his physical condition is getting worse and worse, and it is almost dying.”

“And going to the hospital can’t find any problems at all. Only a Taoist priest can relieve the pain of the old man a little, and tell you, only Immortal Master Daoyuan can save your grandfather, right?”

Every time Ling Tian said a word, the girl’s eyes became brighter, and the strong man’s face became even more ugly.

“Please, you must save my grandpa.”

The girl hurried up and grabbed Ling Tian’s hand tightly.

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