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The novel “Huo Shaotian’s wife is a boss”, the character Huo Siyao, Qin Yan

Novel: Huo Shaotian’s wife is a boss (霍少甜妻是大佬)

Author: Qin Yan

Main characters: Huo Siyao, Qin Yan

Type: Modern Romance


The most explosive news of the year in Los Angeles, the Qin family picked up a real daughter who grew up in the countryside and returned to the city to marry instead! Everyone: That bumpkin is just a village girl and has no culture! Qin Yan took out the silver needle and turned into the youngest medical genius in Luocheng. Everyone: Joke, wild girl still wants to participate in the design competition?

Qin Yan took out a design work, but the signature is an international designer who is hard to find! Everyone: Marry the short-lived ghost of the Huo family and wait to be a widow! Who would have thought that the vegetative Huo family’s eldest young master who is full of power in China is not only not disabled, but also begging for her every night. Wife, don’t worry, I will clean up the battlefield! Qin Yan rolled his eyes. Sir, how can you act better than me?

Huo Shao’s sweet wife

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Chapter 1 Marrying a dead person

“Get married!” A sharp shout rang out, Qin Yan was roughly pushed into the car, followed by being held down on his knees.

Knees on the hard cement floor, and through the bright red hijab, she vaguely saw that the person who married her was not a person, but a spiritual place.

There are a few big characters on it, the position of Huosiyao.

Qin Yan’s eyes darkened.

She’s really been congratulated by her vicious stepmother and father.

Where is Chongxi? Obviously marrying a dead man!

They were reluctant to bear their daughter, but pushed her out.

What a poisonous mind!

“One kowtow!” She shouted again, and then someone grabbed her hair and knocked her forward heavily on the ground.


Severe pain accompanied by the sweetness of the throat hit.

“Kow again!” The red candle burned high, illuminating a circle of satisfied smiling faces around the cemetery.

“Three kowtows – Li Cheng!”

Blood dripped down her cheeks, and the pain nearly made her faint.

“Send to the bridal chamber!”

Qin Yan’s whole body froze, and he struggled immediately.

What, with a dead man’s bridal chamber? !

“Ugh!” She wanted to tear and shout, but the tape stuck to her mouth, blocking all calls for help, and she could only watch herself being pushed into the car.

Not long after, the car stopped at the gate of a hilltop villa.

“Go in!”

Qin Yan stumbled, the door closed behind him, and the hijab also fell off.

Her pupils shrank, and she backed away abruptly.

In front of you is a double red coffin!

In the coffin on the left lies a man, dressed in a bright red Chinese wedding dress, with a high nose bridge and superior brow bones. The lines of his entire face are like sculptures. Unfortunately, half of his face is covered with half a silver mask.

Even if the face is covered, it is difficult to hide the stunning appearance.

But what’s the use of looking good, this is a dead man! What’s more, there is a coffin next to it, which was prepared for her!

“Qin Yan, from today onwards, Si Yao is your husband. Remember to support each other and stay together when you get there… The Huo family will remember you for the rest of your life, so feel free to go!” Mr. Huo stepped forward and glanced at him with loving eyes. she.

Qin Yan was instantly horrified.

Are these people crazy? !

Not only let her match Yin marriage, but also want her to be buried with her!

She is not reconciled!

She has been studying medicine for nine years, but she was tricked by her biological father. As soon as she came back from the countryside, she was overdosed on drugs. If it weren’t for her physique, she would still be in a coma at this time, and she didn’t know how to die. !

By bending down and entering the coffin, Qin Yan tried to get a silver needle out of her hair, and instantly released her strength to break free.

“A bunch of trash! Catch her!” Mr. Huo snapped.

Qin Yan turned around and ran, tearing off the sealing tape, “Help! Help…”

She really didn’t want to die, she was so young, only nineteen!

But surrounded by the Huo family, she was held up by two servants before she ran far.

“Eldest Young Mistress, accept your fate!” The servants said in unison, dragging her into the room with a blank expression.

The meandering bloodstains spread all the way from the courtyard to the door of the room, and a bright red line slid out as her toes slid out.


The door is closed.

She was thrown into this dimly lit room again.

The dragon and phoenix candles were lit, and through the jumping candlelight, she saw Mr. Huo’s gloomy face.

“Want to escape? Press me in!” said Mr. Huo.

“Let go of me! Aren’t you afraid of retribution!” She struggled, and suddenly saw a familiar figure behind Mr. Huo, “Dad? Dad…”

Qin Yan pushed the servant away and staggered towards the figure.

This is her biological father! It is also her last hope!

“What are you doing! Pull her back!” The roar resounded.

“Save me, Dad!” Qin Yan grabbed the corner of Qin Bangnian’s clothes and was dragged back by the servant, with a shrill voice, “Dad! I don’t want to die! Please save me, please, I will be filial in the future. you……”

Qin Bangnian kicked her away.


“It’s bad luck! Who allowed you to touch me with a hand that has touched a dead person? Go in by yourself! Don’t make a fuss here!”

The last ray of light went out.

Qin Yan closed his eyes, his fingers stretched out in the air were pale and stiff.

She began to tremble, but it was not the fear of death, but the hatred of these living people!

She hates these dignitaries, killing people is like killing ants!

She hated that her road of revenge was cut off by them before it even started!

She hated herself even more for having a shred of fantasy about her family, which made her cry and cry for help silently!

“The auspicious time has come, throw her in.” Behind him, Master Huo gave orders.

“Wait.” Qin Yan opened his eyes, his dark pupils swept across everyone in the room, his voice was hoarse, and he said, “Don’t throw it away, I will enter by myself.”

Qin Bangnian frowned, looking at those bloody red eyes, he was a little surprised.

Qin Yan wiped the blood from his face, no more words, and resolutely lay down in the coffin.

The coffin slowly slid, and the light disappeared inch by inch.

She stared at the coffin being closed, and the hatred in her heart reached its peak.

If there is an afterlife, she is bound to pay the debt with blood!

“Crack.” Mahogany closed completely.

Despair was overwhelming, but before she could close her eyes, she suddenly heard breathing sounds of different frequencies in the darkness.

Her scalp tingled instantly.

There are two people in this coffin, one living and one dead.

Who else can breathe besides her? !

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