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80 Wedding Night: The Fat Girl is Beautiful and Spicy Novel

80’s Wedding Night: Fat girl is beautiful and hot, 八零新婚夜:胖妞她美又辣

Male Lead: Tian Weichuan
Female Lead: Chen Shuhui
Author: Anonymous


Chen Shuhui was reborn as a fat, round and black country girl in the early 1980s. In this era full of business opportunities, step on the best products, abuse scum, and make money! From a witch who ruled the world and ruined her family, she counterattacked and became the richest man in C City, the creator of her rich and beautiful legend! someday. Her husband Tian Weichuan, who had been away for more than a year, came back from the Northwest. “Where is my wife?” “I am!” Tian Weichuan looked at Bai Fumei in front of him, couldn’t look away, and pulled Chen Shuhui into his arms.

Links: 80 Wedding Night: The Fat Girl is Beautiful and Spicy Novel

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