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Urban: Rebirth of the Unbridled Life

Novel: Urban: Rebirth of the Unbridled Life (都市:重生肆意人生)

Type: Urban

Author: Yuwen Feishhuang


Zhou Yu, the world’s top agent, was reborn in a parallel world. In this life, he wants to live his own life recklessly. A wanton life starts from becoming a man of the campus!

Characters: Zong Sheng, Wang Ya

City: Rebirth of wanton life

“Urban: Rebirth of Wanton Life” Chapter 3 Is it okay to brag? free reading

Many people saw what happened in Yangyuan, but for some reason, it did not spread very far, and only some students spread it by word of mouth.

There was no uproar, and Li Qiao’s gang did not come to trouble Zhou Yu.

Although Zhou Yu doesn’t take it seriously, it is better to have less.

This allowed Zhou Yu to spend a lot of time with peace of mind, and slowly began to enter the role and integrate into his current identity and life.

As a junior and old fritters, Zhou Yu’s daily life is to play games with three roommates bragging and watching beauties.

Zhou Yu in the previous life lived a life without a mission.

But that’s just a way to decompress yourself. In fact, the string in my heart has never dared to relax.

He never told anyone his real name, and he never even dared to keep a girl overnight.

I have never brought anyone to my house.

It’s not like now, playing games with a few roommates at night, and then sleeping until the sun basks.

Although he still got up early every day in strict accordance with his biological clock, Zhou Yu has now learned to lie down on the bed and slowly wait until noon to get up.

“It’s another beautiful and depraved day. This time-travel should be considered the best reward for dedicating half of my life to the country.”

Zhou Yu stretched and muttered, and slowly sat up from the bed.

When I turned around, the three guys were still sleeping soundly.

There are a total of four people in Zhou Yu’s dormitory, except himself.

There are also three roommates from different places.

Wang Ya: She wears a pair of glasses and looks gentle, but she is extremely boring. She always secretly makes harassing calls to different girls’ dormitories in the middle of the night.

Sun Zongsheng: He is only about 1.6 meters tall, and looks rough. He likes to keep an old four or six-point head. He suddenly looks more like a teacher than a student. He likes to go to the study room at night to pick up a conversation with the little girl and pass a note. He is ugly, but he can write Very beautiful and good at all kinds of fonts.

Liu Jia: He looks good, but he is a bit dark and looks like a second-generation rich man. In fact, he comes from a very ordinary family and spends more than half of his living expenses on clothes.

In short, Zhou Yu found that these three roommates each had very boring attributes.

In addition to his predecessor, who is nosy but timid as a mouse, it is also a perfect match.

Although they are definitely not outstanding, they are all very nice. Zhou Yu has been in contact with them for a while and is very comfortable with them.

As usual, three people were shaken out of bed.

Zhou Yu lit four cigarettes in one breath, and stuffed one into each of the mouths of the other three sleepy-eyed guys.

“Wake up, who’s turn to go to the cafeteria today?”

“Today is Friday, it should be Zong’s turn… ah~~ Zong Sheng!”

Liu Jia yawned and said.


“It’s Friday!”

Liu Jia suddenly woke up after speaking, turned to look at Zhou Yu and said.

“Nonsense, you just said that today is Friday, what happened to Friday?”

Zhou Yu sat down, wondering why Liu Jia made such a fuss.

“Friday, the fifth Friday of this semester, have you forgotten the tradition of our class? The old lady likes to organize once every semester.”

The old lady was referring to the counselor of their class. She said that the old lady was actually in her fifties, but she just dressed up and looked a little older, with a benevolent brow.

The greatest joy is to organize the class to have a party on the fifth Friday of each semester.

In order to show that I can get along with young people, I always find a small bar outside the school for a reserved room.

It must be the worst bar with no business, and I don’t know if the bar owner is a relative of the counselor, so he lives on the class fee of their class.

“so what?”

Zhou Yu didn’t care at all, to be honest, he didn’t even bother to go.

In my original memory, every occasion like this was a time when a few so-called literary and artistic elements in the class made a big splash.

Especially their squad leader, who sings with a guitar every time, and there are many girls who are booing. For their marginalized characters, it really doesn’t make much sense.

Although Zhou Yu is a good-looking person, he has always had a low sense of presence in the school, and he likes to walk with his head lowered, so no one pays attention to him.

Not to mention the other few, except Liu Jia who is keen to go and snort every time, but every time he returns empty-handed.

“How’s it going? I have to go out to get a haircut and buy new clothes to dress up. Maybe tonight will be the day when labor and management bid farewell to being single.”

As Liu Jia spoke, she quickly got up and put on her clothes and shoes.

“Farewell to your uncle, you’ve said it for three years. Every time you dress up in a splendid past, when did you say goodbye to being single? You have to pretend to be a rich second generation, and you don’t even have the money to open a house in your pocket. When you go to the street Just reveal the stuff, you might as well be honest and maybe there is still a chance.”

Wang Ya pouted in disdain.

“You know the egg, it’s called packaging, do you understand packaging, I won’t tell you, there’s no time, it’s two o’clock soon, I have to leave quickly, you don’t have to worry about me for dinner.”

Liu Jia put on her clothes and ran away.


Before the back figure disappeared, Sun Zongsheng suddenly shouted and jumped up from the bed.

“I’m at TM, it’s two o’clock, it’s done, it’s done, it’s done!”

“What’s the matter with him?”

Zhou Yu pointed to Zong Sheng and asked Wang Ya.

“I didn’t fetch water for Pu Yingying at noon, and licked the dog. Why do people use him as a coolie? It’s still beautiful.”

Zhou Yu nodded to indicate that he understood, Zong Sheng recently added a girl of the same grade to the study room.

Bringing food and water to people every day is a lot of fun. Everyone can see that the girl is just a free labor force for him, not even a spare tire.

He himself enjoyed it.

Ignore Wang Ya’s sarcasm.

Zong Sheng hurriedly took out his mobile phone.

“Three missed calls, a dozen WeChat messages, it’s over, why did I press mute on my phone?”

After speaking, click on WeChat one by one to answer the voice.

Although it was in earpiece mode, the last one was loud enough for Zhou Yu and Wang Ya to hear it clearly.

“Sun Zongsheng, you are a big liar, no matter if you miss the appointment, you dare not answer my call, I tell you, don’t come to me in the future!”

There was a bit of anger and disgust in his voice.

An attitude of the master to the servants who did not do good deeds.

Zong Sheng hurriedly typed a screen full of sorry and sent it to someone, and at first glance, it was blocked.

Suddenly scared, his face turned black.

Immediately, a phone call was made, and he was hung up three times in a row. The fourth time he finally answered the phone.

“Yingying, I’m sorry. I drank with Liu Jia last night. He broke up. I overslept with me until the morning. I’m sorry, have you eaten yet? I’ll go to the cafeteria to buy it for you.”

As soon as he came up, he apologized in a low voice, but did not forget to throw the pot to others.

As soon as the voice fell, a harsh female voice came from the phone, and Zhou Yu couldn’t hear what she said.

Anyway, there should be no good things to say, Zong Sheng has been holding the phone and nodding and bowing in apology.

Zhou Yu and Wang Ya looked at each other, Wang Ya stepped forward and turned on the speakerphone of Zong Sheng’s mobile phone.

“Stupid X? You are, I don’t know how to set the alarm clock in advance, do you know how long I waited in the dormitory, did you come to deliver food because I was starving to death?”

“I really didn’t mean it. What do you want to eat, I’ll go out and buy it for you now, okay?”

Zong Sheng didn’t care about grabbing the phone back, but stretched his neck to please.

“What to eat, I’m full of anger. I have to buy new clothes for the class activity tonight. This month’s living expenses are not enough. Go buy clothes with me in the afternoon. I’ll pay you back next month.”

Pu Yingying said lightly.

“That Yingying, I don’t have much living expenses. I don’t know how much you are going to buy. I will think about it in advance.”

“Are you a pig? Don’t you have a credit card to borrow something like Huabei? Are you afraid that I won’t return it to you? Forget it, don’t need it.”

Without a word, Zong Sheng’s expression changed.

He quickly grabbed the phone and said.

“Yes, I have it. You can use me as you like. It doesn’t matter. I’ll go to your dormitory to pick you up now.”

“It’s almost…”

Pu Yingying snorted coldly and was about to hang up.

Zhou Yu grabbed the phone.

“Why don’t I go open a room and wait for you first, look at your service first, and then buy something to have a good idea of ​​how much you are worth?”

After Zhou Yu said these words, not only Wang Ya and Zong Sheng were stunned.

Even the other side of the phone was dead silent.

After more than ten seconds, an earth-shattering scream came from the phone.

“Ah!! What are you talking about? Sun Zongsheng, you are so ugly, do you have the guts to say it again?”

Zhou Yu motioned Wang Ya to pull Zong Sheng, whose face changed greatly, with his eyes.

He said slowly while holding the phone.

“I said, I’m going to open a room and wait for you first. You can wait for the labor and management. You can buy anything in the afternoon. If you don’t wait in place, I can consider giving you a 20% discount coupon for the mall, which is universal. “

Zhou Yu picked up a coupon from a nearby shopping mall that someone put on the table and said.

“You are not Zong Sheng, who are you?”

Pu Yingying’s voice seemed to calm down a bit.

“Who cares who I am? Don’t you want to buy clothes? I’ll pay you to be fair and just, what’s the matter? You still want to prostitute for free, but that’s not possible. You have a certain beauty and you dare to prostitute for free? “

“Who are you, what does my affair with Zong Sheng have to do with you?”

Zhou Yu’s words were indeed rather vicious. This Pu Yingying finally calmed down and felt like she was going to run wild again.

“Of course it matters, Zongsheng honest man, if you don’t want to be good with others, don’t keep asking them to do this for you, bullying honest people, right?”

“I’m the most annoying of you. You are such a stupid woman who thinks someone can coax you to heaven because you are so petite, don’t put on a high-level look to me, you are a self-proclaimed bitch, asking for money I said, I have it, ten thousand? Fifty thousand? Or one hundred thousand? Open the room and wait for me, and wait for the labor and capital for you.”

“I’ve decided to call me and stop harassing honest people, okay? Thank you!”

After speaking, Zhou Yu hung up the phone mercilessly.

Zong Sheng didn’t react at all, and Wang Ya looked at Zhou Yu blankly.

“What’s the matter? Is there something on my face?”

Zhou Yu put the phone back into Zong Sheng’s pocket and said.

“No? I just wanted to ask you, do you have 100,000 yuan?”

Wang Ya looked at Zhou Yu and said.

“Of course not anymore, can’t you brag about X?”

Zhou Yu pouted and said.

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