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Urban Dog Food System

Urban Dog Food System (都市狗粮系统)


The female protagonist is Su Mei and the male protagonist is Ye Tian’s novel is “Urban Dog Food System”. This is an urban supernatural novel created by Di Yang, the author of the cutting-edge god. In this beautiful novel, the female protagonist named Su Mei follows Ye The love-hate relationship between the male protagonists of the sky has been entangled for a lifetime, and readers are recommended to read it from the beginning!

“Urban Dog Food System” mainly talks about: Can you draw a lottery if you show affection? Prizes or treasures from all planes? Can you buy items in the mall by scattering dog food? The goods even have the Cultivation Technique Mechanical Gundam? Since he obtained the super dog food system, Ye Tian said that his main life is to show affection with beautiful women and spread dog food everywhere, and abuse single dogs. It’s really tiring!

Chapter 5 To spread dog food, you must first have a girlfriend

Why are you only here now, the people from the Civil Affairs Bureau are about to get off work! “


Su Mei’s words were like the incantation of petrification magic, causing Zhao Jiahong and the young woman at the front desk to be stunned for a moment.

It’s not an illusion, is it? This young man who looked like a poor diaosi turned out to be Su Mei’s fiancé.

This is impossible, impossible…” Zhao Jiahong’s eyes widened, as if he wanted to see through the illusion in front of him, he muttered, the flame of jealousy in his heart almost dried his blood.

The young woman at the front desk is also better off. She just humiliated Ye Tian a lot, and asked in astonishment:

Su Dong, this… is this really your fiancé? “

I remember that I should have notified the receptionist. Isn’t it written in your reception record? And you Zhao Jiahong, I have never seen you so active in stopping people on weekdays. Is this kind of thing also divided into identity and background? “

Su Mei’s face was very embarrassed, and she yelled at the two of them. The absolutely beautiful face did not affect her majesty, but made people feel ashamed involuntarily on her face.

Su Dong, I…we knew it was wrong. “The young woman at the front desk regretted to death, and said with a pale face. If she hadn’t looked down on Ye Tian’s clothes, she wouldn’t have been too lazy to read the records.

The same is true of Zhao Jiahong. Although his heart is full of jealousy and resentment, he can only apologize in a trembling manner. In the past, many powerful and powerful second-generation did not dare to stop him because of their identity and background. He knew in his heart that Su Mei and I were very dissatisfied with myself. This is definitely the end.

Thinking of this, Zhao Jiahong not only did not have any apology or regret, but put all the responsibilities on Ye Tian, ​​and looked at Ye Tian with extreme resentment. In his opinion, if it wasn’t for Ye Tian, ​​he would not have been reprimanded by the chairman, and he would have faced the danger of being dismissed or fired.

There is a traffic jam on the road, there is still nearly half an hour, it should not be too late. “Ye Tian ignored Zhao Jiahong’s resentful eyes, and explained to Su Mei that the reason for being stuck in traffic is better than oversleeping.

Then go now! “Su Mei didn’t hold on to this matter, she walked out after she finished speaking, and didn’t forget to turn around and instructed:

Be optimistic, we will deal with you when you come back, and if something like this happens again, you can just leave, our company can’t tolerate snobbery!”

Zhao Jiahong and Su Mei nodded again and again, although they were still apprehensive, they finally breathed a sigh of relief, at least their job was saved.

Congratulations, you have successfully sprinkled a handful of dog food, and you have obtained 17 points of dog food. “

The jealousy of these two people is really strong. Hearing the reminder from his ear, Ye Tian couldn’t help but pouted, wishing to go back with Su Mei to show off again.

But as expected, walking with the goddess on the street, one after another dog food prompts kept ringing, especially when entering the Civil Affairs Bureau, the jealous eyes around him made the dog food value soar.

Congratulations, you have successfully sprinkled a handful of dog food, and you have obtained 3 points of dog food. “

Congratulations, you have successfully sprinkled a handful of dog food, and got 2 points of dog food. “

Congratulations, you have successfully sprinkled a handful of dog food, and got 5 points of dog food. “


The two walked into the Civil Affairs Bureau. The staff member was a middle-aged man in his 40s or 50s, with nearly bald hair, and his eyes kept spinning on Su Mei’s body. Hearing that the two of them were going to get the marriage certificate, their faces were surprised, and their movements were delayed until Ye Tian was almost impatient before he said to Su Mei:

Little girl, you have to think about it. Getting married is not an impulse for a while, don’t wait until you regret it later. “

Uncle, you don’t have to worry about it. We have a good relationship and are not impulsive. “The next day I was so angry with this guy that I grabbed Su Mei’s hand and said.

Congratulations, you have successfully sprinkled a handful of dog food, and the dog food is worth 15 points! “

This Mediterranean is really jealous! Ye Tian sneered in his heart and urged the other party to handle it quickly. Su Mei was holding hands and her body froze, but she also hated that staff member very much, so she didn’t dodge.

These days, the goddess has fallen in love with diaosi. It’s really a flower inserted in cow dung. “Mediterranean was indignant and jealous, but he still went through the formalities for the two of them.

How about we go have a meal together and wish us a happy cooperation? “

After walking out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Ye Tian invited Su Mei. With the goddess, the value of dog food was increasing so fast that Ye Tian couldn’t stop.

Can you let go of your hands before you speak! Su Mei frowned, looking at Ye Tian holding her hand with a frosty face.

Hehe, I was forgotten by that Mediterranean air, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you! “Ye Tianshen smiled and let go of his hand, embarrassedly touched his nose, a faint fragrance passed from the palm of his hand, and he couldn’t help taking a few deep breaths.

Rogue! “Su Mei glared at Ye Tian, ​​turned around and walked away, Ye Tian quickly followed. My sister was still waiting for treatment, and Ye Tian didn’t want to let go of any opportunity to get dog food value.

Seeing Ye Tian following, Su Mei frowned even more, because of what happened that night, and the scene in Ye Tian’s hands just now, Su Mei’s impression of Ye Tian was already extremely bad.

But no matter if it’s sincerity or contract, after all, the two of them have just received their marriage certificate, and Su Mei is begging each other again, so it’s impossible to rush people like this, so she has to walk in front of herself.


A rush of braking came, and a luxury car stopped beside Su Mei. Su Mei obviously knew the owner of the car, and her face sank immediately.

Meier, why are you here alone? I’m going to the company to find you. “

The car door opened, and before anyone saw it, he first heard the excited voice from inside.

A look of disgust flashed in Su Mei’s eyes, her eyes happened to see Ye Tian on the side, she walked over with a move in her heart, stretched her arms around Ye Tian’s arm and said to the people who got out of the car:

Lin Feng, don’t call me Meier in the future, my husband is still beside me. “

what is this? The lesser of the two, he could feel Su Mei’s disgust for her just now, if it weren’t for her sister who would have thrown her arm away earlier. Unexpectedly, this guy was even more annoying than herself, so Su Mei didn’t even hesitate to use herself as a shield.

Su Mei’s arm was held by Su Mei, touching the soft and towering peak from time to time, causing Ye Tian’s mind to sway for a while.

The shield is the shield, who made himself drunk at the time, not to mention that he was counting on Su Mei to bring him dog food value.

Show affection, first of all you have a girlfriend, if not, then find a way to rely on a goddess first!

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