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15 NATO nations support Germany’s plan to install anti-European missile shields

At least 15 NATO members, including the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Signed a letter of intent to join Germany’s long-term project To build a missile defense shield in Europe to raise defenses almost across the continent

The system will have a wide range of capabilities to intercept different types of missiles. from different heights It is likely related to the Arrow 3 air defense system, as well as the US-made Parriot missile. and Germany’s Iris-T missile system, and will be fully deployed through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The nations therein included Germany. The Baltic countries, Finland, Norway, etc. “I want to join this effort. to close the gap in air defense,” said German defense minister Christine Lambrecht. tell reporters On the periphery of the NATO ministers meeting in Brussels at the end of the week “It involves working together. About pricing It’s about mutual support, so it’s a win-win situation. For the participating countries”

Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic. As well as Slovenia and Belgium have also signed the plan. Bloomberg reported, citing sources close to the issue.

Lambrecht points to growing security risks in Europe Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and various threats of Russian President Vladimir Putin: “We need to move fast now. It is important to close these gaps. because we all say Many moments in our lives It is a dangerous and challenging time.

” Finally, other countries may join the plan as well, however, the plan is still in its early stages. And it needs to overcome production bottlenecks and delivery delays at companies in the private sector. “We are open to everyone. and know that many countries are interested,” Lambrecht said. and states that Germany has entered the stage of negotiations

Lambrecht revealed last month that the Arrow 3 system, if elected, would At the earliest, it won’t be able to enter operations until 2025, so we should decide on the system and close the contract now. And then the industry can deliver immediately. Then, according to the assumption, it is We will be able to start training next year,” German Defense Minister

Olaf Scholz said. spoke about the anti-missile shield for the first time during a speech in Prague Czech Republic in August By then he said

His country will make high-level investments in air defense in the coming years and Europe “has a lot of work to keep up with.” It is more efficient and cost-effective for each country to build its own defense system

Source: Bloomberg

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