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How do Alipay and WeChat make money?

How do Alipay and WeChat make money? Unbelievable, the annual income of 50 billion just by scanning the code. The daily active users of WeChat exceed 1 billion, and the […]

Know more about Coronavirus (COVID19)

What is the novel coronavirus (COVID19)?Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are known to cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle […]

Wuhan Story

“The latest article by Slavoy Sisek discusses the coronal epidemic and the closure of China’s Wuhan city. Siskaek noted the panic of the media and governments in the Western world […]

Love like Liu Dehua

Yesterday, posted Guan Zhi Lin love And there is no mention of Liu Dehua Today I have to ask for the opportunity to post a love article like Liu Dehua. […]

Japanese rice packaging designed

Ric “Riceman”, cute Japanese rice packaging designed by Backbone Agency, is designed for small local companies. The agency worked with farmers to jointly design products and work with handwriting writers […]

News Updates China closes the cities

Update: China has now closed eight cities, including Wuhan, Huang Kang Yi, Xiao Shibisian, Zhujiang, Chian Jiang and Lee Chuan. During this period, the people of Wuhan became aware of […]

21 ideas from Dharma side

1. Each year … Make life “better” Because each day … Our lives are “shorter” 2. The “stay current” Not to “stop doing” on important matters But it is to […]

One of the “poor” strategies in China

One of the “poor” strategies in China is to make villages in impoverished areas. Have strengthened and grouped together to do business to generate income for self-help / small villages […]

Lists of domestic and foreign news websites

News from America (The United State of America News): The New York Times Bloomberg BBC News ABS-CBN News Yahoo! News News from England (England News): […]

Blue Eye in Ethiopian Boy

A boy with beautiful eyes like jewels in a photographer meets in ‘Ethiopia’. From beauty caused by physical abnormalities from the birth of children which has name called ‘ Wardenburg […]

Shuri Castle in Okinawa caught fire

Shuri Castle in Okinawa, Japan caught fire at around 2 o’clock 40 minutes local time. It is expected to be seriously damaged again after the castle was rebuilt after the […]