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Circumstances of Switching Bodies

Circumstances of Switching Bodies
Alternative: 몸이 바뀌는 사정 , Mom’i Baggwineun Sajeong
Author(s): 달꽃,윤달,푸릭,푸릭 / 달꽃
Artist(s): 달꽃,윤달,푸릭,푸릭 / 달꽃
Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Gender Bender, Isekai, Isekai, Manhwa, Manhwa, Romance, Romance, Shoujo, Shoujo, Webtoons
Type: Manhwa

Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


Circumstances of Switching Bodies

The prince was cursed of switching bodies with the woman he spent the night with, and I became the daughter of the duke who could not solve the curse. Tempted to solve the curse, I seduced him indifferently and spent the night with him. I gave him the antidote, so I stopped paying attention to him… “Princess, you’re leaving me because you weren’t satisfied that night.” “…”

“Once more. I’ll satisfy you this time.” To make matters worse, the curse has not been lifted and our bodies have switched frequently without notice. There’s only one way back to our original bodies, which is to desire each other’s bodies

The Crown Prince was cursed to change bodies with a woman he had spent one night with, and I was unable to lift the curse and became the daughter of a duke’s family that was being destroyed.

To break the curse, he seduced him, who was indifferent, and spent the night.
I must have given him a curse remover too, but I stopped paying attention to him… …

“Princess, I don’t like that night, so I think you’re going to leave me.”
“… … .”
“Do it again. I’ll make you happy this time.”

To make matters worse, the curse that needs to be lifted is not lifted
Are you changing your body from time to time without notice?

There is only one way to return to the original body,
They just covet each other’s bodies. By the way-

“Your Majesty, why did you rush all the way here?”
“I hate rain.”
“I told you that it was a lie to seduce your Highness.”

He, who had changed all of a sudden, covered his jacket and said softly.

“I hate it now. You are raining.”

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