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Tag: Japanese Drama

Homeroom (2020) ホームルーム

Homeroom (2020)Other Title: ホームルーム / Hōmurūmu Genres: Psychological, Romance, School, DramaEpisodes: 10Country: JapanDirector: Kobayashi YukiWriter: Tsugita JunNetwork: MBSRelease Date: Jan 23, 2020 (Thursday)Related Show: Adapted From A Webcomic, Forbidden Love, […]

Konya wa Konoji De 今夜はコの字で (2020)

Konya wa Konoji De (2020)Other Title: 今夜はコの字で / Tonight is U-Shaped Genres: Food, dramaEpisodes:Country: JapanDirector: Kuma ShinjiWriter:Network:Release Date: Jan 6, 2020 (Monday)Related Show: Cast: Nakamura Yuri as Tanaka Keiko Asaka […]

Pet (Anime)

PetOther Name: ペット / Petto Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, SeinenCountry: JapanAuthor:Date: Jan 6, 2020 (Mondays at 22:00 )Episodes:Related story: Summary:There are people who can get into people’s minds and control […]

Kachobakaichidai 課長バカ一代 (2020)

Kachobakaichidai 課長バカ一代 (2020)Other Title: 課長バカ一代 / カチョバカ / Kachobaka / Kachoubaka / Kachou Baka Ichidai / Section Chief is an Idiot / The Life and Times of an Idiot Section […]

Hachioji Zombies 八王子ゾンビーズ (2020)

Hachioji Zombies (2020)Other Title: 八王子ゾンビーズ / Genres: Zombies Episodes:Country: JapanDirector: Suzuki OsamuWriter: Suzuki OsamuNetwork: Tokyo MXRelease Date: Jan 11, 2020 (Saturday)Related Show: Hachioji Zombies (Japanese sequel) Cast: Yamashita Kenjiro as […]

Sherlock Special シャーロック特別編 (2019)

Sherlock Special (2019)Other Title: シャーロック特別編 / Shārokku tokubetsu-hen Genres: Mystery, Crime, Detective, InvestigationEpisodes: 1Country: JapanDirector:Writer:Network: Fuji TV Release Date: Dec 23, 2019 (Monday)Related Show: Sherlock Cast: Dean Fujioka as Homare […]

The Devil’s Attorney 悪魔の弁護人 (2019)

The Devil’s Attorney (2019)Other Title: 悪魔の弁護人 / Akuma no Bengoshi / The Devil’s Defense Council Genres: drama, lawEpisodes: 10Country: JapanDirector:Writer: Izumisawa YokoNetwork: Fuji TVRelease Date: Dec 7, 2019 Related Show: […]

Kyojo 教場 (2020)

Kyojo (2020)Other Title: 教場 Genres: MysteryEpisodes: 2Country: JapanDirector: Nakae IsamuWriter: Kimizuka RyouichiNetwork: Fuji TVRelease Date: Jan. 04, 2020Related Show: Kyojo series by Nagaoka Hiroki Cast: Kimura Takuya as Kazama Kimichika […]

Parallel Tokyo パラレル東京 (2019)

Parallel Tokyo (2019)Other Title: パラレル東京 / Parareru Tōkyō Genres: DramaEpisodes: 4Country: JapanDirector:Writer:Network: NHKRelease Date: Dec 2, 2019 – Dec 5, 2019 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)Related Show: Cast: Koshiba Fuka Ito […]

Yell エール (2020)

Yell (2019)Other Title: Eru / エール Genres: DramaEpisodes: Country: JapanDirector: Yoshida Teruyuki (吉田照幸), Shoen Takehiro (松園武大)Writer: Hayashi KojiNetwork: NHKRelease Date: 2020Related Show: Cast: Kubota Masataka as Koyama Yuichi Nikaido Fumi […]