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Wonder Doctor Dad in Urban Novels

Wonder Doctor Dad in Urban Novels
Other Name: 神医奶爸在都市小说

Genre: Novel, Fantasy
Author: Mu Xiaohen
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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“Mystery Doctor Dad in the City” is a serialized novel about urban male adventures. The main character in the book is Yang Fan. The story in the book is summarized as follows: Yang Fan was once the noble son of a wealthy family, and he should have a bright future. However, conspiracy after conspiracy caused him to be framed by design, so that he was driven out of the house and became a wandering abandoned son. All the people who had surrounded him overnight ran away cleanly, and even the fiancee left her daughter and ran towards the embrace of others.

Originally, Yang Fan thought that he could take his daughter to lead an ordinary life, but his daughter suddenly went into a coma and was diagnosed with acute leukemia. In order to survive, he needed a lot of money to pay for chemotherapy and other expenses, but now he has no extra money in his hands. Qiancai sees a doctor for her daughter!

Free Reading Highlights:

The ambulance soon appeared and came to do a detailed examination of the patient.

Finally, he shook his head: “Sorry, the patient has passed away.”

In a few simple words, a person was sentenced to death.

Many patients who were waiting to see the outcome of the event couldn’t hold back when they heard the news.

Looking at Zheng Kangnian one after another, everyone had an expression of fear on their faces.

They also hope that Zheng Kangnian will see a doctor for himself. It is said that Zheng Kangnian’s medical skills are very good.

However, I never thought that someone would be put to death at a critical time.


“You quack doctor!”

“I must sue you until you go bankrupt!”

One of them is about 18 or 9 years old, with a yellow hair.

He walked quickly to the patient and kept wailing: “Dad, why did you go? Why did you die.”

“Get up, you must not die, you must not die.”

At this moment, the sound of a police car sounded outside.

Soon a tall-looking, fair-skinned policewoman in police uniform appeared in front of everyone.

She glanced around with a sharp gaze, and finally fell on the patient and the patient’s family.

“Who called the police?” Female police officer Yan Siqi glanced around and asked.

Zheng Haoran raised his head in surprise, and the others stared at each other.

Even the family members of the patients who were kneeling on the ground and wailing ceaselessly had their expressions stunned.

How could they call the police at such a critical time?

“It’s me.” Yang Fan came from standing.

Everyone’s eyes fell on him, and Zheng Haoran was also shocked.

Wang Mingcheng, the patient’s family member, looked at him in awe.

I don’t understand why he called the police at all, but even went to the police.

In such a situation, are most of them private?

He even thought of calling the police. Isn’t it too unreasonable to play the cards?

Yan Siqi looked at him, “What’s the matter with you calling the police?”

Yang Fan looked at the patient on the ground, “The patient died suddenly. I think it is necessary to call the police when the incident happened suddenly.”

“You…what do you want to do?” Wang Mingcheng roared angrily, feeling that things were no longer going as planned.

“When such a big thing happened, you, as the patient’s son, want to get justice, right?”

He stared at the opponent with a faint expression, “Isn’t it better to call the police?”

“You…” Wang Mingcheng was furious, what they had imagined would turn out to be like this.

So what should I do next?

“Looking at you, it seems that you don’t want me to call the police?” He asked with a chuckle.

Wang Mingcheng was taken aback for a moment, then immediately retracted his gaze, and wailed again: “Dad, you died so miserably, I will definitely seek justice for you.”

Zheng Haoran saw this and immediately came to Yang Fan and grabbed his collar.

“What do you mean, my dad is not good at taking you in, but you still want to harm him? Do you want to take the hospital as your own?”

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