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Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s “She and Her Perfect Husband” unlocks the new look of the red dress and learns to wear it with Yang Mi

She and Her Perfect Husband or The 28th Law of Love

Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s new drama “The Twenty-Eight Laws of Love” is officially scheduled for October 13, with four episodes premiering, six consecutive days, and then three stops and four stops. The play focuses on the modern urban female crowd, and the gold lawyer was urged to get married, and it explores how to balance the 28 rule in career and marriage. Women in the workplace + love after marriage + love between sisters and brothers are full of highlights.

With the official release of the new drama, various promotional materials have also increased. Recently, Yang Mi’s set of printed suits and red skirts have been exposed, which has caused heated discussions among passers-by. Long curly hair + earrings + printed suit + red skirt, adding a little gentle style to the sophistication of women in the workplace, which is very suitable for autumn.

In addition to the red dress, Reuters also saw Yang Mi’s different outfits, dazzling. One of the criticisms of domestic urban idol dramas is the soil. In this regard, we should indeed learn from our friendly neighbor South Korea. “The Twenty-Eight Laws of Love” has not been broadcast yet, so there is no way to identify the fineness, but it is certain that you can always believe in power-style outfits. At present, Yang Mi’s styles are very delicate, including long suits with tight skirts, wide-shouldered shirts, suits with denim, and white winter coats. The shape is not the same, it has everything. Students who want to learn how to wear power style can look forward to it.

Autumn and winter are the seasons for love. “The 28th Law of Love” has been updated continuously in the first week. The rhythm of the schedule is very friendly to the audience, which is conducive to the cultivation of the audience’s habits. It seems that Tencent Video has finally figured it out, and no longer seeks the previous method of scheduling and broadcasting. This arrangement is conducive to the cultivation of audience habits, and it is also good for the continuation of the popularity. As for the plot, you have to watch it to find out. At that time, the author will try it for the first time and bring you the latest word of mouth. Don’t miss it when you pass by, like and follow.

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