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Chapter 1331 Give a hug

Yunjian Water Village. Because of receiving too much information at a time, Lin Yan was exhausted physically and mentally, especially the result of the paternity test, which almost subverted her […]

Chapter 1328 My Mother Is Not My Mother

Lin Yan put down the game console and sat back on the sofa. “Sister, what’s the matter with you, your expression is so serious…” Wang Jingyang stared at Lin Yan, […]

Summary of every episode of “The Scholars”

“The Scholars (儒林外史)” “The Scholars” represents the peak of ancient Chinese satirical novels, and it created a paradigm for directly evaluating real life with novels. The fifty-six chapters of the […]

Chapter 5 Dad and Brother Are Strange (2)

“Don’t be fooled, Oscar. Her eyesight hasn’t developed fully yet. She’s not looking at you.” His confidence soared through the roof, shocking me even. I was speechless. ‘You once said […]

Chapter 4 Dad and Brother Are Strange (1)

A single cry was heard from the other side, surprised at the door suddenly opening. “Oscar.” Esteban’s low toned voice caused Oscar to turn his head and avoid eye contact. […]

Chapter 3 Born a Princess (3)

The man was so young that I found it difficult to believe that he was my father. Father? Isn’t he more like my older brother? Yes, it was proper to […]

Chapter 2 Born a Princess (2)

Our apartment was on the rooftop and the place I happened to stop at, not by choice, was at the edge of the roof. Whoosh…! My long hair swung violently […]

Chapter 1 Born a Princess (1)

A week had passed since our gas bills was shut off… and today, our electricity suffered the same fate. My toes were frozen. Gone was the feeling of warmth. The […]

Chapter 4 Reminiscence is not a thing

“Do you need a reason to kill?” “Need a reason?” “do you need?” “No need?” Wrapped in semi-dry clothes, Feng Zhiwei walked along the snowy road early in the morning […]

Chapter 1 The Death of Prologue

The night is dark, stratus clouds are flying, silver snake-like lightning, and the bright and dark gold edge of the cloud, plowing out a hundred thousand miles of deserted sky, […]

Chapter 15 It Is Too Hard to Suppress

“Brother…” Pei Nanxu pushed the door and addressed Pei Yucheng as he strode in. He was wearing a set of comfortable loungewear, and there was a warm, gentle smile on […]

Chapter 10 Help him wear a swimming cap

“So if Captain Fu wants to go around in the future, the Aviation Administration will do some checks here to determine if you are eligible for a go around.” “you […]

Chapter 8 It’s Colder Than Before

A thunderous roar came from behind: “It’s getting more and more unruly.” And Zhong Hui’s soft voice: “Jianmin, don’t be angry, don’t be angry.” Wen Qiao smiled and shook her […]

Chapter 7 Talk with my lawyer

Wen Qiao, who had been leaning against the wall, straightened up, walked into the living room, and clapped his hands: “Chopin’s Polish dance in G minor is very good, only […]

Chapter 6 Seeing Son as a Stain

And their father Wen Jianmin, when he learned that his two sons were ill, immediately abandoned his wife and abandon his sons, let her mother go out of the house, […]

Chapter 5 The Aura of the Palace

Lin Mingshu’s eyelids trembled slightly, and he couldn’t believe it: “You…what did you say?” Fu Nanli saw Wen Qiao at the door, raised his hand, and said in a dark […]

Chapter 4 is marked

“I… I am not a nurse. You were in a car accident. When you rescued you, the clothes were wet. The clothes the nurse gave us. We are lovers. And… […]

Chapter 3 I’m Your Wife

Wen Qiao realized his gaffe, and quickly showed a sad look: “There is no injury in other places, right?” “It’s all skin injuries, it doesn’t matter.” The people in the […]

Chapter 1 Stay with Fu Nanli

This world owes you the tenderness, I’ll pay it back ——Fu Nanli Typhoon Mina crossed the border. At 5:30 in the afternoon, the Meteorological Observatory issued a typhoon warning No. […]

Chapter 3 Brother Made An Exception

In the monitoring room, Su Qimo carefully looked at the gloomy face of Su Lengmo. His eyes rolled, and then kept coming up with bad ideas.. Tang Yao did not […]

Chapter 2 Drown Her Sorrows

In the bar, Tang Yao was holding her cellphone, refreshing the photos that Gu shaoze cheated on her on Weibo (Chinese social media app) over and over again. The way […]

Chapter 1 She’s Pregnant

In June, it was stiflingly hot in Jin City. However, a news report of the paparazzi seemed to turn up the heat. Tang Yao was completely stunned when she saw […]

Chapter 11 Blue Wolf

Bai Xiaobei was dumbfounded. He had practiced bamboo for 500 years. Is this a bamboo demon? He quickly shouted at the little pangolin: “Come back, come back quickly!” This is […]

Chapter 10 Spiritual Communication

In the distance is a continuous silhouette of mountains. He is suspended in the air, and at his feet is a huge azure blue lake, like a mirror, reflecting the […]

Chapter 9 Fight

“fifty thousand!” Xue Ershao, who is used to smashing people with money, discovered today that his unskilled skills have failed. He believed that Bai Xiaobei raised the building on a […]

Chapter 8 Pangolin

Bai Xiaobei can sense the weak magnetic field at the root of this boxwood, so he is no longer talking nonsense and is ready to start rescue. “My means of […]

Chapter 7 Pearl Boxwood

The old Chinese doctor came back and walked quietly to Bai Xiaobei. “Little brother, discuss something.” Bai Xiaobei looked at him suspiciously. The old Chinese medicine god whispered mysteriously: “I […]

Chapter 6 Young man, the future is boundless

“Hi, Mr. Bai, here!” Li Momo saw Bai Xiaobei greeted immediately. Bai Xiaofan, holding the incubator, carried the bag and walked over: “The security here is so strict! Don’t give […]

Chapter 5 Turtles

The coastline of Spring City has a winding and beautiful coastline. On the golden beach, a slender young woman was carefully supporting an elderly man in a Chinese suit wearing […]

Chapter 4 Hericium

After talking, he ignored Du Shan, grabbed the box from the fat man and handed it to his parents, and then continued to sit down and eat. Several people were […]

Chapter 2 Crazy Quotes

The heavy rain fell until the afternoon. After the rain stopped, the sun came out, Bai Xiaobei put on his boots, and in the eyes of his parents’ doubts, he […]

Chapter 1 The Change of Honeysuckle

The sun rises and the gorgeous morning glow renders the eastern horizon. In the morning breeze, the honeysuckle that swayed all over the mountains was gently swayed with the breeze, […]

Chapter 3 Unforgivable

After a moment of stunned God, Su Tianfeng understood that until now, she had no way to hide anything, even if she didn’t say her identity now, the man in […]

Chapter 2 Escaped

Su Tianfeng finished and looked up to Su Muen, “If it is reported in the future, the Tang family would rather park the body of the mother for a few […]

Chapter 3 are all scams

Bang– After a thunderstorm, heavy rain suddenly poured in. Stopped in a black car with double flashes on the side of the road, the driver turned and asked the man […]

Flash Married Husband Sweet Chapter 2

Qingyuan District, south of the city. After getting out of the taxi at the entrance of the community, Tang Miaoyu ran home without a breath. Seeing that Xue Zhupei was […]

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 5

“Yang Chen, have you prepared the money I let you prepare yesterday? My brothers are waiting for that money to go eat breakfast and have a drink.” Chen Feng swung […]

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 4

When the morning light shined its way through the mottled windows and into Yang Chen’s home, Yang Chen swayed his head in a daze. He wanted to get up, but […]

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 3

Soon after walking near this small bar, Yang Chen understood that he came to the right place. The small bar’s misty lights were vague yet dreamlike. All around; at the […]

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 2

Hearing the praise, Rose slightly blushed, bit her smooth lips, and with a tone full of remorse she said, “What use is there being pretty? A certain someone seldom comes […]

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 1

In the evening, in the farmers’ market located in the west region of Zhong Hai city, there were numerous noisy pedestrians and vehicles indifferently passing through. Vegetable leaves and dirty […]

Love Switch Chapter 8

Zhou Xiaomeng watched him for three full minutes, suddenly pulled back his zipper, took off the skirt, turned out the set of underwear he had just pointed out from the […]

Provocative Fiery Wife Chapter 5

Under the dim lighting, a man slightly bent his waist while a woman stood on her tiptoe. Their noses rubbed against the other and their lips tightly pressed against each […]

Provocative Fiery Wife Chapter 4

Bar Vista. Not only was Bar Vista one of the most expensive places in the capital, it was also the largest and most well-known bar in B City. Rather than […]

Provocative Fiery Wife Chapter 3

In the middle of the magnificent hall, a good-looking man and woman walked toward Pei Ge. The woman, who was wearing an elegant, white evening gown, held on to a […]

Provocative Fiery Wife Chapter 2

“When you meet your cousin later, you better say a proper thank you. Although she was overseas all these years, she’s always been thinking of you, even recommending so many […]

Provocative Fiery Wife Chapter 1

“Hello, Mom. Uhm… I’m here. I know, I know. I won’t fail this time….” Sighing, Pei Ge hung up the phone. After all these blind dates, I hope I meet […]

Love Switch Chapter 6

Thank goodness, someone finally saw it, and rushed to fight these people. The splashed liquid fell on her face, I do n’t know what it was … The effect of […]

Love Switch Chapter 5

Zhou Yanzhao looked at her coldly: “You have really grown up and you have learned to talk back to me. If I didn’t look at that point of love, do […]

Love Switch Chapter 4

The countdown is zero and the email disappears instantly, as if the alcohol evaporates in the air, leaving no trace. She couldn’t help sending a text message to Xiao Si, […]

Love Switch Chapter 3

Zhou Xiaomeng opened his eyes: “Are you going to help?” He reached out and squeezed her chin. He had strong hands, and he was not drunk at this moment. Zhou […]

Love Switch Chapter 2

The other three girls in the dormitory are living students, and naturally get along better than her. Three people talked about the latest movies and stars, and the new counselor […]

Love Switch Chapter 1

Zhou Xiaomeng is still taking a bath. Auntie Sun has come to knock on the door once, and the second time, just across the door and said, “Miss, you are […]

Martial Peak Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – 147 Losses Within the Tower disciples’ internal struggles, every year there are many who die. Zhou Ding Jun seeing this unflinching and courageous brother, couldn’t help but […]

Martial Peak Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Breaking through the wall and not looking back In the school there was one rule: All Sky Tower disciples were allowed to be challenged once every five […]

Martial Peak Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The servant who sweeps A new day begins, and Kai Yang woke up. He cleaned up and took the broom lying in the corner of the small room […]

Invincible Dragon God Chapter 2

In the jungle, a tiger is eating its prey. As the king of the jungle, the beast stood at the top of the food chain. It should have been overbearing […]

Invincible Dragon God Chapter 1

Looking at the reflection on the lake, Chu Yuan sighed. In the reflection of the puppet was a black beast. The body more than three meters high was covered with […]

After Falling In Love Introduction

Time passed by one minute and one second, Xu Mengya blocked her breathing, and the man looked around vigilantly, and there was nothing. The man saw no one, and did […]

I am Venom Chapter 4

In the dark beehive, the task force was looking for a button to turn on the power, and the three Alice stood by and waited. The surroundings seemed very quiet, […]

I am Venom Chapter 3

Raccoon city, umbrella company, these two keywords alone have proved that this is the world of biochemical crisis. However, from the current tranquil situation, the plot of Resident Evil One […]

I am Venom Chapter 2

After looking at his attributes, Venom nodded with satisfaction. His abilities were all his own capital to venture into another world. “System, start the lottery.” The Venom said silently in […]

Chapter 17 The Prince’s Invitation

The lamb was not roasted at all, Fu Jiuyun bought some beef, cut it into palm-sized slices, and grilled it on a wire net, sprinkled with a little salt and […]

I am Venom Chapter 1

In the bustling raccoon city, the constant traffic and passing pedestrians make this city seem peaceful and peaceful. Just in this peaceful city, in a cluttered alley, a thick black […]

Invincible Dragon God Introduction

Why isn’t your wife still asleep, is it waiting for me to warm you up? “ Seeing Tan Yajing’s eyebrows frowning tightly, Bai Lang sat next to Tan Yajing with […]

Wan Dao Dragon King Introduction

Out of Fangshi, and returning home, Lu Ming couldn’t wait to enter the Supreme Temple and open one of the sandalwood boxes. Inside, neatly arranged thirty Dragon Tiger Dans. This […]

Alien Records Stranger Person Chapter 3

The more comfortable he is being served, the more distressed Ziru will be in the hard work of his father and mother in that world. Wait for the opportunity, sometimes […]

Spirit Hunter Chapter 5

Four Seasons Hotel is one of the tallest buildings in Chunning. In August, it was originally the hottest time here, but now the temperature is very comfortable not long after […]

Spirit Hunter Chapter 4

The team bumped on the mountain road in southwestern China for more than seven hours. More than one o’clock in the morning, finally came to the outskirts of a prefecture-level […]

Spirit Hunter Chapter 3

Lin Shuo carried the bloody rooster and pushed open the red lacquered wooden door of the main house. In the six years after moving here, every 15th day, Lin Shuo […]

Spirit Hunter Chapter 2

Hearing Lin Shuo opening, anne smiled “My name is anne and I am the head of Asia in the International Biological Research Association. Our International Biological Research Association is an […]

Spirit Hunter Chapter 1

“Shu Ge–Shu Ge!” A starling black star with a golden feather on his head flew into an adobe house in the mountain village, flapping his wings and falling on the […]

Chapter 5 Kick the Iron Plate

He, who has reached the third floor of Xuan Tian Jue, is far superior to ordinary people in hearing. What happened next door naturally fell into his ears. He did […]

Chapter 3 Dog Life

“This is a long story…” “Then say slowly, there is time today…” Ye Qing said. Anyway, he doesn’t want to go back and look for scolding now… “Well, Master, have […]

Chapter 1 Sad reminders

“The court sentenced that the defendant Ye Qing, due to poor medical skills, caused the plaintiff Shi Lan’s condition to aggravate. In view of the successful settlement between the two […]

The Former Wife of the CEO Chapter 6

Looking at him warmly, he only felt that his perfect side face was a little familiar under the light curtain. “Sorry, sir, I don’t know you.” In the rain, the […]

The Former Wife of the CEO Chapter 5

Anning International Building, ground floor lounge. Sitting warmly and uneasily for a whole afternoon, his face turned white and nervous, and he was so angry that he wanted to kill. […]

The Former Wife of the CEO Chapter 4

The warmth and friend Tang Mandong borrowed a sum of money and temporarily placed her mother and Wen Jing. The mother and daughter rented a small apartment. She is the […]

The Former Wife of the CEO Chapter 3

Warmth hurried home, several police cars parked in front of the door, and several policemen clasped her dad to get into the car. Warmness instantly cried. Even if she didn’t […]

The Former Wife of the CEO Chapter 1

GK Oriental International Hotel 5203. No matter how thick the curtains could not block the sun, the room was bright. Nuo Da’s double **, the woman slept soundly, the white […]

Chapter 14 Huge Misfortune

Lin Yan couldn’t utter a retort. She felt so aggrieved that she looked like a mushroom that had been ruined by a savage storm. Pei Yucheng glanced at the girl. […]

Chapter 11 I Almost Had a Heart Attack

“What the…” Wang Jingyang, who was thoroughly frightened by her, rolled off the chair and collapsed on the floor. At the same time, in the car parked across the road… […]

Chapter 10 Consciousness Taking Over Her Body

Her father, Lin Yuetong, had originally been a poor student. After marrying her mother, he had inherited her maternal grandfather’s assets and business, including the really profitable business Triumph Entertainment. […]

Chapter 9 An Instinctive Fear

Lin Yan stared at the car window. Strangely, she couldn’t avert her eyes. It was as if an indescribable force was pulling her towards it… At the same time, an […]

Deep Love Chapter 148

In the military hospital, laboratory, Gu Chengxiao tremblingly received the fresh blood test list. He took three deep breaths before he had the courage to read the final verdict. HIV […]