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Tag: Chinese Manga


Allure (Manga)Other Name: 倾城狂妃 Genres: manga, fantasy Authors: Allure Crazy PrincessChapter: 153+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:The emperor is reborn, the waste material counterattacks, all kinds of beautiful men, go forward and […]

CEO’s Sudden Proposal

CEO’s Sudden Proposal (Manga)Other Name: 贺少的闪婚暖妻, CEO’s Sudden Proposal Genres: manga, Romance, WebtoonsAuthors: AKChapter: 40+Year: 2019Related Show: Description:To be my wife, three conditons that you must have.” “What?” “Like my […]

Dark Star Emperor

Dark Star Emperor (Manga)Other Name: 星灵暗帝 , Dark Star Emperor, Protoss Dark Emperor Genres: manga, Action, Fantasy, Harem, isekai, Manhua, RomanceAuthors: Chapter: 4+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:Su Xiaobai was on the brink of death, he was […]

The Blade of Evolution-Walking Alone in the Dungeon

The Blade of Evolution-Walking Alone in the Dungeon (Manga)Other Name: Swordsman Healer ,The Blade of Evolution, Walking Alone in the Dungeon ,进化之刃——独自踏向地下城的进阶之路 Genres: manga, Action, Adventure, FantasyAuthors: 小刀Chapter: 20+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:A man awakened his […]

The wife contract and my daughter’s nanny

The wife contract and my daughter’s nanny (Manga)Other Name: The wife contract and my daughter’s nanny, Nan shen meng bao yi guo duan, My Demon Tyrant and Sweet Baby, Babysitting […]

Bound to You

Bound to You (Manga)Other Name: 家有恶妻 / Jia you e qi / Serumah dengan Istri Licik / 家有恶妻(原名:强撩上司36计) Genres: manga, romance, webtoon Authors: Yoolook CultureChapter: 40+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:He is […]

Cheating Men Must Die and the Prime Minister

Cheating Men Must Die and the Prime Minister (Manga)Other Name: Genres: manga, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Isekai, Sci-fiAuthors: Shidai man wangChapter: 40+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:the Side Story. Intern Su Lüvia’s beginning […]

Dragon vessel

Dragon vessel (Manga)Other Name: dragon vessel martial / Dragon vessel martial god / Dragons Vessel / dragons vessel martial / Dragons vessel martia / Dragon Pulse Genres: manga, Action, Adventure, […]

Vengeance of the Heavenly Demon

Vengeance of the Heavenly Demon (Manga)Other Name: Curse of Gods and demons / God of Demons / Бог Демонов / 神魔天煞 Genres: manga, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Seinen, SupernaturalAuthors: Shi […]


Mojito (Manga)Other Name: Mo Xi Tuo / 莫希托,莫吉托 Genres: manga, Drama, Romance, Webtoons, YuriAuthors: FuteChapter: 40+Year: 2019Related Show: Description:This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under […]

Uniquely You

Uniquely You (Manga)Other Name: Uniquely You / ユニークにあなた Genres: manga, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, Slice of LifeAuthors: Bing maoChapter: 40+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:Cong Li is a world-famous […]

Best Actor is a Fox Spirit

Best Actor is a Fox Spirit (Manga)Other Name: Genres: manga, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shounen AiAuthors: Nuò dòngmàn gōngzuò shìChapter: 40+Year: 20XXRelated Show: Description:Who’d thought a ten thousand-year-old fox spirit has […]