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Tag: Chinese Manga

The Top Couple Is a Bit Sweet Manhua

The Top Couple Is a Bit SweetAlternative Name: ραѕαηgαη ѕєℓєвяιтι тєякєηαℓ уαηg яσмαηтιѕ ⪨Delly⪩ / 顶流夫妇有点甜 / The Top Couple Is a Bit Sweet / The Superstar Married Couple Is […]

Chasing The Wave Manhua

Chasing The WaveAlternative: 逐浪, Chasing TidesAuthor(s): Yu ChengStatus: OngoingGenres: Comedy, Romance Description: A mature and reliable Leader x A pure and frivolous Bubbly guySui Yi claims that Ning Lan hasn’t […]

I Just Want To Mooch Off Your Luck Manhua

I Just Want To Mooch Off Your LuckAlternative: I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck / 我就想蹭你的气运Author(s): 林打歪Artist(s): 林打歪Genre(s): Adaptation, Drama, Fantasy, Full color, Manhua, Reincarnation, Romance, School Life, […]

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My Prince is Three and a Half Years Old Manhua

My Prince is Three and a Half Years Old Manhua / 我的王爷三岁半 Author: NoneType: Fantasy, Science Fiction Summary: After a car accident, the kindergarten teacher Huang Xiaoye was sent to […]

Skeleton Daddy

Skeleton DaddyOther Name: 骷髅奶爸 Genres: Western fantasyAuthors: mago, Gobookybooks, Jizhishe Description: After the Demon World Skeleton lived alone, he planned to raise a cat from the Human World, but the cat in the […]

I’m here to repay

I’m here to repayOther Name: 我是来报恩的 Genres: ManhuaAuthors: March BrocadeRelease: 2021Status: OngoingRelated Show: Description: In order to find the savior many years ago, Linhua Xianjun to repay his kindness, Qi Ye, the crying little fox […]

Follow Heart

Follow HeartOther Name: 随心, Suí xīn Genres: ManhuaAuthors: AqiuRelease: 2021Status: OngoingRelated Show: Description: [kk Original Contribution Plan Debut Work] Ye Zi Gui, one of the four famous cultivators, got close to the Demon Lord Jiang […]

What should I do if my brother is too simple?

What should I do if my brother is too simple?Other Name: 哥哥太单纯了怎么办? Genres: ManhuaAuthors: SUHO+RYU HEONRelease: 2021Status: OngoingRelated Show: Description: The crown prince spends his days drinking and drinking, not doing his job! All the […]

Rise from the end of the world

Rise from the end of the worldOther Name: 从末世崛起 Genres: Manga, Manhua, ActionAuthors: North Twilight Fire & Kate AnimeRelease: 2021Status: OngoingRelated Show: Description: In the 10th year after Starfall Night, Donghai City encountered an unprecedented […]

Disaster Hero Returns

Disaster Hero ReturnsOther Name: 灾难级英雄归来 Genres: Manga, ManhuaAuthors: BGman(REDICE STUDIO)+HEATS(REDICE STUDIO)+SAN.GRelease: 2021Status: OngoingRelated Show: Description: Once upon a time, there was the strongest man in history who was the hero of all. “Isn’t that also […]

If I never loved you

If i never loved youOther Name:  如果从没爱过你 Genres: Love, Urban, Living, RomanceAuthors: comicRelease: 2019Status: OngoingRelated Show: Description: “Bearing infamy, Yan Xiaoan has only done one thing in the past three years – despite the […]

After the Identity of the Big Shot was Exposed

After the Identity of the Big Shot was ExposedOther Name: After the Identity of the Big Shot was Exposed Genres: Action, Comedy, School LifeAuthors: N/ARelease: 2022Status: OngoingRelated Show: Description: The strongest legendary king of the […]

Game Loading

Game LoadingOther Name: Game Loading, 游戏加载中, The Game Is Loading Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Shounen AiAuthors: N/ARelease: 2022Status: OngoingRelated Show: Description: Xie Xi was someone with luck off the charts! The advantage […]

From soldier to monarch

From soldier to monarch (Manga)Other Name: 从士兵到君主 Genres: Manhua, ActionAuthors: SOULPUNGRelease: 2021Status: OngoingRelated Show: Description: Young Chris lost his right hand on the battlefield. After several times of depression, he recognized the reality, determined to […]

Become a princess one day

Become a princess one dayOther Name: 某天成为公主 Genres: Comic, Romance, ManhuaAuthors:  Spoon+Plutus+CARROTOONRelease: 2021Status: OngoingRelated Show: Description: One day I woke up, and I turned into a princess! And it was the sad princess who […]

Tie the dragon as the queen

Tie the dragon as the queenOther Name: 缚龙为后 Genres: ManhuaAuthors: Shu Zai (Original) + Early World CultureRelease: 2021Status: OngoingRelated Show: Description: In order to save the empress, the emperor went deep into the ancient lake […]

Fox trap

Fox trapOther Name: 狐狸的陷阱 Genres: Manhua, Drama, RomanceAuthors: AnjeoRelease: 2021 Status: OngoingRelated Show: Description: The human girl Chi Yin has been having nightmares of foxes in every life, and this life is no exception, […]

Just want to find dad

Just want to find dadOther Name: 只想找爸爸 Genres: manhua, RomanceAuthors: ONGNYO+Blooming BouquetChapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related Show: Description: Ruijie, who had lived with her mother since she was a child, was adopted by the lord who always […]

You Are My Everything

You Are My EverythingOther Name: You are My Gravitation, เธอเป็นดั่ง แรงดึงดูดของใจฉัน, Nǐ Shì Wǒ De Wàn Yǒu Yǐn Lì You Are My Gravitation You Are My Gravity, 你是我的万有引力 Genres: Romance, ManhuaAuthors: Mo XiaoliChapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related […]

Extraordinary evolution

Extraordinary evolutionOther Name: 超凡进化 Genres: manhuaAuthors: okiwa Brave (Drawing) + Chaos, Ning En, Lulai Buddha (screenwriter)Chapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related Show: Description: Minghe is a young man with extraordinary powers in trash. On his way home, a […]

Mr. Devil is not terrible

Mr. Devil is not terribleOther Name: 恶魔先生不可怕 Genres: manhuaAuthors: 1 gram of granulated sugarChapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related Show: Description: Flirtatious black demon x natural cute angel, as an angel, Nuoqiu, in order to realize his wish, […]

Time Hourglass·The Girl Who Reversed Destiny

Time Hourglass·The Girl Who Reversed DestinyOther Name: 时光沙漏·逆转命运的少女 Genres: manhuaAuthors: antstudioChapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related Show: Description: Alia, from a bad background, has been framed by her sister Miel since she married her mother into the earl’s […]

Lord God

Lord GodOther Name: 神明大人 Genres: manhuaAuthors: Fish tea kanaChapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related Show: Description: A poor and unlucky man who is useless, after an accidental discharge from the hospital, he discovered that a sacred stick who […]

Game invasion of the earth

Game invasion of the earthOther Name: 游戏入侵地球 Genres: mangaAuthors: May cicadas (screenwriter) + two ten tenChapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related Show: Description: The earth is invaded by a game called “Fantasy New World”, and the ecology has […]