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Tag: Korean Plot

Mouse 마우스 Episode 16 Recap

Zheng Barin learned that Luo Zhiguo was dead, he hurried back to the ward, holding Luo Zhiguo and crying, suddenly found footprints under the bed, Zheng Barin immediately chased out […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 15 Recap

Zheng Barin saw the bloody photos on the wall of the secret room, and was surprised to find that the things in his memory were very different from reality. He […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 14 Recap

Gao Wuzhi searches for the murderer who killed Li Zaozhi in the jungle. Zheng Barin flees in fright. Gao Wuzhi only finds Cui Hongzhu who was knocked out. Wu Fengyi […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 13 Recap

After Han Xujun was sentenced that year, Cheng Zhien was completely desperate. She wanted to die. One night when she came home in the rain, Cheng Zhien was bullied by […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 12 Recap

Twelve years ago, Han Zhuzhu deliberately walked around the river where few people passed by. He was playing games while walking. He saw a dog and a dying girl under […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 11 Recap

Zheng Barin accidentally killed Yu Yongzhe. He looked at his blood-stained hands and was so scared that he was so scared that Cheng Yaohan suddenly appeared in front of him, […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 10 Recap

Cheng Zhien clearly remembered what happened that year. After Han Xujun was arrested, she went to the hospital for a birth check and witnessed a scene where a mother wanted […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 9 Recap

Han Xujun gambled once and confessed and admitted that he transplanted Cheng Yaohan’s brain to Zheng Barin, but he didn’t expect Zheng Barin to find out so quickly. Han Xujun […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 8 Recap

Zheng Barin remembered that when he was a child, he put the little mouse in the snake’s nest. The little mouse ran away in fright. He hurried to chase, but […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 7 Recap

Cheng Zhien was awakened by the nightmare, only to realize that the staff sent her to the hospital. Gao Wuzhi asked Cheng Yaohan about Kim Korea’s whereabouts. Cheng Yaohan fainted […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 6 Recap

Before the police arrived, Wu Fengyi came to the church. It was pitch black. Wu Fengyi lit a candle and saw Father Gao being killed. She just wanted to go […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 5 Recap

Cui Hongzhu and Gao Wuzhi publicly challenged the murderer in the program and called on the citizens to provide clues. This incident immediately attracted the attention of the whole people. […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 4 Recap

Cheng Yaohan killed his grandma without any effort. He felt that he had no sense of accomplishment. Before leaving, he snatched the corsage that Wu Fengyi gave to his grandma. […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 3 Recap

Mei Jing, who was killed in the vineyard, was the 20th victim. This incident caused panic among the citizens. Daniel suspected that Han Xujun’s son was a murderer many years […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 2 Recap

The police took the young Han Zhuo to the police station for questioning. He denied killing and was calm and calm. Even the polygraph could not detect it. The police […]

Mouse 마우스 Episode 1 Recap

The story started from the scene in the Jiuling Zoo in 2000. The children visited the zoo under the guidance of the teacher. Everyone gathered around the glass cabinet to […]

Vincenzo 빈센조 Episode 5 Recap

The people who had been helped by Hong Yucan were very enthusiastic to help them complete this operation. Hong Cheying felt their kindness and was suddenly moved. The senior of […]

Hush 허쉬 Episode 16 End Recap

The president knew that Han Junhyuk wanted to do everything. Although he was angry and didn’t hate him, he just asked him to hold a press conference and attribute everything […]

Hush 허쉬 Episode 15 Recap

Luo Chengyuan took the initiative to make an appointment with Li Zhixiu and discussed with her many things related to Li Longmin. They used to be very good friends. Naturally, […]

Hush 허쉬 Episode 14 Recap

There are overwhelming negative remarks about the daily South Korea and the president. Although they are not published in newspapers, they are already well known on the Internet. Han Jun […]

Vincenzo 빈센조 Episode 4 Recap

Before Hong Yucan’s phone call was broadcast, the two were hit by a large truck and unknowingly walked to Hong Cheying, who was burning the hotel. He saw his father […]

Hush 허쉬 Episode 13 Recap

The owners of private small businesses gathered in the square to protest, demanding that they be given a chance to live and that they should enjoy the rights they deserve. […]

Hush 허쉬 Episode 12 Recap

The owner of Nalin Snack was under pressure from public opinion, and the news reported in real time that he was about to commit suicide by jumping off the building. […]

Hush 허쉬 Episode 11 Recap

An Jiyun has always existed to cover up all kinds of unbearable things, and he must have bribed the daily high-level of Korea. He is a man who was born […]

Hush 허쉬 Episode 10 Recap

With the recommendation of Luo Chengyuan, Han Junhyuk successfully promoted him to the planning control department and became the top of the 15th floor. Only working on the 15th floor […]

Hush 허쉬 Episode 9 Recap

When the news broke out on the request list at the beginning, it was Minister Yoon’s matchmaking. After the president and Gao Zhuo agreed to the result, and finally interpreted […]

Hush 허쉬 Episode 8 Recap

The editorial office and stairway monitoring on the day of Wu Soo-yeon’s death were taken away by the president. According to the security personnel, the president’s office had a safe, […]