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Tag: Korean Plot

Alice Episode 16 End Recap

Park Zhenqian wanted to finish everything and stop time travel. When Old Zhenqian was about to shoot him, Park Zhenqian suddenly disappeared. When Park Zhenqian woke up, he came to […]

Alice Episode 15 Recap

When Park Jinqian returned home, Yin Taiyi found out the real murderer of Park Sunling and suspected that he was a criminal in another dimension. In another dimension, he began […]

Alice Episode 14 Recap

Detective Park Jinqian ran home again, and saw Park Sunling lying on the ground covered in blood. He was saddened for the third time seeing this scene. And student Park […]

Alice Episode 13 Recap

Park Sunling returned home and met Yin Taiyi. Yin Taiyi was too late to leave. Seeing someone exactly like herself standing in front of her, she remembered her childhood experience. […]

Alice Episode 12 Recap

The old policeman received the call, and the teacher had seen him through and planned to get rid of Park Zhenqian by the river. The old policeman told Yin Taiyi […]

Alice Episode 11 Recap

According to the teacher’s instructions, the old policeman prepared to go to the amusement park to kill Shi Wuyuan. During the search by Park Jinqian and others, Park Jinqian saw […]

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 1 Recap

According to rumors, nine-tailed foxes that live to a hundred years will be in human form, no different from human beings. Nine-tailed foxes that live for a thousand years can […]

Record of Youth Episode 10 Recap

Jing He was having breakfast with his father. Si Huijun called to greet Jing He. His father guessed from the conversation that Jing He had a boyfriend. He did not […]