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Tag: Korean Plot

Vincenzo 빈센조 Episode 4 Recap

Before Hong Yucan’s phone call was broadcast, the two were hit by a large truck and unknowingly walked to Hong Cheying, who was burning the hotel. He saw his father […]

Beyond Evil 괴물 Episode 2 Recap

Inspector Joo Won and Lee Dong-sik were both suspicious of each other. Therefore investigating the history of the other party The remains of the ring fingers that Dong-sik and Inspector […]

Vincenzo 빈센조 Episode 1 Recap

Vincenzo Casano (Song Joong Ki) is an adopted child and advisor to Fabio, the chief mafia in Italy. Three days before coming to Korea He has had a conflict with […]

Vincenzo 빈센조 Episode 3 Recap

Vincenzo saw Hong Cheying who had hurried over, but he just raised the wine glass in her hand and turned and left. He was so angry that Hong Cheying hurried […]

Vincenzo 빈센조 Episode 2 Recap

Vincenzo is very skilled. He hung the boss directly by the window and threatened him not to attack this building. It scared him crazy begging for mercy. After being rescued […]

Beyond Evil 괴물 Episode 1 Recap

Lee Dong Sik and Lee Yoo Yeon are twin siblings. Live in the city of Mun Yang20 years ago Yoo Yeon disappeared after receiving Dong Sik’s message to go out.The […]

Mr. Queen 철인왕후 Episode 15 Recap

Zhezong gave Jin Surong a gesture to suggest that all this was false. Jin Surong was secretly happy. She looked around and saw the stern officials and concubines in the […]

Mr. Queen 철인왕후 Episode 14 Recap

Seeing the reminder on the note, Zhezong immediately guessed that it was Jin Surong who wanted to save him. After Zhezong came to the chef Wanfu for confirmation, he went […]

Mr. Queen 철인왕후 Episode 13 Recap

Jin Bingren grabbed Jin Suyong, worried about another explosion. Jin Suyong desperately broke free, trying to rush to save Zhezong, but was held by Jin Wengen, Jin Suyong watched Zhezong’s […]

Mr. Queen 철인왕후 Episode 12 Recap

Jin Bingren was about to kill Zhezong. He quibbleed him with all kinds of sophistry and the tricks were fatal. But he was subdued by Zhezong. Zhezong didn’t say much, […]

Mr. Queen 철인왕후 Episode 11 Recap

Zhao Huazhen was practicing archery. Princess Zhao came to watch the battle in person and gave her a few carved feather arrows soaked in poison. Zhao Huazhen gave her the […]

Mr. Queen 철인왕후 Episode 10 Recap

Zhezong confusedly saw Jin Suyong as Zhao Huazhen, struggling to call for help. Jin Suyong wanted to find someone to rescue him. Zhezong firmly disagreed, worried that Jin’s family would […]

Mr. Queen 철인왕후 Episode 9 Recap

Jin Wengen rushed over and saw Jin Suyong take the initiative to kiss Zhezong. He hurriedly called Jin Bingren away. When Jin Bingren saw the scene, his heart was so […]

Mr. Queen 철인왕후 Episode 7 Recap

Zhang Fenghuan, who was unconscious, suddenly stopped breathing. The medical staff gave him an emergency rescue. Jin Surong was looking forward to making an air conditioner for the imperial dining […]

Mr. Queen 철인왕후 Episode 6 Recap

Zhezong felt that Jin Suyong had changed, became reckless, straightforward, and more humane. Hong Biejian found that Zhezong was stunned when he was reading the military books. He thought he […]