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Fighting Against Huaxin Boss

Fighting against Huaxin Boss
Associated Names: Fight Against playboy boss, Flirty Boss, No!, Black Giant: Fighting against Huaxin Boss, 黑色豪门:对抗花心上司, Fight Against playboy boss, Flirty Boss, No!, Flirty Boss, No! / Fighting against Huaxin (Playboy) Boss, 黑色豪门: 对抗花心上司
Tuoba Ruirui (拓拔瑞瑞)
Genre(s): novel, serial, romance
Year: 2018
Status: 181 + 38 End


In the Wu family, Master Lian knows no one, no one knows. In Wu Shi, Master Lian said you were wrong, then you are wrong. In Wu, don’t mess with Master Lian, otherwise, there will be only one word in the end-death. And Gu Xiaochen is very self-aware, not to dream of a sparrow becoming a phoenix. When he was in college, he was the president of a student. She was a schoolgirl who was scolded and crying in front of countless students. After a lapse of four years, she entered the new company to work, he turned out to be her president’s boss! He, Wu Helian and Shao Dong of Wu’s consortium have always been comfortable with women. There is nothing he can do, only he does n’t want! As for the means … just wait and see!

List of Chapters:

Chapter 01: Mother’s Wedding
Chapter 02: Master Wu
Chapter 03: Emergency Notification
Chapter 04: The Conference Site
Chapter 05: Master Lian Told
Chapter 06: Direct School Girls
Chapter 07: Nightclubs go to appointments
Chapter 08: Promotion to Assistant
Chapter 09: Confession
Chapter 10: The first day of office
Chapter 11: Model body
Chapter 12: Eating together
Chapter 13: Very suitable for you
Chapter 14: Demonstrating ownership
Chapter 15: Just the way
Chapter 16: Do not want to listen to the explanation
Chapter 17: The woman I like
Chapter 18: It seems that you are familiar
Chapter 19: She is like a peach
Chapter 20: Suddenly Displeased
Chapter 21 Hard evidence
Chapter 22 Disdain
Chapter 23 Travel to Japan
Chapter 24 Is He or Her
Chapter 25 Xiaochen had an accident
Chapter 26 Thoughtful behavior
Chapter 27 Hospital Visits
Chapter 28
Chapter 29 I refuse
Chapter 30 Banquet Invitation
Chapter 31 Birthday Gifts
Chapter 32 I don’t want anything
Chapter 33 What is your relationship
Chapter 34 The Good Girl Who Loves to Hate
Chapter 35 I Overestimate Her
Chapter 36 Absolutely not included
Chapter 37 Who has n’t thought of climbing high
Chapter 38 Becoming Deputy Secretary
Chapter 39 I heard you were trained
Chapter 40 Why
Chapter 41 Underground Lover
Chapter 42 From Girl to Woman
Chapter 43 I will punish you
Chapter 44 Unknown
Chapter 45 Somewhat worried
Chapter 46 Little Known
Chapter 47 Stupidly naive
Chapter 48 Cherish well
Chapter 49 Her Fragrance
Chapter 50 Undressing
Chapter 51 Competitor Shanda
Chapter 52 Has anyone said
Chapter 53 Who is the company
Chapter 54 Past Summer
Chapter 55 Inexplicable thoughts
Chapter 56 Deep Fear
Chapter 57 Orange Cheek Powder
Chapter 58 You feel bad
Chapter 59 I hope too
Chapter 60 Commercial Crime Investigation
Chapter 61 Sudden withdrawal
Chapter 62 Women’s Jealousy
Chapter 63 Crazy Lotus
Chapter 64 Just Believe
Chapter 65 Cinderella’s Journey (1)
Chapter 66 Cinderella’s Journey (2)
Chapter 67 Broken Night
Chapter 68 Husband Jealous
Chapter 69 Crystal Shoes
Chapter 70 Miss Me
Chapter 71 Lovely Lovers
Chapter 72 Extravagance
Chapter 73
Chapter 74 Finally Leaving
Chapter 75 Moving
Chapter 76 Mysterious Jurisdiction
Chapter 77 Forget it
Chapter 78 I will not change positions
Chapter 79 Hold him tightly
Chapter 80 Bloody Lotus
Chapter 81 The Rose Knight
Chapter 82 Just a while
Chapter 83 I want …
Chapter 84 Let’s live together
Chapter 85 He will also be jealous
Chapter 86 Collecting Photos
Chapter 87 Really Consider
Chapter 88 She dumped me
Chapter 89 Good night kiss
Chapter 90 Maybe only one centimetre
Chapter 91 Urgent Desire
Chapter 92 Is this a farewell
Chapter 93 The rain keeps falling
Chapter 94 Ahe
Chapter 95 Lighter
Chapter 96 Sleepless Night
Chapter 97 The ugly duckling is a swan
Chapter 98 If you do not marry
Chapter 99 Indifference like him
Chapter 100 Finally Arrived
Chapter 101 New Number
Chapter 102 Grass grows well
Chapter 103 Drunk
Chapter 104 Song Fangsheng
Chapter 105 Isolation
Chapter 106 Sure enough
Chapter 107 If she is not
Chapter 108 Laughing is not happy
Chapter 109 Secret Love
Chapter 110 The Auditorium will not disappear
Chapter 111 Don’t be too gossip
Chapter 112 The sixth hall
Chapter 113 Later
Chapter 114 Loving Lunch
Chapter 115 Ah He is a Fool
Chapter 116 Not Allowing You to Be Sad
Chapter 117 Waiting for your call
Chapter 118 Would rather
Chapter 119 There should be no expectations
Chapter 120 Trying Habits
Chapter 121 Irreplaceable
Chapter 122 Undoubtedly lose
Chapter 123 Get off at the station
Chapter 124 Two Pairs of Slippers
Chapter 125 Farewell Party
Chapter 126
Chapter 127 Finally Can’t Help It
Chapter 128
Chapter 129 Three months later
Chapter 130
Chapter 131 Not available
Chapter 132 Not so good
Chapter 133 Whose Heartbreaks
Chapter 134 No Exchange
Chapter 135 But I hurt
Chapter 136 Digging the Storm
Chapter 137
Chapter 138 Collecting Badges
Chapter 139 Actually like you
Chapter 140 Just distressed
Chapter 141
Chapter 142
Chapter 143 Pink Lace
Chapter 144 Anniversary Celebration
Chapter 145 Retention
Chapter 146 13 is a memorial
Chapter 147 Rooting
Chapter 148 Being easily seen through
Chapter 149 Eyes closed
Chapter 150 How to love him
Chapter 151 The Prince of Piano
Chapter 152 The Meaning of Travel
Chapter 153 Pregnancy
Chapter 154 I Don’t Want You
Chapter 155 Prerequisites
Chapter 156 For whom this time
Chapter 157 My Love
Chapter 158 Do you hate me?
Chapter 159 I am not good
Chapter 160 All heard
Chapter 161 The most ruthless words
Chapter 162 Returning to China
Chapter 163 For whom
Chapter 164 Midsummer Night
Chapter 165 Emergencies
Chapter 166 Should come always
Chapter 167 Hostility
Chapter 168 Lynn Law Firm
Chapter 169 The Deepest Pain
Chapter 170 About Midsummer
Chapter 171 Embarrassing Experience
Chapter 172 Good Night
Chapter 173 Not allowed in the future
Chapter 174
Chapter 175 Coming in the Rain
Chapter 176 Freedom
Chapter 177
Chapter 178 Things in Britain
Chapter 179 Seeing Ji Lingfeng Again
Chapter 180 How about being together (at the finale)
Chapter 181 Searching for People in the Snow (under the finale)
My girl (1) I like you so much
My girl (2) just intentionally
My girl (3) November of that year
My girl (4) Please drink wedding wine
My girl (5) The most minded thing
My girl (6) compensated kiss
My girl (7) go back to work
My girl (8) I want to know
My girl (9) When does it start
My girl (10) true or false
My girl (11) He was earlier than her
My girl (12) father and son
My girl (13) who is who
My girl (14) But she also loves
My girl (15): Gait quilt chat
My girl (16) Will you marry me?
My girl (17) Love can’t wake up
My girl (18) I marry her
My girl (19 Injustice reported
My girl (20)
My girl (21) It turns out she is
My girl (22) If Yun knows
My Girl (23)
My girl (24) not a game
My girl (25) Fireworks in the sky
My girl (26) best not to meet
My girl (27)
My girl (28) Lost night
My girl (29)
My girl (30) Make a contract with a kiss
My girl (31) your lover
My girl (32) first love
My girl (33) That is bondage
My girl (34) Father-in-law
My girl (35) Fiancee
My girl (36) Goodbye Mulan
My girl (37) another kind of happiness
My girl (38) (End) How much do you know about


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