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Fight Against Playboy Boss

Fighting Against Huaxin Boss (Novel)
Other Name: 黑色豪门:对抗花心上司 / Fight Against playboy boss / Flirty Boss, No!

Genre: novel, serial, romance
Robert W. Ruirui
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In the Wu family, Master Lian knows no one, no one knows.
In Wu Shi, Master Lian said you were wrong, then you are wrong.
In Wu, do n’t mess with Master Lian, otherwise there will be only one word in the end-death.
Gu Xiaochen is very self-aware, not to dream of a sparrow becoming a phoenix.
When he was in college, he was the president of a student. She was a schoolgirl who was scolded and crying in front of countless students.
After a lapse of four years, she entered the new company to work, he turned out to be her president’s boss!
But it’s just for his friends, he didn’t expect to offend his girlfriend? …

Chapter List:

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