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I tamed my ex-husband’s crazy dog

I tamed my ex-husband’s crazy dog (Novel)
Other Name: 전남편의 미친개를 길들였다

Genre: novel
Author: Jaegyeom
Year: 2019
Chapter: 134
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Father, please give me a chance to amputate him.’

The moment he foreshadowed his death, Reinhardt said the same words as wish.
When I woke up, I was back at my father’s funeral 15 years ago.
Back then, when she was divorced by Prince Michelle, who was the cause of her father’s death.

At the beginning of his revenge, Reinhard stabbed the prince’s leg and
, as a result, was expelled to the periphery.
During a difficult journey, she encounters an unexpected person… … .

“… … Really Bill Colonna?”

The dirty and poor child she picked up.
In a previous life, he was the first dog of the Prince of War, a war hero and ex-husband.
In the hands of Reinhard, who was thirsting for revenge, a great opportunity rolled in.

She gives the child a new name and decides to use it for revenge.
I will never spend this life in vain.

While building a foundation to revive the manor, the boy left for the battlefield… … .
It was Wilhelm, a mature man who returned three years later, not a child he loved.

“As you said… … I am back, and I will always come back alive, so please reward me.”
“What, what is it?”
The boy, or the man’s laughter grew thicker. The answer that came out was unexpected.
“… … I?”
“Yes, line.”
A soft voice fell into Reinhardt’s ear, which was getting hotter than before.
“I love you, Line.”

What Reinhardt had felt vaguely was thrown at her intact under the name of love.
Reinhard felt like he wanted to stop choking me.

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