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Chapter 21: Hard evidence

Good morning, Master Lian. ”


The return of Wu Helian’s vacation also brought new cooperation projects.

The target of this cooperation is the Japanese high German company.

Wu Helian walked into the office and just sat down on the executive chair, but after entering more, Secretary Xia immediately brought coffee and reported the day’s affairs, “Master Lian, at 12:40 noon, the CEO of Linji Real Estate appointed you Eat together. 1pm … ”

“Who made the coffee?” She was half interrupted, but was interrupted directly, Wu Helian asked in a low voice.

The same brown liquid smells the same mellow, but the taste is wrong.

Secretary Xia was stunned for a while, and said softly, “Master Lian, I made the coffee.”

“I remember that Assistant Gu was responsible for the coffee.” Wu Helian stared at the coffee cup in her hand, and Jianmei frowned slightly.

Secretary Xia held the folder tightly and explained hurriedly, “Master Lian, Miss Gu said she had a cold today and was afraid of infection, so the coffee was handed over to me.”

cold? Wu Helian put down her coffee and said casually, “You go down first.”

“Yes. I’m sorry.” Secretary Xia withdrew from the office awkwardly, suddenly burst into flames. Mingming coffee is prepared by Gu Xiaochen, why the taste will be different. This made Master Lian unhappy. She has been Wu Helian’s secretary for more than a year, but this has never happened before.

When Secretary Xia passed the assistant’s office, she turned her head and glanced at the figure.

Liangzi is big.

After finishing the report, Gu Xiaochen walked to the secretary’s office and put down the document, “Secretary Xia, please trouble you.”

Secretary Xia’s lukewarm “en” sounded, staring at the computer screen from beginning to end. When she arrived, Secretary Xia picked up the document, and a pair of beautiful eyes hurried across the document. Suddenly she raised her lip corner and quickly hit the keyboard.

In the blink of an afternoon, Shen Ruo came to Gu Xiaochen for dinner. She walked to Gu Xiaochen, but she looked out from time to time, “Xiaochen, is Master Lian out?”

“No.” Gu Xiaochen packed his things and prepared to go to the restaurant with her.

“Oh, that’s it.” Shen Ruo couldn’t help but look forward, thinking it would be nice to see Wu Helian.

The high-heeled pedals sounded, and Secretary Xia said coldly, “Miss Gu, Master Lian asked you to go to the office now.”

Gu Xiaochen stood up slowly, and Shen Ruo urged her to go quickly. Gu Xiaochen had no choice but to knock on the door and walked into the office. She lowered her head to the desk and yelled softly, “Master Lian.”

“You handled this document?” Wu Helian picked up the document and threw it in front of her.

Gu Xiaochen picked up the document and looked at it with confusion, “I handled it.”

“The number on page 26 is wrong.” Wu Helian pointed out her mistake sharply.

Gu Xiaochen quickly turned to that page and saw that the number was indeed wrong, and she clearly remembered nothing wrong. But the evidence is so strong that she can’t argue, so she has to apologize, “I’m sorry.”

“I think you should be very clear that every report needs to be 100% accurate.” Wu Helian’s brown eyes are as deep as the sea, and said coldly, “Even if it is just a wrong number, it is likely to cause huge losses to the company.”

Gu Xiaochen naturally knows the seriousness of the matter and repeats his apology, “I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want to hear these three words.” Wu Helian stared at her lowered head and sighed.

Gu Xiaochen gritted his teeth and pinched the folder in his hand.

“Let’s put the matter aside and copy this document a hundred times at once. I’m going to see it tomorrow morning.” Wu Helian spit out the punishment, making Gu Xiaochen’s eyes wide.

Hand copy a hundred times? What is this concept?


Gu Xiaochen had some physical discomfort, but now his dizziness is worse. She frowned and turned and ran out of the office anxiously. After returning to the office, Shen Ruo was still waiting for her. Gu Xiaochen sat on the office chair with no mood and no appetite, and said sorry, “Shen Ruo, I probably can’t eat with you.”

“Why? There is a business to be busy with?” Shen Ruo glanced at the president’s office. It seemed that he could not meet Master Lian again today.

“Well.” Gu Xiaochen nodded awkwardly.

“Do you want me to bring you something to eat?” Shen Ruo asked kindly.

Gu Xiaochen was warm in his heart and moved, “No, I brought a sandwich.”

“Well, then I won’t disturb you.” Shen Ruo shrugged and left the office.

Gu Xiaochen sat alone in the position, holding the report in his hand, and the grievances in his heart drove down the mountain, but he still suppressed it with patience. Angrily took out a stack of manuscript paper, grabbed a ballpoint pen, and began to copy this report of nearly thirty pages. One hundred times is nothing but a hundred times.

Gu Xiaochen comforted himself and wrote a book.

Throughout the afternoon, Gu Xiaochen did not move half a step.

She didn’t know when she would have to copy it, but her hands were sore and empty.

In the blink of an eye, the clock came to work.

“Gu Xiaochen, don’t you leave work?” Someone asked.

“You go first, I’m not busy yet.” Gu Xiaochen raised his head and smiled weakly.

“Well, I’ll go first.” The two assistants greeted each other and left one after the other. Secretary Xia quietly stood outside the office and looked at Gu Xiaochen, walking on high heels.

The night was getting dark, and the office on the top floor was lit brightly.

Gu Xiaochen felt a cramp in his stomach, and it was uncomfortable to curl up into shrimp. She remembered that she hadn’t eaten in a day, and hurriedly took out the cooled sandwich and took a bite, but it was too dry to swallow. Cold sweat oozed from his forehead, and Gu Xiaochen covered his stomach with strong pain.

“What’s wrong with you? Is your body uncomfortable?” Wu Helian just about to leave. Seeing her a little wrong from a distance, she approached and asked.

Gu Xiaochen said stubbornly, “No.”

“Your complexion doesn’t look very good.” Wu Helian stared at her pale face, Junrong sank.

“I’m fine.” Her grumpy temper began to attack.

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