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Chapter 27: Hospital Visits

In the hotel restaurant, Gu Xiaochen and Irene sat face to face. The waiter served a few servings of various pastries. Gu Xiaochen slowly ate and looked up and said, “Miss Yi, that pearl powder skirt will be sent to me for washing. I will return it to you when it is clean.

Gu Xiaochen was dull and knew who the skirt belonged to.

“No need to be so troublesome.” Irene stirred the coffee with a spoon. “Anyway, I only crossed it once. If Miss Gu doesn’t mind, it will be given to you.”

“How does this work.” Gu Xiaochen was even more embarrassed to hear her say this.

“Miss Gu makes a decision on her own. If you really can’t accept it, throw it away.” Yilin said lightly, her delicate face shining in the sun, but it hurt Gu Xiaochen. She seemed to realize that she was wrong and said, “I don’t mean that.”

“It doesn’t matter, I know.” Gu Xiaochen smiled, bowed his head and stopped talking.

After breakfast, Gu Xiaochen followed Wu Helian to the hospital to visit Yan Xudong. And Irene was invited to attend the Party of the Japan Bartending Association, and it was not easy to be absent, so she did not go together. Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help asking when the car was driving halfway, “Is Manager Yan badly hurt?”

She remembered that he bleed yesterday.

“I can’t die.” Wu Helian held the steering wheel, and Youyou showed such a sentence, and added, “He is made of iron, and he can’t beat him.”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t expect him to make a joke suddenly and couldn’t help laughing.

In her smile, Wu Helian also raised her lips.

After arriving at the hospital, he successfully found the ward where Yan Xudong lived. Yan Xudong was lying on the hospital bed, and his entire head was wrapped tightly with gauze. At a glance, it really looks like a third-rate disabled person. Gu Xiaochen saw his appearance, which was both self-blame and guilt, “Manager, are you okay?”

“It’s okay, how can I have something to do with it.” Yan Xudong’s spirit is good, and he can even be said to be alive and well. “Actually, I have nothing, but the doctor refused to let me out of the hospital and said I would observe for a few days. I’m afraid I will be concussed. . ”

“Then stay a few days longer.” Gu Xiaochen agreed.

“But I hate hospitals.” Yan Xudong is usually calm, and now looks like a big kid, “I hate the smell of disinfection water the most.”

“Just be patient, big deal, I will make coffee for you.” Gu Xiaochen whispered and exchanged with him.

“Okay.” Yan Xudong smiled and turned to look at Wu Helian and asked, “How did Lian and Gaode’s contract be resolved?”

“There are no signed contracts, of course, countless.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice.

Yan Xudong suddenly looked angry again, hating his teeth, “What about the scum of Okura Yuichi? How did you deal with him?”

Wu Helian stood by the window, the sun shrouded him, and the whole body was covered with gold. He spit out a few words, “I gave him away.”

“You are ruthless enough.” Yan Xudong laughed loudly, and finally he was happy.

Void? Gu Xiaochen looked at Wu Helian suspiciously and suddenly understood what it meant.

Because Yan Xudong was injured and hospitalized, he had to stay in Japan for a few more days. Wu Helian and Yilin went in and out of the same room and were intimate. Gu Xiaochen visits Yan Xudong in the hospital every day. Sometimes she takes a taxi by herself, and sometimes Wu Helian will send her to her.

Whenever this time, Gu Xiaochen can always hear the laughter of the two people in the front seat of the car.

“Lotus, Hokkaido is really beautiful, you look at these photos.” Irene fiddled with the photos in her hands and couldn’t put it down.

Wu Helian glanced at her, but just “en”.

“Oh, Miss Gu, is this your first time in Japan?” Irene asked, turning her head.

Gu Xiaochen looked up at her and hurriedly answered, “Yes, for the first time.”

“Then haven’t you seen Mount Fuji?”


“If you come to Japan and don’t look at Mount Fuji, it seems a little unreasonable.” Irene said with a smile. “Lian, why don’t we go to Mount Fuji this afternoon?”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t want to trouble them, “No, no need.”

“It doesn’t matter, Miss Gu, you must go around in Japan when you come. You can rest assured that your boss won’t deduct your salary!” Irene smiled and looked at Wu Helian again, “Is it, Lotus?”

“I don’t think it’s necessary anymore. I have a chance to go abroad for business next time. If I come to travel in the future, I can see it. And if the manager is alone in the hospital, he must be very bored …” Gu Xiaochen found various reasons to stop, but he said Halfway, Wu Helianmo interrupted and said two words, “Go.”

His consistent command tone made people unable to refuse. Gu Xiaochen was stunned and had to “oh”.

Irene smiled and said with a smile, “That’s good, go together in the afternoon.”

The three of them came to the hospital ward, but they saw that Yan Xudong had changed his medical uniform, put on his own clothes, shirt and trousers, and his spirit was shining. Although there are still a few circles of gauze wrapped around his head, it does not hinder his handsomeness. As soon as Yan Xudong saw the three of them, he quipped, “Sorry, let you run once in vain.”

“Manager Yan, can you be discharged?” Gu Xiaochen approached him and asked with concern.

Yan Xudong said, “I have said that I am fine.”

“That’s really great.” Gu Xiaochen was relieved, and she was afraid of sudden changes these days.

“Mr. Yan, congratulations on your discharge.” Irene blessed softly and suggested, “In this case, let’s go to Mount Fuji this afternoon.”

“Mount Fuji?” Yan Xudong murmured suspiciously, turning his eyes to Gu Xiaochen, suddenly realized, “Yes, Xiaochen came to Japan for the first time.” He hugged Gu Xiaochen and said cheerfully, “Well, sightseeing Fuji this afternoon , Fly back to Hong Kong early in the morning tomorrow. ”

Gu Xiaochen said nothing, but when he looked up, he met Wu Helian, but found his eyes were scary and scary. She immediately shifted her gaze and made no contact with him.

“Lian, are you a driver today?” Yan Xudong asked.

“Let’s go.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, and took Yilin around and walked out of the ward. Behind him, Yan Xudong and Gu Xiaochen were like a pair together.

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