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Chapter 25: Xiaochen had an accident

“Ah–” The women stood up screaming and left hurriedly. The original joyful atmosphere disappeared, and for a time it was a mess. Gu Xiaochen’s eyes narrowed with a headache. Although he didn’t understand what was going on, he knew that the situation seemed to be a second. She thought that she did not drink to make the other party unhappy and hurriedly drank the wine in the glass.

“Mr. Okura, I finished drinking.” Gu Xiaochen covered his mouth and almost spit out.

Okura Yuki stared at her white face with rosy red, and gazed past her, said indistinctly, “Miss Gu, it’s too noisy here, so we should drink it alone.”

Yan Xudong grabbed Gu Xiaochen and protected her behind him, “Mr. Okura, it’s not too early, I think we should go too.”

“Go?” Okura Yuki said sternly, “Unless you leave this woman for me!”

The bodyguards swarmed and fought against Yan Xudong. According to Yan Xudong’s skill, it is more than enough to fight alone, but now facing so many people, Yan Xu gradually loses. He still guarded Gu Xiaochen, just not to let those bodyguards touch her. He suffered a heavy punch in a row and was spitting blood.

Gu Xiaochen panicked, not knowing what to do, “Don’t fight!”

“Yan Xudong!” Gu Xiaochen yelled his name in anxiety, hugged him, and saw the blood flowing from his head, Gu Xiaochen shouted, “You are bleeding!”

“Run! Run!” Yan Xudong held up her body, grabbing her and trying to break through.

Someone rushed over with a wine bottle and slammed it on Yan Xudong’s head. Gu Xiaochen shouted in fear, the bottle shattered into countless pieces, the wine spilled all over him, Yan Xudong’s body shook slightly, and he pushed Gu Xiaochen out of the box. Fall backwards.

Gu Xiaochen’s head was hot and he couldn’t care about the others, only knew that he was running crazy.

“Catch me!” Okura yelled.

Gu Xiaochen ran like a lifeless man, and the people behind were chasing. She hasn’t run out of the nightclub yet, she has been caught. She wanted to cry for help, but her mouth was covered with a handkerchief. As soon as Okura came out, he forced her into the car. The car started the engine, and the night was full of crisis.

In the box, Yan Xudong and the other two assistants were all beaten to the ground.

Yan Xudong was covered in blood and took out his phone with difficulty.

The fingers were stained with blood, and the keys were pressed hard. The blue light on the screen was striking. He pressed the dial button and waited for the call to be connected. Suddenly, the voice of “beep” no longer, Yan Xudong gasped and said, “Lian … Xiaochen has an accident … you go to save her …” Too late to say, Yan Xudong lost blood and passed out.

At this time, Wu Helian was having a meal with Irene, and when he received the call, he looked down sharply and stood up.

“Lian?” Irene was shocked by his move and shouted in surprise.

Wu Helian didn’t return her head, bursting out a chill in her body, the back of the figure made Yilin panic.

The room without lights was full of darkness. Someone could not wait to walk towards the two-meter-wide bed, a faint shadow could be seen. There was no unconscious woman lying on the bed, her black hair was arbitrarily scattered, her black-framed glasses had disappeared, and her beautiful and beautiful face was vaguely vague.

The man’s hand touched her, Gu Xiaochen woke up quietly, and there was darkness in front of her. She shouted in horror, “Don’t touch me!”

“Little baby, I will love you well.” Yukura Okura’s voice grumbled and overwhelmed her.

“Get away! Don’t touch me! Get away!” Gu Xiaochen kicked desperately, trying to escape the intrusion of the man who pressed himself. In the cry, the tear of the clothes sounded, the bare skin felt the chill of the air, she panicked her face, and the original fear appeared in her heart, she was so helpless.

The more she cried, the more excited Okura Yuki was, and her hot lips kissed her fair skin.

Gu Xiaochen could n’t break free, shouting out of his heart, “Don’t–”

“Bang–” At this moment, the door was kicked open.

Okura Yui was dissatisfied and shouted angrily, “Who is so bold!”

A tall figure ran into the room, and Okura Yuzui’s eyes widened in horror. The man approached him a few strides, his long arm straightened and directly pinched his neck. He was raised by the whole person, and his toes were spotted, and he heard the gloomy male voice spit out two words, “find death.”

Okura Yuki made a “huh” painful sound and was thrown aside by the next second.

“Drag out.” The cold male voice was enough to freeze people, and Okura Yuki was dragged out as soon as he could see who was coming.

Gu Xiaochen curled up in the corner of the big bed, his hands tightly around the secretary. If she deliberately suppressed the cry, if she pursued me, like a small injured animal, whimper. Footsteps sounded, approaching her step by step, Gu Xiaochen shook his head again and again, thinking that someone would bully her again, “Don’t come … please, please …”

The man had already come to her, and the big palm leaned towards her.

“Don’t touch me!” She whispered hoarsely, but her body shivered. The man still touched her, Gu Xiaochen shouted like crazy, “Don’t! Get away! Get away!”

“Don’t be afraid, it’s me.” The thick and powerful male voice hovered above her head, Gu Xiaochen Mo stunned. He hugged her into his arms and caressed her. Gu Xiaochen seemed to be a wandering ship. After several storms, he finally found the port where he was calling. He let himself be embraced by him, and the tears fell.

She wept bitterly in his arms.

Silent night, her noise was sad.

In the darkness, Wu Helian hugged her tightly, and her tears burned him. Unable to see the other person’s face, he lowered his head involuntarily, grasping her arm with both hands and kissing her forehead, “It’s alright.”

Such a gentle kiss.

It seemed like the prince kissed Cinderella, her tears in her eyes.

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