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Chapter 26: Thoughtful behavior

“You can’t go out like this, go take a shower first. I’ll take you out of here.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, and gradually let go of her hand.

Gu Xiaochen Mu Na nodded and got out of bed, walked into the bathroom in the dark.

The bathroom was bright. Gu Xiaochen stood in front of Xiyutai and looked at herself in the mirror. She saw the dense red marks on her shoulders. She only felt sick. Immediately stepped into the bathtub, showered thoroughly, rubbed constantly, and wanted to wash the dirty things. It was washed for a long time until someone knocked on the glass door.

“Just right.” Gu Xiaochen shouted back, closing the bath valve. The clothes on his body were soaked, only to find that he did not change the clothes.

Gu Xiaochen was a little difficult to speak, and didn’t know how to speak.

The door was knocked again, but a soft female voice came, “Miss Gu, the clothes are ready for you, will you open the door?”

This voice … Gu Xiaochen felt very familiar.

She thought of his lover, Miss Irene.

Gu Xiaochen opened the door a gap and hid himself behind the door. She saw the clothes handed in through the door and took it in a hurry. She whispered “Thank you” and closed the door. Looking down at the clothes in his hands, he couldn’t help feeling annoyed. It turned out to be a skirt with lovely colors of pearl powder, and it was still super short.

After a long time, Gu Xiaochen changed clothes. Habitually want to push the glasses on the bridge of the nose, but the glasses have long disappeared. Uneasy, she opened the door.

In the outside of the suite, Wu Helian was sitting on the sofa smoking a cigarette. Irene was sitting on the arm of the chair, leaning on him with one hand, gazing at the bathroom from time to time.

The glass door was opened, and Wu Helian looked away slowly, and saw a thin figure.

After bathing, her long hair was wet and her fair skin was reddish. With this pink color, she became more exquisite. Two slender beautiful legs under the skirt are enough to stimulate men’s eyes. She lowered her head helplessly, her hands hanging down on both sides, and also nervously grasping the skirt, trying to stretch the ultra-short skirt longer.

Gu Xiaochen asked in a low voice, “Sorry, did you see my glasses?”

“Miss Gu, how are you thin?” Yilin said with a smile, and picked up the black frame glasses on the coffee table and walked to her. “Is this pair?”

Gu Xiaochen nodded, took his glasses and put them on quickly. She raised her head and thanked her, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, thank your boss if you want to thank you.” Yilin smiled slightly and looked at him behind him.

Gu Xiaochen’s eyes followed Yilin’s gaze and met Wu Helian who was smoking. Reminiscing about the kiss that had just happened, a bloody red face with a disappointed face was thorough, and Xiao Ruo mosquito said, “Thank you, Master Lian.” What was the thought, and asked anxiously, “What about the manager?”

“He is in the hospital.” Wu Helian pinched her cigarette butt looked at her, her eyes tightened, and she suddenly got up and walked towards her. He took off his suit jacket and put it on her.

Gu Xiaochen Mo’s warmth, but Irene was slightly stunned by his behavior.

Gu Xiaochen returned to the hotel to sleep unsteadily, strange hotel, strange bed sheet, strange smell. Early in the morning, she woke up. Put it back on his old costume and turned to look at the suit jacket. Carefully reaching out and touching, he folded him and decided to return it.

When he opened the door, he was shocked when he saw someone standing at the door.

“Miss Gu, President He is waiting for you.”

It turned out to be a subordinate sent by Wu Helian.

Gu Xiaochen followed the man with his suit to the presidential suite. There were two people standing in the suite. Gu Xiaochen recognized the person, and the man who took the lead was Hengshan Houlong, president of Gaode Company. She was stunned, but there was no response at all, but someone said softly, “Miss Gu, you got up.”

Yilin walked to Gu Xiaochen, and she walked to Wu Helian with her stunned arms.

“Mr. He, I’m really sorry, I’m so sorry!” Houlong Houshan bowed to Wu Helian and apologized. He really didn’t want to lose this opportunity of cooperation.

Wu Helian looked calm and could not see any emotion. There was a smile in the corner of his mouth, and the outline of the cold face was a little calm, and said in a hurry, “President Hengshan, I think the person who should apologize is not me.”

“Miss Gu! I’m very sorry, please forgive me!” Houshan Houlong immediately turned to Gu Xiaochen, and repeatedly apologized, “I solemnly apologize to you for the matter of last night!”

Last night … Gu Xiaochen’s face suddenly turned pale, and he unconsciously grabbed his suit jacket.

Wu Helian glanced at her side and said quietly, “President Hengshan, if I kill you, I will say sorry to you, do you think it’s okay?”

“This …” Hengshan Houlong suddenly supported me, “General Manager, you have also punished Okura. Private matters belong to private matters, official matters belong to official matters, and the contract for the cooperation case has already been agreed …”

“Speaking is unfounded.” Wu Helian interrupted him, said indifferently, “Moreover, I am not interested anymore. President Hengshan, do not send.”

“If President He changes his mind, I will wait anytime.” Houshan Houlong’s old face turned green for a while, and his subordinates left.

After the others left, Wu Helian got up and turned to look at them, “Have you eaten?”

“have eaten.”

“not yet.”

Two female voices sounded at the same time, Gu Xiaochen was embarrassed for a while. Yilin Lirong changed slightly, walked to Wu Helian and held his hand, said intimately, “Lian, Miss Gu just got up, she must not have eaten yet. You got up so early today, and don’t know where to go.”

Gu Xiaochen is very conscious and does not intend to continue to make light bulbs. He hands over his coat, “Master Lian, your coat.”

Irene took the coat in her hand, and Gu Xiaochen said again, “Master Lian, I want to visit Manager Yan, I don’t know which hospital he is in?”

“I will go with you in a while, Ilin, you will accompany her to the restaurant to eat some more.” Wu Helian said with a deep voice.

“Okay.” Irene kissed his face and smiled. “Miss Gu, let’s go.”

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