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Tag: Short Story

Wet Life (Shocking!)

For a period of time, the disciple felt very miserable in life and was very troubled. The master took the disciple to an open area and asked, “Look up, what […]

Overdramatic Society

Freedom of expression on controversial or scandalous news makes an online world become a dramatic society, particularly when reporters present ‘useless content’ that deems inappropriate to public perception. In the […]

An autumn leaf falls, a heart blossoms

I really like the saying that the philosopher said: “Autumn is another spring, and every autumn leaf is a flower.” Indeed, every autumn leaf is a flower of different sizes, […]

My “Actor”, my father and mother

In the fall of 2020, my father was admitted to the PLA 921 Hospital again. During that time, every time I returned to Changsha, I went straight to the hospital […]

One Eyed Mother

When I was a kid, the thing that made me hate the most was MOTHER – a woman with only one eye Because she did mundane jobs to earn money […]

A Job loving Slut

– Are you a girl? He looked up at the man who had just asked. The face is young, driving a Chinese wave car is quite new, old clothes and […]

Snowy Night Part One

The work is finished, it’s late at night, look at the time, it’s almost eleven o’clock. Stretch out for a long time and go home to eat. Although you are […]

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 11

After Ning Xi returned from the audition, she freshened up before heading out to the supermarket to buy hot pot ingredients, some dishes, and beer. After experiencing such an ordeal, […]

Chant of Metta Prayer (บทแผ่เมตตาไม่มีประมาณ)

Chant of Metta Prayer (บทแผ่เมตตาไม่มีประมาณ) อะหัง อะเวโร โหมิ – ขอให้ข้าพเจ้าจงเป็นผู้ไม่มีเวร Aham avero homi -May I be free from enmity and danger อัพยาปัชโฌ โหมิ – อย่าได้มีความอาฆาตพยาบาทและเบียดเบียน abyapajjho homi -May I be […]