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The Children of Zina Davison Full Text

I was sitting on a chair in the park, watching the meteor shower in front of me. As I predicted, tonight was indeed an extraordinary night. There are many chairs dotted around the park, and the other 180 residents of our “Werner Planet” came to watch the meteor shower with me.

The residents let out bursts of “woo” and “ah” from time to time. The little children were babbling, and their parents had to warn them to keep quiet.

We were a small group and a very close small group. The residents kept getting up from their chairs and huddled together to chat with each other. It’s normal, as the mayor of Warner World (there are too few people here to have a prime minister, king, or president), I’m surrounded by a lot of people.

They all asked me, “Alex Sander, how did you know it would rain like this?”

“It’s all written in old books, go to the library if you have time, it’s open to everyone. You just have to read a book. That’s it.” I told them.

“I think I will.”

However, I know they won’t. Our people don’t read much.

“Will the meteor shower damage Miss Lillian’s spaceship?” Joe. McNutter asked.

“No,” I said, “I warned her beforehand. She said the hull of their ship was tougher than the skin of an ancient Earth rhino. Stones can’t help that ship.”

“How long will it take them to come back?”

“They’ve come a long way, Joe, and it might take two years to get back and forth. They’ll also spend time building transports and hiring people. They’ll be back here in four and a half or five years.”

“Damn,” Joe said, “do we still have ten years to live?”

We looked at each other for a long time. Joe is not a very strong man, he has realized how much our world will change when the ship comes back.

“Cheer up,” I replied, “no one knows what will happen in five years. Maybe There’s going to be Star Wars, or Lillian’s ship never comes back, or they’re going to forget about us on purpose.”

We looked up at each other again.

“You’ll really miss her, won’t you, Aleksandr,” he said.

“I think so, Joe.”

It was late at night and people walked towards their homes. I took the record out of my pocket and read it again.   Records on the Sadat Combined   Spaceship

‘   A

private report’ Here, the men of Werner came running when the roar of their jet engines came to us from miles away. I wasn’t the first to arrive, but when I got there, people made room for me.

The color of their ship was the color of tarnished copper, but not copper. The color, shape, and construction of the ships were not much different from the ships in which our ancestors came to Werner a hundred years ago. Of course, the red, white and blue flag tells us that they are our countrymen and that they have finally found us.

This has always been our biggest fear! None of us, our fathers and grandparents wanted this moment to come. Now, it has come in my lifetime.

Just as the ship’s hatch was pulled inwards, I caught a glimpse of several Werner women in the surrounding woods. I know Felicity must be peeking there, because she’s curious about everything. What will she think? Thinking of this makes me tremble. My wife is not the kind of person who just hides in the woods and watches other people show off.

Fortunately, we didn’t wait long, and two tall men in golden clothes, like sportsmen, appeared on the copper-colored spaceship. Seeing them with weapons in their hands, our guards were on alert.

“Do you guys speak English?” one of them yelled at us, “Are you the descendants of the pilots on the Sam Houston v spaceship?”

Sam Willis was our captain of the guard. He looked back at me, wondering if I was going to speak back. It’s not yet time for me to speak, so I point to Sam and nod.

“Welcome to Planet Warner!” he exclaimed. “Yes, we speak English, and yes, we are descendants of Sam Houston. Who are you, and why are you here?”

They didn’t answer Sam. I guess it’s not out of rudeness, but because they don’t have the right to do that. The man who asked us said something into something that looked like a radio. As you can see from their behavior, they’re just heralds for unseen officers, like my ex-guard Sam.

Sam looked at me uneasily, and I nodded, signaling him not to worry. At this moment, a man who was thinner than the messenger walked out from the flying-open hatch. The man took four steps forward, stood on the steel ladder, and said loudly: “Citizens of Werner, citizens of the Earth United Planet, HQ congratulates you on your survival, and hope that, in the silent one hundred and forty-one I will contact you again after a year.”

My heart sank, not because of the words themselves, but because of the voice of the words. I could hear the hissing of our wives in the surrounding woods.

“I’m Lillian Dahout, captain of the light ship HQ Sadat. I wish to speak to your district governor.”

Oh my God, that’s a woman!

We all stared at her, and so did I, stunned by her. It took a long time for me to wake up and go forward. Although she’s not perfect, her gritty character, her ability, and her drive make her an extraordinary woman, in a word, she’s attractive, she’s tall bridge of the nose. blue eyes. The brown curly hair, not long and not short, was slightly gray in the light. Her skin was fair and smooth except for a scar running parallel to her left eyebrow an inch above her left eyebrow. She may be too thin.

When she saw me, she smiled at me.

We shook hands and introduced ourselves. She said first, “Mr. Blake, we have a lot of questions to ask about you and your seniors.”

“We have no secrets, Captain.” I replied, “Come on, go to my office, there, We can discuss your problems while we rest. Joe, Sam, come with me.” The

captain asked the two burly men to follow her, and gave another order to the cabin, and then another man appeared at the door, He also followed behind the captain. I later learned that this person was Dr. Jonathan Yamashake.

On our way to the residence, we passed an open field surrounded by woods. A cool breeze was blowing against our cheeks, and I could vaguely smell Felicity’s scent. I looked at the captain and she didn’t seem to notice the aroma at all, which was fine.

We were about twenty feet in the woods when the captain spoke: “Mr Blake, we wonder why the survivors on Sam Houston never got in touch with headquarters? Was it the ship’s backup radio? The system is also broken?”

“Did you signal to headquarters after you landed here, Captain?” I asked.

“No. The sunspot activity is abnormal and the signal cannot penetrate.”

“It is not abnormal, Captain, the current sunspot activity is normal for Werner. We have not stopped contacting headquarters. Sunspot activity Never weakened so much that we couldn’t find a breakthrough. I’ve been hoping that in the years since our forefathers got here, headquarters would improve the radio system to break through sunspot interference. Sam Houston’s engine is landing We were trapped here and couldn’t send a distress signal.

“Why did it take you so long to find us? She replied: “

Sadly, even today, the spacecraft is very precious, the headquarters wants to send the spacecraft to investigate what happened to the Sam Houston, but there are many more important tasks to complete… sorry. “

Come on, Captain,” I said, smiling, “I understand.” The pilot of the Sam Houston was given final instructions before departure. They know to take risks. So, light ships are still expensive? “

It’s more expensive than it used to be,” she admitted, shaking her head. “It seems that every year we can double the number of ships, but our workload has tripled.” We’ve always been so busy. I

nodded. After a few seconds of silence, she asked the key question: “Mr. Blake, I don’t recall seeing a woman around our ship.” Where is your woman? “

I’m going to refrain from lying, it will be easy. But, these people are too shrewd, they’ll find out I’m lying, and I’ll get nothing, so I can’t lie to them.

“They’re dead,” I said.

There was a growl from the woods, and one of the two big men put his hands on his hips, obviously they had weapons, but he didn’t pull them out.

“Dead?” Dr. Yamagush muttered. “When? How?”

“They’ve been dead for a long time,” I said briefly.

As I walked out of the woods, I looked back, hoping that I wouldn’t see Felicity, that she wasn’t around, and that the woods behind me were like a huge curtain, covering everything well. Looking up, in front of him is a coniferous forest that is evergreen in prison season. A pair of large moons loomed in the sky behind the branches. Tonight, two round moons are very close together. Whenever two moons change from half to full, they get so close together, we call this a “moon bridge”. Because the sky between the two moons is brightly illuminated by their light, if we squint our eyes, we can see that the bright area between the two moons is like a wide bond.

“There’s a moon bridge tonight,” Sam said, clearly reading my mind.

“It’s pretty bright.” Joe nodded.

“The place is right in front,” I gestured. “My office is nearby, and I’ll be there in a while.”

Matsuba, Tsukihashi, and Felicity. Thinking of this, I quickened my pace, and the others followed closely behind.

Although our residential area has a history of 140 years, it is still very simple. There are a total of 82 houses, of which 30 were first built with hard plastic structures, and the rest are wooden houses. My office and house are made of wood, the best built house in the neighborhood.

We entered the large hall, which was my parlour, but I rarely had the opportunity to meet guests. Continuing inside, we came to the center of the office, which was a bit cramped for the seven of us, but it was the most respectable room. The walls are of high-quality wood, and along the walls are the books in the library of Sam Houston’s spaceship. The chair behind the desk is that of Captain Sam Houston’s spaceship. Captain Dahout looked at the chair and nodded, it was a familiar thing she had seen in this unfamiliar place.

“Sit down, please,” I motioned to them. “Now, let’s talk, ask questions, and we’ll do our best to answer you.”

“Okay, Mr. Blake,” said Captain Dahout.

“Call me Alix Sand,” I interrupted. The moment our eyes met, what did I see in her eyes? Is she secretly sending me a secret message? I can’t remember.

“Well, Aleksandr,” she said, “tell me about your women. You say they’ve been dead for a long time, how long?”

“When the Sam Houston spacecraft landed on Werner, they A settlement was built, but not here, but ninety miles west of this place. That place happens to be a big fault line. The men set up a men’s club. Every Wednesday night they meet there, and they quarrel Loud and rambling there. The women were so annoyed with it that they set up a women’s club in tit for tat. Right when they first got together, there was a big earthquake. All the women in Werner were there. According to their neighborhood The records left by the men say that the ground cracked and devoured the house where the women met. They have not been seen since then. All this is what I learned from the records left by my predecessors. That was a hundred and forty years ago.”

“My God!” Yamagush exclaimed, “then why are you here?”

I smiled at him: “Guess what ? , Doctor.”

“Cryogenic freezing? Or live suspension?”

Joe laughed. I shook my head in denial.

“Did the environment prolong your lifespan?” the Doctor continued to guess.

“It’s even more outrageous, Doctor,” I said.

“It’s Zina Davison,” said Captain Dahout.

I raised my eyebrows.

“You did your homework well, Captain,” I said. “Yes. Zina Davison was on the Samhausen at the time, and he was the greatest biologist of his time.”

Dahout “I read the material that the headquarters didn’t want him here, he was very important to them,” he said.

“But he was very old, so in the end they let him come.” He said, “If it wasn’t for him Did a good thing for us and we won’t be here today.”

“What did he do? Asexual reproduction?” Yamagush asked.

“No,” I said, “perhaps we should show you. Seeing is better than seeing. Do you still say that adage there? Come on, let’s meet our wives, how about that?

“Your wives… Wife…wife? Yamagush was speechless. “I don’t understand.” “

Captain Lillian Dahout is very calm, and I can see she doesn’t like it at all, doesn’t like making a fuss.

“My house is over there,” said Sam, “but I don’t know if you’re going there first, K. Lorre may not…”

“Even if I only want them to meet one person, it can only be Chloe,” I said with a smile. Sam nodded, knowingly accepting my compliment.

“Take off your shoes . , do not make any sound. “Sam suggested.

We took off our shoes and tiptoed over to Sam’s cabin. I could barely see Chloe through the window because I had good eyesight and knew what to look for. The captain and her men.” Haven’t seen her yet. I saw Chloe raised her head, stunned, and immediately, she turned and disappeared, she must have gone to another room. I know, we can’t see Chloe tonight.

Sam also He must have seen all this, because, not wanting to make a noise, he suddenly picked up his pace. He ran to the bedroom door and twisted the doorknob, but the door was locked.

“Chloe! Gentil!” he cried. However, neither his wife nor daughter answered him.

He looked at me helplessly.

“I, I think I can pick the lock on the door,” he said reluctantly.

“Sniff, God, no!” I said. “Don’t do that! We’ll see them later. Let’s go.”

“We can pretend to leave,” he suggested.

“No, then she won’t trust you again. She won’t come out in a few hours, will she?”

“Maybe another hour,” Sam replied.

“So be it,” I said, “that was a good attempt. We’ll come back later. Goodbye, Chloe, goodbye, Jantil. We’ll come back later.” Then shivered.

“Ah, let’s go,” cried Joe. “Come over to my house, and Clara will meet them.”

I said, “My house is near. Let’s see Felicity.” Neither

Sam nor Joe said a word. , he knew Felicity and what she could do. I know their thoughts as well as Babe Ruth knows the racket in his hand. They did not agree with my proposal, however, I wanted to open the eyes of the captain from my hometown. If you can’t see Chloe, then simply go to see Felicity. Yes, I’m going to let them meet my Felicity mute and give them a good taste of the vitality of life. Then they went to see poor old Clara again. Tonight, I will sing the lead role.

In my house, the stove was burning brightly; the wooden walls were orange in the firelight. There are some big shadows on the walls.

“Where’s the light?” a large man asked nervously.

The man’s frightened look gave me a burst of joy. I said, “We use candles and fires, and Felicity likes darkness and fire.”

Sam and Joe stared at the shadows, and they knew Felicity often liked to hide in them. However, I know her better than they do. Tonight, she’s not going to play casually. She wants to whet everyone’s appetite, and then makes a solemn appearance. That’s her style.

“Felicity touch,” I yelled, and my voice echoed throughout the room, and every time I approached Felicity, next to the raging flames, and called her name, I got excited. However, now I have to restrain myself, so I just smiled naively. Just then, I heard Felicity rubbing against her buttocks in the hallway and scratching at the wood with her fingernails, and my blood boiled. I turned my face and saw her eyes. In the dark, they flickered to tease me. But in front of friends and strangers, I could only try to restrain my lust.

“Felicity touch,” I called her tenderly.

Joe gasped, terrified of Felicity being dumb. Although his terrified and awkward appearance made me pitiful, his lack of passion and insensitivity to the beauty of life bored me.

“You must be Blake.” Captain Dahout said, striding forward, she was so confident that I was overwhelmed. The moment she reached out to Felicity, her arrogant posture disappeared.

Felicity did not shake hands with the captain. She came out of the dark, and the firelight reflected on her body, highlighting the curves of her figure—full and sexy. Her pink tongue deftly licked soft lips.

I saw the two burly men wet their pants with fright. One of them also moaned.

Captain Dahout stared blankly at Felicity, she wanted to use her knowledge and wisdom to understand what was in front of her…

She whispered, “God bless you, you are a cat!”

Felicity grinned and hissed. Breathing heavily. I almost jumped up and grabbed the captain’s beautiful neck. Sniff, she doesn’t know how to speak… But thinking about it again, I can’t blame her, it’s so bizarre to her. Can’t blame her.

I said softly to Felicity: “Felicity, my dear, you look beautiful.”

“You say it again,” muttered Yamagush.

The two big men just stood there, staring at everything in front of them.

Captain Lillian nodded and said, “You’re lovely. Please forgive me if my words offend you. I’m just… surprised.”

Felicity glanced at her, and let out a sigh of satisfaction. Then, she turned her eyes to the two big men. The excited gleam in her eyes annoyed me.

“Can she speak?” Yamagush asked quietly.

I said, “Ah, yes. But usually she doesn’t want to.”

Felicity was five feet five inches tall. Her breasts were originally plump, but strangely, her unusually thin waist and broad hips made her breasts look dwarfed. Her jet-black hair was tucked into a large strand of white. Hair falls in layers on the face, neck, and back. It was a soft mane, which made Felicity look more like a lion than a cat, although her ancestors were indeed house cats.

Dr. Yamagush kept asking stupid questions. His entanglement kept me from focusing on Felicity, and Sam and Joe had always been uncomfortable in Felicity’s presence, so they started talking to the captain, explaining to her something about their lives. I was supposed to play the leading role tonight, but I found that I was overtaken. I want to get rid of Yamagush’s entanglement and regain control of the situation, but this pale and weak doctor seems to have been injected with extraordinary energy, clinging to me.

“How did you do it? Are there any other species used in your experiments? How long will that take?”

Felicity began to feel restless, and she whimpered, and slowly approached the two The big man moved closer.

“Are those species still evolving? What about their next generation?”

The two men spoke to Felicity, and she cried with satisfaction, my heart beating wildly.

“Did you take the words for them? Do you have detailed records? Do you have any medical records? Let me see.”

At this moment, a man laughed, and Felicity also began to exclaim.

I pushed the doctor away.

Felicity raised her hand calmly and scratched the face of the laughing man suddenly, blood dripping on his face immediately. He was furious, and she was not to be outdone. They tore and twisted into a ball. I smell blood.

The captain and I struggled to pull them away. However, they shoved me and the captain together again, and we scuffled across us. My back was against the captain’s, and I felt her warmth. We simply stood back-to-back for a moment between the two frantically scuffled. Then he pushed them away again. The restlessness in my heart just now is gone now.

Lillian glared at the two big men, and blurted out, “Mr. Blake, maybe we should get out of here. What else do you want us to see?”

“You can come to my house,” Joe suggested.

“Yeah, why don’t you go,” I said weakly.

Joe was so enthusiastic that he didn’t catch my sarcasm. That’s fine too.

The captain turned to Felicity dumb: “Mrs. Blake, I apologize to you for my people. Please forgive them. No doubt they were fascinated by your beauty. . . .

What a wise woman. She knows not to Felicity is the enemy. What a smart woman.

After coming out of my house, everyone stood in the moonlight. I started explaining our life to these alien strangers.

“My ancestors are trapped here. The Samhouston was unable to get up, and an unexpected sunspot disturbance caused the communication system to fail. All women, wives and daughters, are dead. For decades, maybe hundreds of years, we can’t expect to send someone from headquarters. Men live alone, and by the laws of nature, they will die out.

“Think about it, Captain, Doctor. Before these men came to this planet, they were told that they couldn’t count on the help of others, they had to build their own civilization, they couldn’t rely on outside help; they lived without women, No heirs left; their civilization will perish on its own.”

“But they didn’t perish,” the captain interjected, “Zina Davison has left them alive.”

“Yes,” I said, “I’ve read all his notes and papers. He thought about asexual reproduction, but that would create a society made up of all men, and that society would never be complete. Davidson was not a macho, he felt strongly At this point, if we don’t inject femininity, the civilization of our planet Werner will perish.”

“So, he began to study the only female source he had on hand—animals. Captain, you have to understand, that It was his only choice. He spent twenty years doing experiments, transplants, surgeries, breeding. Headquarters didn’t expect him to live another twenty years. The first generation model was ugly and far from human. As he keeps experimenting, the model generation is getting closer to the human form.”

I hesitated for a while, worried if they would understand me. After all, I grew up with these ideas, and I know our history. But can these outsiders understand?

“The first generation of prototypes played an important role. They convinced the Werner men that Davidson’s experiment would work. The prototypes that Davison developed in the last few years were adopted. This time, they were a good fit for us. The taste is almost acceptable.…

“Almost? asked the captain.

“Felicity is the product of generations of human and animal genes. With each combined generation, the resulting model gets a little closer to Davison’s dream of a ‘true human woman’. We can never get rid of animal blood in our bodies, and Davesen believes that human blood will dominate and animal blood will be greatly reduced. Furthermore, he believed that those preserved animal blood would make our women better. We already have the potential to reach that state. “I paused, remembering that we were going to Qiao’s house next, and added, “But, I think we’re still a little farther away.” “

Does Davison use any other species besides cats?” “The Doctor’s Room.”

I said, “There are several more.” When you get to Joe’s house, you’ll see another genetic template of Dr. Davison. “

Why doesn’t he just look at one species, say apes.” asked the captain.

I said, “We didn’t bring the apes to Werner.” Moreover, Dr. Davison worries that one animal cannot contain all the feminine qualities we need. He believes a wide range of animal species would increase his chances of success. He could not guarantee that the experiment on any kind of animal would be successful. If it doesn’t work, he won’t have time to experiment with the second animal. So, he experimented on many animals at the same time. Animals that do not produce human-acceptable results are then culled.

“You haven’t asked about the men on Werner.”

I smiled and was silent for a moment, trying to let our visitors guess for themselves.

“The entire crew of the Sam Houston, first-generation citizens of the planet Werner, died a long time ago. Fortunately, the boys born to our animal wives showed no sign of diminished humanity. . Davison is most worried about this. If these boys are dehumanized just because they are the product of human-animal hybridization. Then this society in Davison will not be fully, or more humanized. We will not be where we are today. In other words, we will become a lower race.”

“If there was even a slight chance of that, Davidson would never We create women. Werner’s men are pure-blooded men anyway, our blood is predominant and will not accept animal blood. I have read all of Davidson’s notes on the subject, as well as a past one Observation reports of generations over the past century. Would you like to see it?”

I was talking to the doctor, but I didn’t dare to face him. I tried to keep my voice as calm as possible, but I’m not sure if it was successful.

“Maybe later,” replied the doctor. “Before then, I’d like to see your women’s medical reports.” “Of course,” I said, “but first,   we

want you to see other women again.”

Walking down the street towards Joe McNutter’s house, I accidentally glanced back and saw Felicity following us to the porch, wrapping her body around the doorpost. The two big men looked back at her in three steps.

I heard one of them say, “Crazy cat in heat.”

“It’s a cute cat,” the other said, and they burst out laughing.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that laughter, malicious, full of arrogance and ridicule. It reminded me of Moon Bridges, and I looked up to find them and found that the two moons were far apart.

Lillian glared at them, they were silent, but still snickered every now and then.

Joe went into the house first, and he led Clara into the bedroom, locked the door, and let us in. We hear Clara moving around inside, occasionally, symbolically slamming the door, as if she were about to break out.

Joe and Sam were busy rearranging the furniture in the living room. In the past, I would not hesitate to help them, but now, I can’t forget the big man’s evil laughter and the captain’s solid back, and I suddenly feel embarrassed and want to quit the ceremony.

They moved tables, moved chairs, changed paintings from one wall to another. They rearranged the dishes and moved the sofa slightly to the right.

“Alright?” Sam asked.

“Okay.” Joe nodded, unlocked the bedroom door, and let Clara come out.

Clara hurried out of the bedroom into the living room, then froze. Her eyes widened, she looked around, and stood huddled there.

Clara was not a very attractive woman, she stood there dumbfounded, her neck and nose longer than I remembered. Her hair was tucked back in an ungracious manner, and she wore a pair of farsighted glasses. She was wearing an old dress and a large apron. She stretched her neck and kept nodding her head, but her body did not move.

Clara’s children came out, three of them, curious about the commotion in front of them. Clara jumped up immediately.

She screamed, “Children! Children!”

She rounded them all into a corner.

“Clara,” Joe said, “it’s all right, all right, come and meet our guests.”

He looked at us pleadingly.

Sam interjected, “Yes, Clara, it’s so nice to see you.”

He gestured to us, and Lillian understood right away.

“Clara, it’s nice to meet you,” she said.

The two burly men smiled and nodded to Clara, but she didn’t even look at them. They exchanged looks, and one of them said, “Bird.” I don’t like these two.

Clara is busy as the hostess. She guided everyone to their seats and mobilized her children to help her. She quickly had cheese, crackers, and tea set up. Then, when the children were noisy, she hurriedly put them to bed. When our conversation was cold, she would liven up the conversation with a few funny stories and a few more questions to keep the conversation going. She knew which two people would be best to talk to together. She is good at reading words and expressions and understands the different interests of everyone. Under her coordination, everyone chatted and laughed enthusiastically. She replaced me as the protagonist, and I would love to do so. I was ashamed of the thought that Clara was going to make a fool of us.

While Clara was out, Yamagush whispered, “I don’t understand why we’re moving the furniture.”

“Clara is a bit regionalist,” asked Joe, “if she doesn’t rearrange the furniture, she’ll think you’re invading. her territory.”

“It’s incredible,” Yamagush said, “so you locked her in another room, let us in, and rearranged the furniture.”

“That’s right,” Joe nodded. ” That way, when she comes out of the bedroom, she’ll feel like an intruder, like she’s encroaching on your territory, so she’ll be friendly.”

“Attentive?” Yamagush said.

“Well, I don’t know,” he said hesitantly, “I prefer to call it ‘friendly'”.

“Okay,” Yamagush added, “I think I like the word ‘friendly’ too.”

“Does she have any other… unusual features?” Lillian said.

“There’s a lot more,” Joe replied. “You see, Clara’s an intuitive person, and she does things on her own, because, well, it works. She does things without thinking, she just keeps her head down. Some people don’t like Clara. Humanoid” (he looked at me as he said this). “Some people think they don’t love and be considerate of others. Some people think their actions are instinctive and just mechanical repetition.”

Joe stopped, shook his head, and went on, “I admit that people like Clara do some weird things sometimes. But today everyone saw what she did, and she can make you feel like you’re back to yourself. And the way she brings her children. Maybe, in your eyes, she is not the prettiest. Maybe, she is not so exciting, but so what!” Speaking of this, Qiao burst into tears, Clenching his fists, “If you pay a little attention and find out her characteristics, you will find that she is stronger than everyone else!”

“I will choose Clara to share my bed with me no matter what. , instead of your sweet Chloe, Sam. God! She’s so timid, it’s a letdown! I don’t care how pretty she is, Sam. If you can’t…” Jo looked at me sullenly at this point. Saying, “Also, Clara certainly wouldn’t kill her own child.”

That statement nearly killed me. There was silence in the room, and I felt ashamed. I closed my eyes, and after a while, I was calm.

“It’s not Felicity’s fault,” I said. “It was an accident and my fault.”

But Joe didn’t listen to me at all. Clara came back and was standing in the doorway shaking. Her eyes were wide open and she glared at us. The arms on either side of her body arch slightly upwards. She was shaking.

“Uh…you’d better get out of here,” Joe suggested.

Clara walked up to Sam and slapped Sam hard on the shoulder. Then she clumsily rushed over to the two big men and started slapping them. She was so angry that her hair stood on end.

“Clara!” cried Jo, “all right, let’s all go.”

“What’s going on?” asked Jamaches and the others, running over, “what’s going on?”

“She sensed that we She’s not very friendly with Joe, she’s defending what’s hers,” I said, pushing the Doctor out the door.

I was the last to leave. Before I stepped out the door and closed it, I turned to Clara and Joe. They were both shaking.

“I won’t let you treat me like this again!” he said through gritted teeth. “I’m a man, your mayor and friend. I’ll never allow you to do this to me! Understand!”

They shivered, no Stop and nod. I turned around and slammed the door.

“It’s late, maybe you’d like to get back on the ship,” I said, catching up with Sam and the guests.

“We’d like to see your records if possible,” Yamagush said, glancing at the captain.

“I’d really like to see it right away. I’ve never seen this thing before.”

I nodded: ” Understandable. Captain, what do you think?”

She was reluctant. It was late at night, and she didn’t plan to stay on the ship all night. However, there is nothing to be afraid of, and there is no danger.

She nodded and said, “Okay, if you don’t bother, Aleksandr.”

We parted ways. Sam leads the Doctor and a big man to Dr. Cooper. Me, Lillian and another soldier go back to my office.

“I need to get in touch with my ship,” the captain said. “They’re waiting for us.”

“You’re a long way from the ship,” I said calmly.

There was no echo on her radio.

“Sunspot interference is so bad,” I explained, “communication can only be done within a few hundred yards. We can go back to the clearing, where you can communicate with the ship, or just wait for the ship to send someone. Come to you.”

She thought about it for a while, then said to her guard, “Frank, you go back and tell the people on the boat that I’m not going back tonight.”

He walked towards the door.

“I…we can go together,” I said. I don’t like that, I really don’t.

She must have sensed something unnatural about me, but she let Frank go alone. I can only beg that no one will pay attention to him. Sniff, if only I stopped him. But, gosh, what can I do? What can I do? I’ve been trying to control the night, but they don’t listen to me and don’t do what I say.

I can only imagine what Frank would feel like walking alone on rough dirt tracks. The wooden houses and plastic houses scattered on both sides of the road were hidden in the dim moonlight and the dark leaves at this time, and it was not easy to see. The two moons must be far apart at this time. When Frank was walking in the woods, the moonlight would see through the leaves and cast a little shadow on the ground. Our women are often out for walks at night, and so are the animals that are still alive, they are very quiet at night, very peaceful. Therefore, Frank should not hear the animal’s cry.

Frank would never, however, tiptoe around the fallen branches. He would take firm steps, scrambling across the branches. Maybe this idiot will whistle and sing ditty.

After a while, he would notice the silence around him. His first reaction must have been to make a louder voice, to show the people of Werner his alien arrogance. However, silence will overcome his arrogance, and eventually he will be silent himself, even full of fear.

Although I’m not sure yet, maybe he can hear her approaching him.

“There’s something I have to tell you,” I said to the captain. “It’s very important that you understand us. Because, you and all the aliens will judge us. Only when you speak with us can we Continue to survive.”

She retorted me first, then fell silent. I think she must have felt that I was right.

“As you must know, we Werner men see our women as inferior, and in fact they are inferior, but, as you must also know, we love them, very much. That’s why we tolerate them. We say to ourselves, ‘What can we do? She’s just a woman.’ The love and tolerance of women.”

“You’re a threat to them by your presence. Don’t you see it? You’re the same kind of men as us. Our women are afraid we’ll abandon them for real women. And that’s easy. You don’t I don’t know how the men in Werner felt when they saw you, Captain, Lillian. You are a woman, a real woman. No man here can imagine, with a real woman, What a woman would be like with a man. An impeccable woman.

“But Captain, we love our women and we won’t leave them. Even real women can’t make us abandon them. “

That’s fine, and we don’t want you to do that either. The captain agreed with him.

“Are you really that sure, captain?” ‘ I asked sarcastically. ‘What will your civilization think of us? We sleep with animals that are not fully human. If given the choice, will our sons find Werner women as wives, or real women? Is our daughter married, or is she going to live in a zoo? Will we be mocked? Our women are sure to be laughed at. You see, Captain, we didn’t spend all night praying that the headquarters would send the ship, instead, the arrival of the ship was our worst nightmare. We express our hostility to you, but our hearts are filled with fear. We are very scared.

Then she took my hand and looked me straight in the eyes. “

We won’t hurt your women, friends,” she said softly, “and we won’t laugh at you.” We will not put your daughters in the zoo. Your group is brave and noble. We will respect it. “

Our eyes met. This is a good woman. Are all real women like her? If so, how can we resist them? Once seduced by this pity…friendship…then we take What about Chloe, Clara and even Felicity? So, I thought about those two big men and their laughter.

“I don’t think you’ll respect us, and I don’t think we’ll continue to respect ourselves. “I said emotionally,” he said.

She started making promises to me again. Perhaps, it made me less trust her. A sharp knock on the door interrupted her.

Before I could open the door, Sam broke in.

“Alix! Felicity caught something! She’s screaming outside the western perimeter! I’ve never heard her scream like that. Something must be wrong!”

“Frank!” I called to the captain In a word, he rushed out with her.

We ran less than a hundred yards before we figured out where the screams were coming from. Part of me wants to stop, go back to the office, close the door, sit in the chair, put my head in my hands, think nothing but escape. And the other part of me wanted to use violence, wanted to rip out the heart of that guy. I’m going to make him hurt like I’m feeling right now.

When we got out of the house, I smelled blood, smelled her, and worse, he smelled. I know what they both did.

I ran in front of Lillian. Burning with rage, I rushed desperately into the thorny woods.

“Felicity!” I cried miserably. Not because I want her to come to me, but because I want her to know that I am here. I want her to run away quickly, I know she will. I don’t want to see her there when I get to the damn place.

When I finally got to the dirty and shameful place, Frank was raising his pants in a panic. I saw bloody scratches all over his body. Large beads of sweat trickled down his filthy flesh. I can imagine the stinging pain he would feel as the sweat dripped into his wound. It feels like I’ve learned it many times.

I stood there and glanced into the woods, and saw Felicity galloping away. How I wish I hadn’t seen this scene. The captain caught up behind me panting. I can feel her anger. But I didn’t wait for her to attack, and I yelled at Frank first: “Damn, you’re going to hell!”

“Hey, listen, man. That cat-like guy jumped out of nowhere. She wants Then I’ll…”

“Shut up, sir,” the captain shouted, “immediately report to the detention center and put you in confinement!”

He was still defending. I didn’t want to face the captain, so I walked away immediately.

When Frank was gone, I fell to my knees and wept. I knew Lillian was right in front of me, but I just couldn’t control it. “Damn!” I screamed, “how can she be like this: I know she’s behind my back and someone else! I have to forgive her because she’s not a real person, but… damn! Where’s the dignity?”

I looked begging look at her.

“Where’s the goddamn dignity? I love her. But I can’t stand the humiliation. I…I can’t.”

She put an arm around me, and we stumbled on for a while.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she repeated over and over again.

I need to have my dignity. I married someone lower than a human being. I love this stuff, but she keeps hurting me. How can I treat these aliens as their own kind? I lost my dignity, I asked them to pay my debt, and the following happened. I looked into her clear blue eyes and kissed her, and kissed Captain Lillian Dahout. She also kissed me back. We are not in love, but I need her. She is very clear about it and very cooperative. What an incredible woman.

Let’s go back to the office together. I still have no regrets for what I did that night. Yes, I have no regrets.

In the morning, the sound of robins outside my window woke me up. With the dim light coming in from the window, I decided that the sun had not yet fully risen.

Lillian curled up beside me, her head resting on my chest. I moved and woke her up. She looked up wearily and smiled at me as if to assure me that they would never hurt us.

I had a strange feeling after the lust that had arisen under the rage had been quelled. I’m used to Felicity’s crazy ways. Having sex with an advanced animal like Lillian feels ridiculous to me, I don’t feel like I’m in control anymore. I had a very uncomfortable night. Lillian understood me, she was patient and gentle. This woman is outstanding in every way.

“Alex Sander,” she said, “what does Joe mean when he says ‘At least, Clara doesn’t kill her own children?'”

I sighed and said, “Joe’s an idiot.” I hesitated for a long time as to whether I should go on. But finally said it. “Felicity and I have a son. If he’s still around, he’ll be five next month.”

Five years! Has it really been that long? I haven’t thought about that little guy for a long time. Tears filled my eyes at the thought of him being five years old. It took me a lot of effort to hold back my tears.

“Dan, we named him Daniel.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I did something only a fool would do,” I said. “I paid too much attention to my son.”

” I don’t get it.”

“Felicity got more and more jealous of her son, and one day I came home and found Dan dead. He fell off the roof.”

“An accident?”

“A one-year-old kid. How did you get on the roof?” I asked her back. Maybe, I’m not asking Lillian, but God.

“We haven’t had any children since then.”

“How can you live with her?”

I raised my hand helplessly. How can I explain to this woman what marriage on Werner really means? It means marrying an animal inferior to oneself. Felicity is an intelligent animal. But she was emotionally controlled. She can’t ignore feelings any more than a rock can ignore gravity. Leaving Felicity, who should I go to? Going to something like Chloe or Clara? No, she’s my wife, I accept her terrible flaws, and, I love her. I can’t explain this to Lillian.

There was a soft knock at the window. The Robin is no longer singing, so we think it’s beating rhythmically. We twist our bodies to its rhythm. Her body is soft. She clings to me and makes me feel calm and happy. We laughed knowingly.

“Should the robin see his masterpiece?” I said, lifting the curtains.

Felicity’s face was pressed against the glass. As soon as she saw us, her eyes widened, she roared and screamed, and her right hand frantically scratched the glass.

My heart jumped to my throat, and Lillian screamed. The glass was strong, but I knew she would break it sooner or later. We escaped from the room, getting dressed as we ran. The sound of glass being shattered came from behind.

We ran all the way to the door of Dr. Cooper’s house and slammed the door with our fists. We yelled for him to come and open the door, and we kept looking back for fear that Felicity would burst out of the nearby bushes. We kept knocking on the door, even our hands were broken and bleeding. Finally, Cooper opened the door, we both squeezed in at the same time, and slammed the door shut. Oh, we actually closed the door, and then there was a violent knock on the door outside. Lillian screamed and jumped into my arms.

It wasn’t until early in the morning that we dared to leave the Coopers. Yamagush begged to stay a little longer, but the captain said nothing.

Escaping Felicity’s killing cost her dearly. She looked gloomy and haggard, and her hands were still shaking. She gave the spacecraft commander angrily. I knew she was going straight back to the ship, and I knew she wasn’t coming back, never. She did what she could for me and paid dearly for it.

I offered to accompany her back to the ship so I could provide Yamagush with some more material. She rejected me. Yamagush and I argued for it. She was reluctant to do so, but in the end she gave in to our sensible arrangement. I can give Yamagush valuable information, yes I can. She also thought I was trying to stall for time and keep our relationship going. She was wrong, terribly wrong.

As we were about twenty yards from my office, the big man who wasn’t locked up suddenly stopped.

Lillian alertly drew her weapon.

“Shoot,” she growled. At this point, she saw what we all saw, and she took her hand away from the weapon, and we all stood silently, not even breathing for fear of making a sound.

Just thirty yards ahead of us, there was a creek running out of the woods next to it. The charming Chloe was drinking water by the stream, and she didn’t hear our voice.

Her skin was as white as milk, her hair was chestnut, and her long, thin legs were surprisingly beautiful. Her tiny nose was upturned. The two eyes are very big, and human eyes can’t compare with them. When she blinked, it was like someone’s face flickering and disappearing.

“What is she?” Yamagush asked.

Suddenly, Chloe’s back stiffened. She leaned forward, then tilted her head sideways again, her ears stuck up. She was like a statue, one with the beautiful scenery around her. She spotted us and ran away. No one would have thought that her slender legs could run so fast, and they disappeared in a blink of an eye.

“She’s a woman,” I said defiantly, “even though her ancestors were deer.”

Lillian said only one word, “Very beautiful.”

Sam grinned to his ears. I nodded at him, thinking, what’s the use of being happy for a moment? Yes, Sam, these strangers appreciate Chloe’s beauty, but does that guarantee that her children won’t be sent to the zoo, that they won’t be treated as second-class Are citizens discriminated against? Does that guarantee that they will not be abused? I see, no guarantee.

I stayed on the ship for three days, answering Yamagush’s questions. To those insignificant questions, I answered truthfully, but when necessary, I also lied. During this time, the captain and I rarely saw each other. By the third night, my mission was done. I told them that Felicia should calm down and that I will go home and work with her now, and there will be no danger.

Before I left, Lillian came to me. What she said at the time is still lingering in my mind.

‘Alex Sander,’ she said, ‘we’ll break through the darkness of the sun and report out to headquarters in the dark and tell them about Sam Houston. Dear Arick Sander, I promise, I will Go tell them what you want, and I’ll tell headquarters about Zina Davison, about your daring experiments, and about your beautiful women. We’ll treat your women well, I promise. I want the headquarters to understand you and respect you.” Waiting, I saw fear in her clear blue eyes. It might have been a fear of Felicity, and that would have been understandable. That could also be a fear of being in love, and that would have been understandable.

However, Lillian Dahout is the captain of a boat. She’s seen a lot more terrifying than Felicity, and, I suspect, Lillian is happy with what happened between me and her.

Yes, I’m more inclined to think that Lillian has guessed the truth. I thought, she had guessed, that Zina Davison never believed that the blood of In was decisive. I think she guessed that while our women will become more and more human-like, our men will all become more and more animal-like.

I think she’s probably in love with me, at least a little bit, and, I think she’s terrified of falling in love with someone who isn’t really human. They belong to the advanced race. We were never as savvy as they were. Compared to us, they are simply resourceful and extremely intelligent giants of wisdom. However, their thoughts may be disturbed by emotions such as love, fear, etc. I think that’s why she didn’t expect me to put that bomb on her boat.

I regret that I killed Lillian, Dr. Yamagush and the others, but I can’t let them tell HQ about us. We are inferior to them, and I cannot let them laugh at us, ridicule us, associate us with inferior animals; or even put us in cages.

I don’t think they will send another ship right away, because I believe that after losing two ships on Werner, they will never take the risk of sending a precious ship. In the future, maybe they will come, but who dares to say what our place will be like then?

Perhaps, Dr. Zina Davison’s views will be proven wrong. Maybe, after a period of time, we can really evolve into pure human beings, not just between humans and beasts. Until that time, though, these strangers are destined to be our enemies.

The above is the record of the headquarters light spacecraft Sadat.

I folded the record and looked up to see the lighted metal shards that landed one after another. Those shards used to be the Sadat spacecraft. Felicity… must be waiting for me. If not at home, maybe somewhere on the road. Thinking of her makes me smile. I picked up my cane, straightened my tie, and walked straight home. Maybe she will forget what happened recently. Tonight, we’re going to have sex, we’re going to have sex. Or maybe, she’ll kill me, her feelings are fickle and unpredictable. Yet she drives me crazy, she is my wife, and I have no choice.

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