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An autumn leaf falls, a heart blossoms

I really like the saying that the philosopher said: “Autumn is another spring, and every autumn leaf is a flower.” Indeed, every autumn leaf is a flower of different sizes, shapes, colorful, and fragrant. , Indifferent, Zen-like flowers, not only from a biological point of view, the flower itself is evolved from leaves, which is another form of leaves, but also because leaves have four seasons, and can only be crowned.

It is called Qiuye, and it has been widely praised by many literati and writers in the past dynasties, which is enough to explain the beauty and heart-warming of Qiuye, which makes people feel comfortable and intoxicated.

What’s more is that Qiuye’s silent foil in life, when life ends with all his enthusiasm and sincerity, leaving the most beautiful colors and gestures to the world, and the overwhelming elegance in fall, turned into the lofty spirit of spring mud and more flowers, its The profound and rich meanings have to make people feel awe and love.

Really, every autumn leaf, especially the autumn leaves in the late autumn season, not only precipitates the verdant past, but also enriches the gorgeous and wonderful present. The graceful dream of his life brings a touch of indescribable tranquility and beauty to the life process, and it also interprets a perfect and elegant Zen Sanskrit sound for the destination of life.

You see, autumn leaves are blooming flowers, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, all kinds of bright colors are intertwined, just like the color palette accidentally knocked over in autumn Pan, although it was too late to conceive, a hula smeared out an oil painting of mountains and rivers, but it was dazzling, with hundreds of flowers in full bloom, trees and trees all in autumn colors, and the mountains and mountains were only fading, confusing countless eyes. Enjoying this beauty and distance quietly, your eyes will stretch out involuntarily, and your heart will be quiet and warm involuntarily, collecting all of them.

You smell, the autumn leaves are just a wisp of dense flower cigarette smoke, thick, light, far, near, light, heavy, like a jar of aged wine that was inadvertently overturned in autumn. Immediately soaked in a lot of glycol, the fragrance of flowers is overflowing, and the temptation is permeated. You can see the embarrassment everywhere, the truth is everywhere, and countless cheeks are red. If you enjoy the comfort and sweetness of tranquility, your feelings will be exiled without restraint, and your dreams will be boundlessly intoxicated, and you will cherish everything to the fullest.

Listen, the autumn leaves are just a curling Sanskrit sound of flowers, floating, lying, moving, still, soft, sweet, like a grand gathering of flower fairies in autumn, no one made an appointment, just because of the whistle of the wind With the sound, he displayed the charming and charming style, quietly told the story in his heart, and whispered the long-suppressed feelings. Keeping this poetry and beauty, the blood will surging ups and downs, the soul will be reborn and pure, and everything will finally return to Zen.

The meaning of autumn leaves, like the face of flowers, bright, beautiful, beautiful to the extreme, beautiful to grace, always plucking people’s heartstrings; the love of autumn leaves, like flowers, sweet, rich, lingering, mellow to infatuation, mellow Obsessed, wisps are fascinated by people’s dreams; Qiuye’s heart, like a flowery mind, is calm, free and easy, moist to the illusory, moist to the extreme, leading people’s footsteps everywhere. At this time, the human heart will also be sublimated and purified with the abundance and fullness of the autumn leaves, accompanied by the transparency and brightness of the autumn leaves, stepping on the quiet beauty of the autumn leaves and retreating into seclusion.

A person’s mood is actually a perception beyond the body. Everyone has a beautiful scenery beyond the body and eyes. Although the body and eyes are not far away, the heart can be far away and can change the reincarnation of the four seasons. Not all flowers bloom and leaves fall because of the change of seasons, not all emotional fates are due to the arrangement of fate, the soil with love in the heart can plant the flower seedlings of hope, and the water source with love in the heart can be watered. Beautiful flowers and the sentiment of poetry in the heart can be nurtured into a fragrant flower rhythm. Years are full and full, and life is like spring in all seasons.

In the autumn of life, there is no entanglement of honor and disgrace, and there is no trouble of success or failure. If Qiuju is as proud as frost and cold, as elegant and unrestrained as autumn leaves, is it not another period of adolescence, another youth, and another flower. What about blooming? An autumn leaf falls, a heart blossoms, isn’t it an engraving on one side of the soul, a kind of destination in life, a Zen meaning in life?

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