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Snowy Night Part One

The work is finished, it’s late at night, look at the time, it’s almost eleven o’clock. Stretch out for a long time and go home to eat. Although you are not hungry, you still have to have rituals in life.

Stepping out of the door of the workshop, my eyes lit up, “Wow! It’s snowing.” It should have been dim all around at this time, only the spotlights on the roof of the factory building and the street lights in the distance exude a completely different blue and yellowish tint. Of light. At this moment, because of the snow-white eyes, the whole world suddenly changed into another appearance. The soft white can be seen far and far in the night, but it is very hazy, as if in a dream, and it is really seen, and yet again. It feels illusory.

The snow is still falling, reflecting the lights in the distance, the snowflakes are flashing, cheerful, jumping, dancing, you chasing me, as if the kindergarten is out of school time, the door opens, and the children rush to their parents after shouting. embrace.

It’s been a long time since I watched the snow so calmly and carefully. Stepping into the snow, there is a pleasant squeaking sound from under your feet, raising your face, letting the snowflakes fall on your cheeks, bit by bit cold, close your eyes, and want to feel the long-lost snow. Maybe we went too eagerly on the road of life, hurriedly hurried on the road, concentrated on work, and always forgot the scenery on the side of the road. Remember when was the last time I was so intoxicated by snow? I can’t remember it, maybe it was a distant childhood. At that time, the task was to play, to watch the scenery from the side of the road.

Tightening the collar of the work clothes, the snow scene is very romantic, but the cold wind in the snow is very real. The feeling of cold wind entering the collar is still not very enjoyable. Stepping on the four or five centimeters thick snow, the road was quiet at this time, only the creaking sound from under my feet, I couldn’t help bending over and holding up a handful of snow, grabbed it into a snowball, and threw it at a small tree on the side of the road. Go, miss, but I almost laughed myself. Yes, am I having a snowball fight with the tree? In a trance, it seemed as if the tree responded to me with a charming smile.

Forget it, hurry back to the dormitory. At this moment, Liu Changqing’s poem is more appropriate: “Zhaimen hears the barking of dogs, and returns to people on a snowy night.” At this moment, how many people are walking in the snow like me? How many people can calmly feel the tenderness and romance of this snow, instead of being irritated with the indifference of snow and the hardships of life.

Back to the dormitory, the heating hits, and the exhaustion of a day of work is soothed by the gentle snowy night, “Green ant new wine, red clay small stove. I want to snow in the late night, can I drink a cup?” It’s a pity There is no Liu Jiu in the dormitory, so I can’t push my knees to drink; there is no moon in the sky, and I can’t make three people in the opposite shadow. A glass of sake, invite the snow to drink together. May our life be quiet and gentle, lonely but strong on the snowy night tonight!

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