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Prime Minister Poor Scholar

Prime Minister Chapter 0001 Poor Scholar

Chapter 0001 Poor Scholar


The 250-hour high-speed train seemed to suddenly hit a copper wall and an iron wall. Time seemed to slow down suddenly, and the body slowly flew towards the iron wall in front of him. Then a piercing pain was fleeting, and then it was black in front of him.

When Lin Hauran woke up, his whole body felt a burst of heat, and he no longer felt like he was riding on the high-speed train. He seemed to be somewhere else. He hadn’t had time to rejoice that it was just a nightmare, or that he had avoided a disaster one day, but found that the situation at the moment was very bad.

In the past, he had nightmares of falling from a height and falling from a height. When he woke up, he was often on the bed, or lying in a garbage heap no matter how bad it was, but now his body was hanging.


There was a cry in his heart, but his throat couldn’t make a note. Because his throat was strangled by the rope, and his body was hanging from the beams, rippling like a dried bacon, death enveloped him again.

Fuck it!

Without thinking about why it would hang on this beam inexplicably after a traffic accident, Lin Hauran chose to struggle to break free from the noose, but after only twitching his body twice, his neck became tighter and tighter, and he couldn’t get out of the trap at all.

More importantly, there seemed to be a pair of small hands under his feet that were pulling his ankles tightly, leading him to swing on the roof beams like a swing.

It was horrific enough to hang on the roof beam, and there was even a life-threatening kid tightly holding his feet, which completely cut off the possibility of him surviving alone.

However, this also enriched his death methods. At the moment, he might have his neck broken and died, he might have suffocated to death, he might have been swayed too much and fainted, or even depressed…death.

Let go! Let go!

Lin Hauran’s desire to survive is very strong, and he really wants to break free from the kid’s tricks. It’s just that his legs were pulled strongly, and his legs were crisp and soft like noodles. He didn’t have the strength to resist, and he could only follow this kid on a swing.

Can you play me in a different way?

Lin Yanran suddenly wanted to cry but had no tears. He was hanged in the air for no reason and kept dangling. Although the dizziness in the head is getting stronger and stronger, he still has a panoramic view of everything in this room.

It’s very strange here, it turned out to be a shabby hut, and the open door is worn and smooth, proving that it has always been inhabited. There was no decent furniture in the corner, but there were some clay pots in the corner, and there was a long rooster crowing outside.

This is a remote village, and outside… someone?

Although he didn’t understand why he appeared in such a place, he saw a possibility of survival and was eager to save his hero.

It’s just that he doesn’t seem to be able to wait any longer, his face slowly turns purple, and the whole person’s consciousness becomes more and more blurred, but he is still letting the kid below swing in midair, his eyelids getting heavier and heavier.

“The nerd is hanging!”

Just when Lin Xiran felt that he was about to die, the door suddenly darkened, and a sturdy woman in a Luo skirt walked in. Then the woman turned around without hesitation, and a loud voice rang from outside the house.

your sister!

Lin Hauran just had a glimmer of hope of surviving, but seeing this woman in ancient costume turn around and run out, it made his heart feel as if it was stabbed by a knife.

Although he was puzzled by the woman’s clothing and headgear, he was more angry. It’s already this time, where is he going to call someone to save him, he is clearly calling someone to come and see how he changed from a handsome young man to an ugly corpse.

no more…


Just as his eyelids turned black with the woman’s departure, the rope around his neck suddenly broke, and he dashed towards the ground in a dashing manner, kissing his face heavily.

“Idiot, how are you? How are you?”

A group of people had rushed over, surrounded him, and shook his delicate arms vigorously.

Lin Hauran felt pain all over his body, especially his head was buzzing. He opened his eyes with difficulty. When his vision gradually became clear, he saw familiar and unfamiliar faces.

All the people who came into view were wearing short shirts of native cloth, tied with light-colored cloth belts around their waists. Both men and women had long hair, and the tops of their heads were pulled into a loose bun. deep.

Ancient peasants?

Lin Yanran’s heart was full of doubts, and his mind was full of puzzles, but he found that every face seemed familiar, and he didn’t feel inappropriate about the name “idiot”, as if it really belonged to him.

But…he has an IQ of 180 and a face value of 3000 points, when did he become a nerd?

“Second idiot, wake up! Second idiot, wake up!”

Why add “two”, why not “handsome”, but “two”, why? I’m dizzy…

Swallow grass is like blue silk, Qin Sang has low green branches. When Jun Huai returned to the day, it was the time when the concubine was heartbroken. Chunfeng doesn’t know each other, what’s the matter in Luowei?

In the thirty-sixth year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty, Changlin Village, Shicheng County, Gaozhou Prefecture, Guangdong Province.

Lin Hauran stood in front of a solid stone arch bridge, facing the intoxicating spring breeze, looking at the farmers working hard on both sides of the river, and the woman picking silkworm leaves, but his eyes were full of loneliness.

The villagers in tunic shirts carried agricultural implements and passed by him. They all looked at him sideways, with teasing smiles in their eyes, and he could hear the distant conversation.

“The second idiot is really stunned this time!”

“This scholar has a good face, why can’t he think about it?”

“That’s right! What happened to the rendezvous with the Jiang family’s maid in the woods? It’s human nature!”

Obviously it was the whispers of the villagers, but he did not mean to avoid him as a party at all.

Lin Yanran looked at the distant figure, a bit of helplessness and loneliness welled up on his face.

He didn’t have the slightest fragment in his mind about the Jiang family’s maid the villagers said, and he didn’t even know that the maid was tall, short, fat and thin, so naturally he would not be ashamed to hang himself because of such a thing.

Because this is not the other, he… comes from the 21st century with a healthy mind. Everyone has set lofty ideals in life since childhood, and it is a beautiful era when they will hand over the money to the police uncle.

It was just a once-in-a-century traffic accident, and he somehow came to this unfamiliar era and entered the body of a sixteen-year-old scholar. When I came to the Jiajing period of the Daming Dynasty, I was standing on this arch bridge with the characteristics of the times and looking at the river.

Jiajing thirty-six years, this is a beautiful era.

The status of eunuchs was at a low point in the history of the Ming Dynasty. After the change of Tumubao, the generals still could not raise their heads, and Emperor Jiajing had not been to the court for more than ten years. Now is the age of civil servants, and it is the best period for the children of the poor to enter the official career.

However, this is also an era of social problems. There are Japanese pirates in the south, Mongolia invades Xinjiang in the north, and there are natural and man-made disasters.

It was this spring that he became an ordinary scholar in Changlin Village.

This is undoubtedly a body full of vigor, no liver poisoned by alcohol, no lungs blackened by smoke, and no kidneys hollowed out by time, all functions are so healthy.

As for the thoughts in his mind, it was as pure as several sage books.

There is no mess in his brain, it seems that it only contains books of sages and sages, and now he can recite hundreds of splendid articles “according to the brain”, and he can even memorize the four books and five classics.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. This body has white face and red lips, fair and delicate skin, and is beautiful enough to dress up as a woman. Whiter than a woman | Tender hands.

The past life is undoubtedly worth remembering.

He was an orphan, but after some hard work, he became an articulate vice president of business. Because there is no desire to start a family, one’s life is free and easy.

That day, I came back with a contract with a certain university library through mediation, and hit it off with a sister Gao who had the face of her first love. Just when the two of them just hid in the toilet and whispered, they encountered a traffic accident.

Intoxicated with complicated emotions, Lin Xiran didn’t know how long he sat on the bridge, until the sunset was about to disappear on the other side of the mountain, he let out a long sigh, then stood up and went home.

Not because it was getting dark, but because he was… hungry.

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