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6 sample essays on primary school classics


1. After reading “The Grass House”

Yau Ma Tei is a place that often appears in Cao Wenxuan’s novels. The author started from this place. This time the author wants to write about the golden grass house.

The Grass House depicts the protagonist Sang Sang, who has lived an innocent and unforgettable primary school life for six years. He has tasted the ugliness of human nature, the reflection on life near death, and the dignity of life.

The most worth mentioning is the protagonist boy Sang Sang, the son of the principal of Yau Ma Tei Primary School. He was a creative boy who cut mosquito nets into fishing nets in summer. He was a different boy who wanted to be noticed. He also experienced death and pain. After he caught the plague, he was dying and was about to reach the palace of the king of hell. Wen Youju’s encouragement, his grandmother’s help and his own strength made him recover slowly.

Although he has to be farther and farther away from his friends when he is sick, he still looks very happy and wants to make others feel at ease. In fact, Sangsang is the incarnation of the author himself. Although he was very poor at the time, Sangsang was also very happy because someone cared about him. He thought that was enough.

“Contentment is a blessing, greed is a curse.” Recently, a newspaper conducted a happiness assessment of every intellectual in China, and found that Chinese people with a primary school education are the happiest. The most unhappy are the post-doctoral Chinese. Because the happiest people are content, and they keep in mind every point they gain, and they don’t hold grudges. The Chinese people with doctoral degrees are different. They are highly educated, and they feel that they deserve to get all the things in life. Sangsang’s contentment makes him happy.

He is also very kind, and the simplicity and innocence of childhood are well reflected in him. When his classmate Zhiyue was bullied by the school’s male classmates, he, and only him, stepped forward. It is said in the Three Character Classic that “at the beginning of man, his nature is good, his nature is similar, and his habits are far away.”

Du Zikang is also one of the characters I admire. He was originally a “rich second generation” in the village, but due to a capsize, his father’s goods were thrown into the water. This turn, turned out a desolate family. But Du Zikang did not feel inferior. Although he was forced to drop out of school, he continued to live with his own unique demeanor. “You have a demeanor towards pain when you are young, and you can become a strong person when you grow up.” This is the author’s sentence in “Bronze Sunflower”. Only by finding hope in despair can we escape from despair.

The gold is like a grass house, reflecting their innocent and innocent innocence. Perhaps the grass house is a symbol of innocence in the author’s heart.

2. After reading “The Adventures of Wu Diu Diu”

Wu Diu Diu is a little foot, he is a little foot with life. He turned out to be the foot of the puppet of Grandpa Budai. It was Grandpa Budai who gave him life, Zhener who gave him flesh and blood, and Mr. Yinchi who gave him wisdom. One day, Wu Diu Diu asked the old gentleman to take him to visit Grandpa Budai and Zhener, and the adventure started along the way.

When Wu Diu Diu finally found Zhen Er, in order to make Zhen Er have a pair of healthy feet, he did not hesitate to put his life into Zhen Er’s lame feet in his sleep, little by little, I couldn’t help shedding tears. I think Wu Diu Diu is a person who repays others with love. He cherishes the preciousness of life, and knows how to nourish life with love and repay life with love.

“The Adventures of Wu Diu Diu” is a beautiful and sad story full of fairy tales. The words in it are so beautifully written, lo and behold! “I go to the moon to mine silver gems, and I go to the sun to gather golden flowers; I set my poems with flowers on the gems, and let the breeze carry my song to you…” It’s so good to write, if I also How wonderful to be able to write such beautiful articles and such poetic sentences!

Of course, this book also made me understand the philosophy of life, such as: “We accept the love of others, and we should not forget to return it with love. If you want to walk on the road of life, you must move your left and right feet.” This sentence , let me experience it deeply. Yes, on the road of life, if you only know how to accept the love of others, but don’t know how to repay the love, you will only step on your left foot, and you will not be able to walk.

On the contrary, if you only know how to give love, but don’t know how to accept it. Love is only equal to stepping on the right foot, and of course it is impossible to walk; but if we accept the love of others, but also give our own love, which is the “step on the left and right feet” in the poem, then life will be rich and colorful. will go all the way.

There are also many loving people like Wu Diu Diu around us. For example, my parents, they cared about me every day and poured all their love; for example, teachers, they prepared lessons carefully and taught us knowledge; comfort me.

I must also be a caring person, learn to love, and learn to use love to repay the people who have helped me and those who need my help.

3. “The Scarecrow”

As long as you have read Ye Shengtao’s fairy tales, I believe that you will be deeply touched. Just as Lu Xun said: “Mr. Ye Shaojun’s “The Scarecrow” opened a path for Chinese fairy tales to create their own.” Indeed, Grandpa Shengtao’s fairy tales always give people infinite emotion, and it can be said to be a surprise. A heartbreak. There are 23 short stories and fairy tales in the whole book, each of which is thought-provoking and gives people a kind of beautiful enjoyment…

I will savor each one carefully. Grandpa Shengtao’s fairy tales are like a colorful dream net, which fascinates me. I am sad and happy for the master of the fairy tale, and sometimes I dance with joy for a perfect ending, and at the same time shed tears for a silent ending. This shows what realm Ye Shengtao’s fairy tales have reached!

I admire Ye Shengtao’s writing style very much. He can dexterously use everything around him, so that his fine brushwork can make flowers. For example, “Little White Boat”: A small stream is home to all kinds of lovely things. Little Honghua stood there, smiling and sometimes dancing beautifully. The green grass is dotted with dewdrops, like the clothes of a fairy, dazzling people’s eyes, the water is covered with green leaves, and there are yellow flowers…

What a delightful and beautiful narrative this is! When we read this sentence, our hearts were unknowingly brought into this dream, becoming one of them, and the red flowers, green grass, Let’s dance together…

Of course, that’s not all that’s exciting. Another example is the description of the phoenix tree in “Indus Tree”, how realistic, their frowns, smiles, every move and every style are depicted lifelike, as if they are a group of lively little creatures. green curtain. Deep blue sky. The quiet courtyard sets off the free and lively parasol trees. Everything that appears is so natural, I can’t help but admire Grandpa Shengtao’s work of returning to his childhood. He can completely immerse himself in the dream of a child, and then bring this beautiful dream to the page. This is What a beautiful narrative!

But good things are not permanent, and Ye Shengtao couldn’t help but incorporate a lot of “adult sorrows in it”. “Fool” is the best example. Of course, in our opinion, good people will live in peace, and bad people will get the punishment they deserve. In Ye Shengtao’s fairy tales, he not only powerfully confirmed what we just said, but also further thought of the original dark society and transferred it to our current life, let us study hard and cherish everything in front of us.

Just like a fool in a fairy tale, although in the eyes of others he is a fool. Stupid, but I don’t think so, I think he represents the kind of people who are kind and helpful. Picking up gold is not ignorant. sincere. Brave… The kind of blazing light that shines on him is beyond everyone’s ability! At the end of the story, I believe everyone will know that good people will always get the respect they deserve!

Although “Fool” is a fairy tale, every word in it grabs the heart of every reader. But on the other hand, I’m curious. Where is our most respected fool in our prosperous society?

That’s it for my impressions. Although I still have a lot to say, I just can’t convey it in writing. So in the end, I would like to thank Mr. Ye Shengtao, who has allowed countless people to see the continuous progress of Chinese fairy tales, and let us see the other side of fairy tales – a whole new world.’

4. The Little Prince After Reading

Only with the heart can you see clearly, and the important things cannot be seen with the eyes.

–Inscription — I am in the summer of the flower year, and for a girl my age, the favorite reading is definitely “Yi Lin” which is very popular at the moment. I am a quiet house girl. I like to stay at home with a book in hand and enjoy it quietly in the sun.

I read “The Little Prince” a few days ago. For such a dreamy name, I think it’s a fairy tale, so I don’t want to read it from the bottom of my heart. My mother said, “This book is not a fairy tale. Don’t look down on others. Every book is worth reading.” The author of “The Little Prince” is Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the most mysterious pilot writer in the history of French literature. He advocated freedom throughout his life and was committed to exploring life and courtesy from aviation. He wrote this book in 1944, and disappeared in an aerial reconnaissance mission in 1944. His legendary career disappeared in the sky with the footsteps of the little prince.

Some people say that it is a fairy tale, but they do not know that it is a cup. For the little prince in the book, his love is sad and heavy. The ending of every fairy tale is that Cinderella and the prince live happily together, while the little prince dies in the desert after just discovering the true meaning of love.

The plot of the story is very simple. It mainly tells that the little prince left his own planet because of the rose he loved, and visited five planets successively. The author asked the little prince to use the eyes of a child to explain the emptiness, stupidity and ignorance of adults. Arrogance also illustrates the loneliness and loneliness of adults. When dealing with thousands of roses on the earth, the little prince found that his rose was not unique, and when the fox told him: “You are always responsible for what you have domesticated”, he chose to go back to his planet and find his beloved rose.

The little prince tamed the fox, and the rose tamed the little prince. The little prince is fragile, he can’t bear the pain of missing, he chooses to use venom to throw away that bulky body, but the little prince’s soul is free, but he can no longer return to his planet to see his beloved. Rose.

We can’t be the little prince after all, just because we don’t know him, but we have the same pure heart as him, and take him to find our own other side in the prosperous world.

We only know how to cherish it when we lose it, and we want to find it back when we lose it. As described in the book, childhood is perfect. We can’t ask God to stop the moment and make this moment immortal, but we can cherish every moment of this moment. In seconds, let your life be full of sunshine.

5. After reading “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”

This summer, I read “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” several times, and had a deep feeling for the three protagonists Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan.
  The first is Liu Bei. Liu Bei is a stable person, very caring and caring for the people. As a person, Liu Bei put the overall situation first, just like visiting the thatched cottage three times. In order to unify the troubled times, he sacrificed a lot of time, and only invited Zhuge Liang three times. He also attaches great importance to brotherhood and loves Guan Yu and Zhang Fei very much. Although they were not born to the same mother, they came together and became brothers. Do things for the people of the world, and have no regrets and no regrets in life.

Although Liu Bei has many advantages, there is still a big disadvantage, that is, he cannot maintain his usual mood after a huge blow. Just like after Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were killed, Liu Bei became impatient, and he refused to listen to Zhuge Liang and insisted on attacking Wu. As a result, Lu Xun set fire to the company and died in Baidi City. If at that time he could treat things with his usual emotions, then he would definitely be able to complete the great cause of establishing the Kingdom of Shu.
  Next is Cao Cao. Cao Cao was a famous statesman and philosopher. When he ruled Wei, he could be said to be victorious in a hundred battles, a powerful army, a powerful general, and his military strategy. If he could use it more rationally, he would definitely Let Wei dominate the world. Although Cao Cao has so many benefits, one thing that has had a great impact on them is being suspicious.

In the battle of Chibi, because of Zhou Yu’s little tricks, he killed the loyal ministers Cai Mao and Zhang Yun who could make great contributions to him. As a result, the Wei army did not have good naval generals, and failed to see through the serial boat tactics provided by Pang Tong. As a result, he was defeated by the Sun Liu Alliance, and almost the entire army was wiped out.
Finally, there is Sun Quan. Sun Quan has very powerful generals, Lü Meng, Lu Su, Lu Xun, Zhou Tai, Ling Tong… There are countless soldiers, and they can use the talents of the soldiers and the weaknesses of the enemy to win the war. It can be said that He was a monarch who was both civil and military, and ruled the state of Wu very well.

Although he seems to be a supporting role in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, he also made contributions to politics. He once sent Lu Su to go on a sea cruise in search of a new continent. He is also focused on the overall situation. After breaking up with the Shu Kingdom, he can quickly reconcile and agree to fight against the Wei Kingdom together. From this monarch, I really can’t find any shortcomings. It can be said that he is a very perfect monarch. .
We have learned a lot from the three kings in the Three Kingdoms. For example, Liu Bei taught us: impatient must be bad, and calm can only lead to success. What Cao Cao taught us: Don’t be suspicious, you must use people without suspicion, and don’t use suspicious people, so that you can know yourself and the enemy, and be victorious in a hundred battles.

Sun Quan taught us that only by using the conditions rationally can we achieve unity from top to bottom, help each other and achieve victory. In these things, we have been told a lot, and I also know that only by paying attention to the details and looking at the problem comprehensively can we make correct inferences. As long as we do these things, we can overcome everything, let’s work together!

6. After reading “Bronze Sunflower”

Before, I have read the book “Moving”, which introduced all the books in “Cao Wenxuan’s Pure Beauty Novel Series”. It said that Cao Wenxuan’s most satisfying work is “Bronze Sunflower”, and this book is also the most popular among readers. This book, when I read it with curiosity, I have to admit that it is really a good book…

This is the story of a country boy and a city girl. The boy is called Bronze and the girl is called Sunflower. The city girl Sunflower followed her father to live in a village called Damaidi. Lonely, she met Bronze, a country boy who was also taciturn and could not speak. The unexpected death of her father made Sunflower a helpless orphan. The poor but kind-hearted Bronze family claimed her, and Sunflower and Bronze became brothers and sisters.

In the rough life, the family spends all their time raising Sunflower, and Bronze takes care of Sunflower in silence: Bronze gave up his dream of going to school for Sunflower to go to school; In the cold winter, I also sold the reed shoes on my feet; so that the sunflowers would not go to other people’s houses to “borrow the lights” when they were doing homework at night, bronze caught fireflies and made ten pumpkin lanterns; for the beauty of the sunflowers during the announcement, they were ingenious and ingenious. The bronze made a string of shiny ice necklaces; in order for the sunflower to have a good position to watch the circus, the bronze stood silently against the sunflower all night…

Not only bronze, but Sunflower has also contributed a lot to the family and bronze: she did not participate in the photo activities organized by the school, in order to save money for her poor family; every day after school, she and her brother went to pick reeds, in order to make more reed flowers She went to sell shoes; she secretly went to Jiangnan to pick up ginkgo biloba, deliberately failed the exam, in order to make money and save money to see a doctor for her grandmother; she taught her mute brother to write in various ways, in order to make her brother confident in front of others. Start…

In the years full of natural and man-made disasters, the Bronze family worked together to live a difficult, hard and happy life.

When Sunflower was 12 years old, fate recalled her to the city where she lived, which is an irreversible fact. However, on the day after Sunflower left, Bronze looked at the river where it and Sunflower met for the first and last time. With the greatest strength in his life, he shouted a name from the bottom of his heart – “Sunflower-Flower” -!!” A powerful shout shook the soul of every reader

This book expresses the friendship between children and friends, the affection between family members and the love between people, and also reflects the miserable childhood life of rural children. This kind of truth moistens the eyes of every reader and shakes the heart of every reader.

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