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One Eyed Mother

When I was a kid, the thing that made me hate the most was MOTHER – a woman with only one eye

Because she did mundane jobs to earn money

Because she could eat anything she could ask

for. is just to save money for me to go to school

Even though I never have to do that and eat those things
But I still hate her for all of those reasons

One day she unexpectedly came to school waiting for me to come home, As soon as I saw her, my friends laughed: “Ha ha ha, I see your mother only has one eye..”

At that time I just wished there was a hole to hide in and wanted her to disappear from my life. … in the middle of nowhere, I left, not saying a word to my mother..

At lunch, I didn’t bother to move my chopsticks, seeing her with one eye made me uncomfortable, because of her, my friends despised me, because she only had one eye, I exclaimed: “I just want to turn you into a child. joke I HATE MOTHER” and ran out…and didn’t pay any attention to my mother’s feelings.

And my whole childhood was like hell on earth.. I wish I could get out of that house so I don’t get involved. What’s the relationship with mom?

.. That motivated me to study, I became successful, got a job
and got married.

And then I got into the university that I wanted, of course I lived on my own, and didn’t tell her anything about life. My mother sent her a little money every month, as if she had fulfilled her duty

… Then one day my mother missed her grandchild and suddenly came to my house…
As soon as the door opened, my little daughter cried

  • “Why did you come here? Why did you scare my child, Do you want to ruin my child’s life again?”

… Mother only said one sentence: ” no, I just miss you , just miss you… mom will come back.. mom, sorry mom “..

I haven’t seen her since that

day * Then the day of the old class reunion came .. everyone was cheerful, greeting each other …

The old class president asked me: How is your mother now?,Are you still living with her, she must be happy to see you succeed?

I awkwardly answer those questions because it really isn’t… I suddenly remembered and came home just out of curiosity.
But my mother was..

But I’m happy because she never did. can trouble me anymore
She left me a letter:

“My dear child I

think my life is too long and I will not come to bother you again But it is too greedy when I hope you come back to visit me even once.. I

miss you so much..

I’m so happy that you’ve grown up, and are successful on the path you’ve chosen

And I’ll never meet the people you know, baby Let me be ashamed of you too

I’m sorry because I only have one eye and I embarrass you with everyone

You know when you were a child, I found you at a tree at the end of the road, at that time you were seriously injured and you only had 1 eye
Seems to be something I see in you like a family For

years I’ve been trying to find your real parents but there’s no sign of it

Being a mom, I can’t let that happen I can’t stand watching you grow up with only one eye

And you gave me your eyes

And I’m so proud that you were able to see a whole new world with those eyes, I never blame you for anything I did, when I was angry with my mother, I told myself: “Because that’s why he loves me.”

I remember when you were little and stayed with me, even though I sacrificed my eyes, I sold everything I had to treat you, but I was very happy for that I miss you so much I love you

Yes Maybe when you read these letters, my mother is no longer in this world.

Wish you happiness and success on the path you have chosen and let me see life through your eyes instead…

My child, I love you”


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