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Wet Life (Shocking!)

For a period of time, the disciple felt very miserable in life and was very troubled. The master took the disciple to an open area and asked, “Look up, what do you see?”

“Sky.” The disciple replied. “The sky is big enough,” said the master, “but I can cover the whole sky with one palm.”

The disciple couldn’t believe it. I saw the master covered the pupil’s eyes with one palm and asked, “Have you seen the sky now?”

Then the master changed the subject and said:

“In life, some small pains, small troubles, and small setbacks are also like this palm. Although it looks small, if you can’t put it down, you always look closer, put it in front of you, and put it in your heart, it will be like this palm. Just like the palm of your hand, it covers the entire sky of your life.”

So, you will miss the sun of your life, the blue sky, white clouds and the beautiful colorful clouds.

The disciple finally understood the source of his pain.

For a period of time, the disciple always behaved in an informal way, thinking that the details were irrelevant.

One day, the master asked the disciples: “Which weather is it easy to wet people’s clothes when it rains heavily or drizzles?”

“Of course it’s raining heavily,” the disciple replied.

” But in life, it’s the drizzle, not the heavy rain, that wets people’s clothes the most.” Master said.

“The amount of rain is heavy, and the amount of drizzle is small. How can it be drizzle when it is easy to wet clothes?” The disciple was puzzled.

“Because it’s raining heavily, people will be alert soon. Those with umbrellas will open their umbrellas to block the rain, and those without umbrellas will run to the eaves to avoid the rain.

But if it is drizzling, people can’t feel it, or feel it, it doesn’t matter. They think that the light rain is not enough to wet the clothes, so they still walk in the rain in their own way, and before they know it, the whole clothes are wet. “

Master said:

In dealing with people, our words and behaviors, such as every move of a hand, every gesture, an expression, a word of speech, are like drizzle. It looks small, but if it is not noticed and alerted, it will wet other people’s ‘clothes’ intentionally or unintentionally and hurt others. At the same time, it will also wet your life and make your life suffer disasters and losses.

The disciple finally understood that the reason why drizzle easily wets people’s clothes is because people relax their vigilance against drizzle.

Ouyang Xiu said: “The calamity often accumulates in the slightest, but the wisdom and courage are often trapped in the drowning.”

It means that disasters are often caused by the accumulation of little bad details, even the smart, talented and brave people are mostly indulged in some bad hobby, bewitched and trapped by it. poverty.

The embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed by ant nests, so don’t underestimate those tiny details.

Don’t do good for small things, and don’t do bad things for small things.

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