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Who is your destiny!

In our life, we will meet countless people, no matter who they are, they are the people who should appear in your life. Some people teach you to grow, some give you strength; some people affect your destiny and change your life.

As the saying goes: those who are close to Zhu are red, those who are close to ink are black.

With what kind of people, you will have what kind of future and life.


Work with great people and you will become better

It is often heard that the environment can change a person.

But the reason why the environment changes people, in the final analysis, is caused by the people around you.

“Confucius’s Family Language” contains this passage:

Confucius said: “After I die, Zixia will be more advanced than before, and Zigong will be backward.”

Zengzi asked why?

He said: “Zixia likes to be with people who are wiser than him, but Zigong likes to get along with people who are not as good as him.”

Living with good people is like entering the room of Zhilan. If you don’t smell its fragrance for a long time, it will melt with it.

Living with unfriendly people is like entering an abalone den, and if you don’t smell its stench for a long time, it will also melt away.

As the so-called “like-minded, like-minded”, the closer you are to what kind of person, the easier it is to become what kind of person.

Making good friends is actually managing yourself.

Only by walking with excellent people can you discover your own shortcomings and make yourself a better person.


Walk with reliable people and you will be successful

Li Ka-shing once said: “You need to find reliable people to do things, and smart people can only chat.”

Reliability is the best evaluation of a person.

Read a story:

According to legend, in ancient times there was a battle that would decide the life and death of a country, and it was about to start. In order to ensure sufficient combat power, the general sent grooms to replace his horses with new horseshoes.

When the blacksmith was making the horseshoes for the general’s war horse, the groom was always impatient. After he had nailed three horseshoes, the blacksmith found that the last one was missing a nail.

The groom thought that the three nails should be all right, so he pulled the horse away angrily.

The battle has begun, the general is dressed neatly and his troops are arranged, and he is fully prepared for the battle.

However, what absolutely did not expect was that in the middle of the battle, the general’s warhorse fell to the ground, he fell off the horse and was captured by the enemy.

Because of a small nail, it led to a fiasco in a battle and lost the entire country.

Whether a person is reliable or not is hidden in the details; a person’s attitude towards small things hides his bottom line.

A reliable person, steady, not slick, serious, not perfunctory.

A reliable person, everything has an explanation, everything has its fate, and everything has an echo.

The rest of your life is not long, you must walk with reliable and down-to-earth people, avoid detours, and achieve your best self.


Get along with people who understand you, you will live easily

Understanding is the most tender language in the world. Between people, love and liking are easy to have, but understanding is the hardest.

There are about 29.2 million people in one’s lifetime, but the probability of knowing each other is less than 0.000049. So, it’s really hard to meet someone who understands you.

Huang Lei once described Sun Li like this:

Women like my wife are actually not uncommon, they should belong to the popular type. But in my heart, it is the only one, no return or exchange.

In Huang Lei’s eyes, an imperfect wife is the most perfect one, and no one can replace her.

A person who understands you will understand your joys and sorrows, understand your hesitating words, and understand your unspoken thoughts.

In front of people who understand you, you don’t need to pretend, cover up, or suppress, just be your truest self.

Because he understands you, he cherishes you more.

As Xu Zhimo said: “I understand you as deeply as I understand myself.”

Because of the deep experience, I know your burdens and your joys and sorrows; because I feel the same, I feel sorry for your sincerity and cherish your feelings.

Get along with people who understand you, and you will live a comfortable and easy life.

Life is short and life is very tiring. We must cherish these three kinds of noble people, and life will not be boring.

Make friends with excellent people, you will go further;

Walking with reliable people, you will get twice the result with half the effort;

Get along with people who understand you, and you will live up to this life.

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