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Walking is the best way to enrich yourself


Everyone wants to enrich themselves, but they don’t quite understand how to enrich themselves.

I always thought that with a lot of money, a big house, a luxury car, and the freedom of wealth, I would meet the requirements of being rich. In fact, it’s just “too rich”.

In “Why We Walk,” author Shane O’Mara argues that regular and regular walking can prevent many of the negative effects of aging, as well as stimulate creativity, lift spirits, and sharpen thinking.

Walking is not only a movement, but also a life change, a real enriching life.


When I was young, I traveled all over the world and raised my dreams.

In the Tang Dynasty , there was a young man named Ma Zhou, who was from Chiping County, Qinghe County.

For a period of time, he was a teaching assistant in Bozhou, and was scolded by his boss many times for drinking and drinking. In a fit of rage, he left his hometown and went to the capital for a study tour.

In distress, he was appreciated by Chang He, the general of Zhonglang, and asked him to do clerical work. When Ma Zhou’s advice was delivered to Tang Taizong , he was praised, and his life has since flourished, and he has always been the prime minister.

There was a young scholar named Wei Gao, from Wannian County, Jingzhao Prefecture. After getting married, he was looked down upon by his mother’s family, so he bid farewell to his wife and left home for more than ten years.

There is a saying that a good man should have the will of the Quartet.

If a person is afraid of hands and feet when he is young, he is unwilling to go anywhere, and he does not dare to go, then his life can only stay at a certain level.

As far as the moment is concerned, aspiring teenagers will have a period of experience of going out to study, and then there will be a period of time, wandering everywhere. Whether there are grades or not, the experience of life will be enriched by this.

The French philosopher Rousseau said: “I can only think when I walk. When I stop, I stop thinking. My thinking only follows the movement of my legs.”

Seeing is better than seeing. Reading thousands of books and walking thousands of miles is an important process for a teenager to become a great person.

We always say that a person must have a pattern. If what the eye sees is the palm-sized place, the pattern is the palm-sized one; if a person only trusts books, then his pattern will not jump out of the book.

To pursue a dream of “walking the world with a sword”, even if the dream is defeated by reality, you can understand the dream and find the dream that really suits you.


In middle age, go to the workplace and nourish the soul.

There is a saying: “When a person reaches middle age, he is helpless, but the people around him rely on him.”

It is the responsibility of middle-aged people to start a family and start a business, make money hard, and turn themselves into a mountain.

Therefore, many people regard money as their only goal, thinking that if they have money, they will be successful in their lives.

In fact, money can carry life, and spirit can transcend life.

Playwright Fielding said, “If you make money your god, it will torment you like the devil.”

If you want to change your destiny and lead your family to live a good life, you must make your spirits rich, instead of blindly investing, let alone trying to suppress colleagues in the workplace.

Song Dynasty writer Su Dongpo , when he first entered the officialdom, was very imposing, and he was praised by the minister Ouyang Xiu.

Just when Su Dongpo was about to show his grand plans, he was demoted many times because of the Wutai Poetry Case. Huangzhou, Ruzhou, Huizhou… He used his feet to measure the land of the Song Dynasty.

The more a person walks, the more insight he has. In a letter to his friends, he said: “Morning prosperity must be 10 miles away, if the Qi is damaged, it will be slowed down.

In March of the fifth year of Yuanfeng, Su Dongpo and his friends were playing in Shahu Lake, when it suddenly rained heavily, and no one with him brought an umbrella, so he was very embarrassed.

When the rain stopped, Su Dongpo suddenly became enlightened, and wrote : “A misty and rainy life is my life… Looking back at the place where it has always been bleak, when I go back, there is no wind or rain and no sunshine.”

Just imagine, if Su Dongpo had not been demoted and had never left the capital, would there still be such a witty poem? Will there be such a free and easy life?

As a middle-aged person, entering the workplace is to make a living. If you take money too seriously, you will lose yourself and even make mistakes of greed.

How many people, in order to make money, live in a mess, can’t take care of their families, and can’t accompany their parents and children. Because of blind investment, the debts and the happy life have been harmed by money in the end.

Learn from Su Dongpo, and regard the workplace as the best practice; regard making money as the process of life, and you will not be so tired.

As long as you have a sea in your heart, you will not be afraid to “walk the rivers and lakes”.


When you are old, go out and nourish your body.

As the saying goes: “walk a hundred steps after a meal and live to be ninety-nine.”

Although, walking around and being ninety-nine years old, no one is sure that there is a causal relationship, but the good wishes are self-evident.

Sun Simiao , a famous doctor in the Tang Dynasty , said: “Eating and walking hundreds of steps will greatly benefit people.”

The elderly, have nothing to do, take a few steps, this is a refreshing thing. The taste buds will become richer and the stomach will feel hungry.

When people arrive, except for a healthy body, everything is a cloud.

Vigorous exercise may not be suitable for all elderly people, but walking slowly is fine.

If you have the conditions, you can go for a walk in the countryside and find the “road when you came.”

If you walk on the ridge, you will know the changes of the seasons, you will have a little childishness, and you will meet a naughty grasshopper; if you walk around the door of the old house, you will feel special peace in your heart, and there will be wind in your ears. Whispering, in the breath, there will be a touch of floral fragrance.

Of course, older people with better conditions can also pursue poetry and distance. Go to see the scenic corners of the world, to experience exotic human feelings, and you can also take your wife and go crazy for a while.

When you walk, there is wind under your feet, emotion in your heart, sweat in your body, and scenery in your eyes, which is not without benefits.


The poem said: “Where can I feel light in my spare time, I will walk by the water in the evening for a while.”

In this life, a person walks for a walk, and then he will have the joy of flowing clouds and water, and will become a flowing landscape.

In the Internet age, mobile phones can let you see the world and let you know a lot of things. But there is nothing that can replace your brain to perceive things, and there is no perception that can be richer than personal experience.

The best life is not to stop and have fun, but to keep walking.

The best way to get rich is not to support your life with money, but to live your own landscape.

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