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Tag: Horror Ghost Stories

Hospital Flower Pot

Hello everyone, I am the old bachelor who has been single for nearly 30 years, Xiao Lang, the writer of third-rate horror novels on the Internet . Four days ago, […]

Contact Lens by Zhang Miaoxiang

Contact lenses, two soft, transparent discs that fit snugly against the pupils. For those girls who love beauty but are shortsighted, it is simply a gift from high technology. Roland […]


Preface: Nightmares and Reality The sky is dark and dark. I can’t tell whether it’s dawn or dusk, the surroundings are silent, and I can hear her heartbeat! She is […]

In Love With Ghosts

Mao Tai is a student who likes to read ghost stories at ordinary times, especially the kind of love between people and ghosts . He always thinks that one day […]

The ghost lights up, I’m terrified

The supernatural ghost story “Ghost Lighting the Lamp, I’m Terrified” tells about this incident. In 1969, a group of ignorant students, waving their spiritual creeds, descended from the high school […]

Closed on Wednesday

The car slowly stopped next to the only clinic in town. He endured the abdominal pain and observed it carefully for a while before getting out of the car and […]

Real ghost stories in prison

I was born in a very poor little valley. At the age of seventeen, for a better life and for the woman I love, I took the risk and cooperated […]

Horror Hospital Experience

1. Hospitalization I was hospitalized, I insisted. The long and deserted corridors of the hospital, the hall with the pungent smell of disinfectant, the whitewashed wards, and the strangely shaped […]

Bullied Classmate

The campus ghost story “The Bullied Classmate” tells the story of Ling Xiaobin’s cowardly character, who can only be bullied when he goes to school. As the saying goes, good […]

Old Nurse in hospital

On the 4th floor of a large hospital in the city, there is a long, long corridor. At the end of the hallway is an office and a “mortuary” for […]