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In Love With Ghosts

Mao Tai is a student who likes to read ghost stories at ordinary times, especially the kind of love between people and ghosts . He always thinks that one day if he can meet a beautiful ghost and fall in love with her vigorously, then he will die. worth it.

Today is the Ghost Festival. Mao Tai was watching the ghost story book he just borrowed with relish in the classroom. He was so fascinated by it that he didn’t notice that it was very late, and there was no one in the classroom for a long time.

Just when he forgot everything and concentrated all his energy on the book, a soft voice interrupted him.

The moment he saw the girl, the book couldn’t attract him anymore, because the girl was simply too beautiful. He is 1.7 meters tall and has big eyes that can talk.

“Why don’t you go home so late, don’t you know today is Ghost Festival?” the girl said.

Maotai didn’t know how this girl appeared, what department she was from, but he knew that he couldn’t help feeling for her.

“I’m reading. What about you?” Maotai asked. “I’m Long Lei from the Art Department. When I go out shopping, I’ll see if the lights are still on here.” Long Lei said. After finishing speaking, he flipped through Maotai’s ghost story book and said that he liked to read this type of book, but he hadn’t read it much. She asked if she could communicate with Maotai more about this kind of stuff in the future.

Of course Maotai had no reason to refuse, and quickly nodded in agreement. Long Lei said that she is very busy during the day and only has time at this time of the day. Maotai said it was okay, he was not busy and could wait for her at this time of the day.

The girl was really on time the next day, and the two began to exchange views on horror literature together, and then read the articles together.

Such days always pass quickly, a few months have passed in a blink of an eye, and Maotai is about to graduate. His grades have been terrible because he spent most of his experience reading ghost stories. However, in Maotai’s view, it was worth it, because the poor grades brought him an angel-like girl, and if he didn’t graduate for the sake of this girl, he would be willing to do it all his life.

But Long Lei was unwilling, and she proposed to make up for Maotai’s homework. Mao Tai said that he was in the mathematics department, and she was studying art. How to make up. The girl asked him to bring the book the next day.

Maotai was very obedient, and brought the professional book the next day. Long Lei began to teach him from the first lesson. Not only did she understand, but she was also very professional, even more professional than Maotai’s math teacher.

Maotai admires Long Lei so much, and in order to make Long Lei look good to him, Maotai also began to study hard.

After two months, Maotai’s grades caught up, and there was no problem in failing to fail a course after graduation.

On this day, he was ready to confess to Long Lei. But after waiting, Long Lei missed the appointment for the first time.

Maotai didn’t think much about it at first, maybe she had something to do.

But after waiting for a week, Long Lei didn’t come. He couldn’t wait any longer and started looking for her. But all the people he inquired about heard the name of Long Lei and either walked away nervously, or said they didn’t know him.

Finally, a girl told her that Long Lei had died a long time ago, because of illness.

Maotai went to Long Lei’s house to visit her parents, gave them some money in the name of friends, and then went to visit Long Lei in front of the grave.

Later, he never saw ghost stories again, and after that, no girl entered his heart again.

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