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Contact Lens by Zhang Miaoxiang

Contact lenses, two soft, transparent discs that fit snugly against the pupils. For those girls who love beauty but are shortsighted, it is simply a gift from high technology. Roland Lan is one of the beneficiaries. The day she wore contact lenses for the first time, who only wore glasses, caused a sensation in the entire planning department.

Tonight, Roland Lan took off his contact lenses in the mirror and washed them with liquid as usual. The person in the mirror looked hazy. Roland stared at himself with 500-degree myopia, and unknowingly lowered his head to look for the lens, but when he finally took it out, he found that the middle of the left eye was washed out. “Oh my God! Are you going to wear those framed glasses to work tomorrow?” Roland frowned, determined to buy new ones right away.

She hurriedly took her wallet, put on thick-framed glasses, and went out, but she didn’t realize that the clock was pointing at 12 o’clock at the moment. Today, she opened oT in the company, and even forgot that the time had passed for so long.

Roland Lan was walking on a desolate street and was a little surprised why there were so few pedestrians. She went to Wenhua Street to find a glasses shop, and there was actually a light on the dark street.

Roland Lan walked into this store and found that there were many new glasses that had never been seen before. “What do you want?” A voice reminded her, Roland Lan hurriedly turned around and saw a small old man huddled on a chair in the corner, no wonder she didn’t see the boss.

“I want to get a pair of contact lenses, but the original ones are rotten, so…”

The little old man stood up, helped her with the electronic examination, and then gave her two sealed bottles of contact lenses from the inside. Roland Lan took it out and felt that the contact lens was a bit unbelievably thin, and it was a bit slippery when twisted in his hand. Roland Lan put her eyes into one side of the mirror, and the little old man stared at her every movement, as if she was afraid that she might accidentally break her glasses.

“It’s better to have contact lenses.” Along the way, Roland Lan was extremely happy. A car drove towards Roland Lan, and Roland Lan actually walked up to meet her. The blinding lights in front of her didn’t seem to affect her at all. Roland Lan fell in a pool of blood. The car hurried away.

The contact lenses may have been knocked out. Roland Lan lay on the ground, his eyes were blurred, and he felt that his body was getting colder and colder. She vaguely saw a small figure walking towards her, the owner of an optical shop. He stepped on the blood with a contact lens box in his hand, squatted down, and tore Roland Lan’s cornea with a twister and put it into the box. The bright cornea looked very much like a contact lens.

Roland Lan heard the last words in severe pain: “I have a new contact lens to sell…”

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