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The ghost lights up, I’m terrified

The supernatural ghost story “Ghost Lighting the Lamp, I’m Terrified” tells about this incident. In 1969, a group of ignorant students, waving their spiritual creeds, descended from the high school to the middle of the paddy field for the sake of Carry out the dogmatism of fart, exile yourself from the temple of happiness to the cliff of darkness, and accept the tempering of bone and skin.

I was sixteen years old that year, and I was an intellectual. I shared a ghost story: a girl always dreamed of a man with a mole on his chin, and every time he said: Come to me, and finally they agreed on a certain day at 12 o’clock in a certain Meeting in the park, the time fell, the girl felt a little hot and went to the opposite side to buy water and drink.

Suddenly, she was hit by a car. The passerby was about to carry the girl to the accident car and sent it to the hospital, but found that it was a hearse with a hearse lying on it. A man with a mole on his chin raises the corners of his mouth. . Did you get it? To read more wonderful short ghost stories, please pay attention to the net ghost stories section!

Speaking of this, it was in 1969, when a group of ignorant students, waving their spiritual creeds, descended from the high school to the middle of the rice field, in order to implement the dogmatism of the fart and exiled themselves from the hall of happiness to the Inside the dark cliff, it is subjected to the tempering of bone quenching and skinning.

At the age of sixteen, I was a descendant of intellectuals. Because I was implicated in some trivial matters in those years, I was sent to the front of the rice field and began to calculate centimeters. We were sent to the third batch. At that time, there were many young people who were doping, shouting the flag and propagating the idea of ​​nothingness. When they set off, they shouted the loudest, but they were the ones who cried the loudest at the end. , isn’t this a little funny?

I was sent to the hardest corpse collection team, because at that time, the whole country was engaged in a big movement, and the nutrition could not keep up. Many pillars and talents who were excellent in character and study died of exhaustion on the way to the revolution. As the most ineffective, He is also the descendant of the most unpopular intellectuals, and is often the target of re-education through labor, so he is assigned to work in a corpse collection team.

When the teacher led me to the office of the corpse collection team, I handed it over to my master, an old man. I heard that he used to be a famous teacher, but because he defended a landlord when the four olds were broken, he was knocked down as a counter-revolutionary, and his children were also implicated. When I was with him, he became a An obscure and stupid old man.

The first time I saw him, he was wrapped in a white turban, with stubble all over his face, a tattered gown all day long, and a pair of cloth shoes with leaking fingers on his feet. He was thin and looked very funny. Tian has a stinky face and doesn’t talk to anyone. Only when the teacher comes, he will say a few words. At that time, I was still afraid that I would go along with a master who was too busy, directing me to do this and that all day long, as if he were treating me like a slave, but after seeing him, I felt relieved, I thought too much.

The teacher left me after leaving me, and before leaving, he left a sentence, saying: “You are the bad guys who violate the Luxism, and you need to rely on hard work to temper yourselves and purify your souls. During this period, you have to work hard and strive for early success.”

My master is so grateful, saying that he will definitely become a qualified cadre under the guidance of so and so, and live up to the trust of the country, and so on. Only then did the teacher leave satisfied. After that, the stupid old man ignored me and went about his own business alone.

I followed him with my luggage and said it was an office, but in fact it was a dilapidated house with a desk, a few benches, a lantern, and no teapots and bowls. The dumb old man walked to the table, opened a book and looked at it carefully. I walked over and saw some names, some men and women, but the old man’s eyes became wet after reading it once, and he muttered in his mouth. : “It should be fine, they are still young…”.

“Master, where do I live?” I saw that the stupid old man didn’t speak, so I asked.

“There is a bed in the back room, you can sleep on it,” the old man said with his head lowered.

I walked into the back room, and I saw a bed. What surprised me even more was that I saw a black coffin lying across the room, which shocked me. This coffin is yin, how can there be a coffin in a living person’s house? I was so scared that I didn’t dare to enter. It wasn’t because I was timid, it was too scary, so I came back and said to the old man, “Master, why is there a coffin? It’s too scary, can I change the place?”

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