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Europa Ancient Greek God

Europa_Ancient Greek God is organized by Lianyou, who loves to read myths and legends! If you love to read myths and legends, remember to pay attention to Xiaobian Lianyou!

The daughter of King Agenor, the beautiful princess Europa, was given a strange dream by the gods in the middle of the night.

It was as if two continents—one was Asia; the other, the continent opposite Asia—was transformed into two women.

One is dressed by locals and the other is dressed by foreigners.

They both fought each other to rob her.

The local women said that she nurtured her; the foreign women took her in their arms with strong hands, and carried her away, saying that the goddess of fate had appointed her to be Zeus’s lover.

Europa woke up with a fever on her face, and she didn’t know whether the dream was a good or bad omen.

In the early morning, the sun was shining, Europa temporarily forgot her dream, and went to the meadow with many flowers blooming by the sea with her female companions.

The female companions happily scattered around the grass, picking beautiful flowers.

Europa also carried a golden flower basket and ran on the grass picking her beloved flowers.

She picked an extra-large flaming red rose.

Zeus, the father of the gods, was struck by the golden arrow of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and was fascinated by the young and beautiful Europa.

He concealed the true form of God and turned into a bull.

In this way, it is possible to deceive the tenderness of the young girl, and it is also possible to avoid the angry jealousy of the goddess Hera.

The bull came to Europa.

It was so beautiful, with artificially carved horns, a golden body, a silver crescent gleaming on its forehead, and a soft glow in bright blue eyes, very tame.

Europa loved the cow, and she stroked its back tenderly, wiped the foam from its mouth, and kissed its forehead.

It was the bull with a happy cry, lying down at Europa’s feet, looking up at her, and showing her its broad back.

Europa called to her companions: “Come here, girls! Let’s ride on the back of this beautiful bull.

I promise, we can all sit down.

Look how docile and lovely this cow is! I believe it has the same kind heart as human beings, just can’t speak.

As she said that, she stepped onto the cow’s back deftly, while her companions were hesitant and afraid to go forward.

The bull got his favorite, and immediately jumped up from the ground, walking slowly at first, and when it reached the sea, it immediately jumped to the sea.

Europa cried out in fright and reached out to her companions, but her companions could no longer reach her.

The bull treads lightly on the sea with four hooves, without touching a drop of water, like a horse galloping on the soft grassland.

Europa was so frightened that he clasped its horns with both hands, and said timidly: “O God, where are you taking me? The sea is a playground for fish, not a channel for cattle.

If you walk on it with your feet, you must be a god, because only God can do what you do.

The bull replied, “Don’t be afraid, girl.

I am the king of the gods of Mount Olympus.

Out of love for you, I turned into a cow, running like this in the sea.

Soon, a new land will take you in.

Our new house will also be there.

Before long, the land of Europa’s hometown gradually disappeared, the sun began to set, and it became dark.

At night, only stars and waves are with her.

The next day, the bull was still parading at sea.

At night, they reached a new land far away.

The bull climbed ashore and let the girl slide off its back.

Suddenly, the bull disappeared, and a young man as beautiful as a god appeared.

From then on, Europa became the wife of Zeus on earth, and the land was named “European Continent” because of Princess Europa.


There is always boundless sea water around, but the bull is so dexterous as to break up the waves, there is none.

A little water beaded on his lovely prey.

In the evening, they finally came to the distant coast.

The bull climbed onto the land, came to a big tree, let the girl slide down gently from his back, but he disappeared suddenly.


The girl was amazed when she saw a handsome man standing in front of her.

He told her,

He is the master of Crete, and he can protect the girl if she will marry him.

Europa is desperate.

After that, he stretched out a hand towards him, expressing his agreement to his request.

Zeus fulfilled his wish, after.

Come, he disappeared again as he came.

A red sun was rising, and Europa gradually woke up from the coma.

She looked in panic.

He looked around, calling out his father’s name.

At this time, she remembered what happened, and was very sad.

The ground complained: “I am a despicable daughter, how can I call my father’s name? I accidentally lost my body.

Everything must be forgotten! She looked around carefully and asked repeatedly in her heart, “Where did I come from and where do I go.

go? Am I really awake, is this scandal real? No, I’m definitely innocent, she.

Xu is just a dream haunting me.

The girl said, rubbing her eyes with her hands, as if she wanted to exorcise an ugly nightmare.

But that.

Some unfamiliar scenery is still there, unknown mountains and woods surround her, and the waves of the sea are surging.

It hit the cliff and made an earth-shattering rumbling sound.

In desperation, the girl was full of resentment, she was tall.

shouted loudly.

“God, if the goddamn bull shows up in front of me again, I’ll break it.

horns, but this can only be a wish! My hometown is far away, and I have nothing to do but die.

Where is the road? God of heaven, send me a lion or a tiger! But the beast did not appear.

All she saw was an unfamiliar landscape.

The sun beamed a radiant smile from the blue sky.


As if driven by Nemesis, Europa suddenly jumped up.

“Poor Europa! She’s big.

“If you don’t want to end this dishonorable life, don’t you feel your father will.

curse you? Would you be willing to be a concubine to a king of beasts, and laboriously to be his maid?

? How can you forget that you are the princess of a noble king? .

The girl who was abandoned by fate hated her very much. She thought of death, but she couldn’t show the courage to die.

Suddenly, she heard a low laugh from behind her.

The girl turned her head back in surprise, she saw the girl.

The god Aphrodite stood before her, radiant with the radiance of the gods.

Next to the goddess is her youngest son, Love.

Angel, he bent his bow and arrow, eager to try.

The goddess smiled and said, “Beautiful girl, hurry up.

Quit your anger! The bull you have cursed will come soon, and it will bring you the horns to break.

so I.

It’s the woman who gave you dreams.

Europa, you can chat and masturbate! It was Zeus who took you away.


You are now a goddess on the ground, your name will live on in the world, and from now on, the one that contains you.

The continent is called Europa after your name! .

Europa suddenly realized, she acquiesced in her own destiny, and gave birth to three powerful and wise men with Zeus.

the sons of Minos, Radamantes, and Sarpedon.

Minos and Radamantis later.

Become a judge of the underworld.

Sarpedon was a great hero, king of the Lykian kingdom of Asia Minor.

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