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Grandma’s Ghost Story (True Ghost Story)

After the college entrance examination, I was in a bad mood. I didn’t do well in the college entrance examination. I wanted to go out to breathe, and suddenly I thought of going to my grandmother’s house. I took the bus to my grandmother’s house overnight. Seeing everything here is so familiar, my childhood memories are very good. of.

After a long walk, although I haven’t come back for a long time, I won’t get lost.

I thought to myself, suddenly a warning popped into my head. The old man in the village said that a lot of people have died here, and that people often get lost here during the day and can’t get out until night.

Thinking of this place, my whole body trembled, and I felt a gust of gloomy wind. shouted.

At this time, a person was shouting drunkenly, but I didn’t expect my hands and feet to move while he was shouting.

I just took a closer look at the so-called ghost at the back. I saw that this ghost is not the same as the one on TV. It is not as scary as the one on TV. Except that it is an ancient costume, it is no different from a normal person.

I was about to lean over to take a look, but I didn’t expect that a black mass came out of his mouth, like gas, the big drunk man quickly pushed me to the ground, he told me that if I came into contact with the evil spirit, I would definitely die .

He is heavy

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He took me down the mountain while panting, and later I learned that he was a Taoist priest named Yang Bo, he told me. It was his master who asked him to come and pick me up, saying that I was in danger. I didn’t expect to drink a little bit of alcohol on the road, which delayed the matter. He was embarrassed and asked me to help him keep it a secret. He kept it a secret.

When he took me to my grandmother’s house, I suddenly realized that Yang Bo was my grandmother’s disciple. I forgot to introduce my grandmother. She is an authentic disciple of Maoshan.

I lived here for a short time and didn’t have many friends. I only had one friend named Wang Xin, nicknamed Tie Niu. When my family didn’t have the money to go to high school, I dropped out of school. I went to the canteen to buy some of his favorite food.

I went to see him. At noon, he also made my favorite food. We sat in the backyard chatting after dinner. He suddenly asked me mysteriously, Wang Bo, help me to see this jade card, I looked at it. It’s very beautiful. It’s been kept in my house. My mother died, so I wanted to sell it. I looked at the jade card carefully. The color of the jade card is very good. There are four big characters on it, but they are all traditional characters. I don’t understand, Ah Xin saw that I liked it very much, so he gave it to me carelessly.

I said thank you and hung it around my neck. Not long after that, my grandmother called me to eat and said that I made braised pork ribs that I like to eat. When I got home for dinner, my grandmother saw the jade tag on my neck. , I said yes, Xin sent it, and then I told my grandmother everything we had this afternoon, and my grandmother solemnly told me that this jade tablet should be used in Maoshan for self-defense and evil spirits. There are some in the market, but They are all fake.

Only the disciples of Maoshan have the real brand. Grandma suspects that Ah Xin’s mother is a disciple of Maoshan, but Ah Xin’s mother has passed away, maybe she is reincarnated. Of course, there is no way to check this matter. I wanted to try to invite the soul, but I was blocked. The first one was that my grandmother was too old to invite the soul, and the second one was that maybe Ah Xin’s mother had already been reincarnated.

But my grandmother was not reconciled and wanted to look for it. I can’t be proud of my grandmother, but I can only promise her that I helped him prepare some things for him, the spirit bell, the soul flag and the soul talisman. I asked my grandmother to take the money sword and she didn’t take it, but I was afraid that something would happen, so I put it in the clothes for him. ,everything

Grandma took out the evocation bell and shook it. She was still muttering something I didn’t understand. After reciting a bunch of spells I didn’t understand, Grandma finally said a sentence that I could understand. Yang Xuehua quickly realized I shouted quite loudly, but there were beads of sweat on my grandmother’s head. Seeing this, I clenched the money sword I was hiding in my hand. Chatting and laughing, hahaha, old lady, you still want to find Yang Xuehua, she has already been eaten by me.

I think you are a good Taoist priest. The taste must be very good. Grandma was surprised, but asked him in a hurry, who are you? How did you do it? Isn’t there a ghost sent to guard it? How could you be eaten by a lonely ghost? Saying that, my grandmother was holding the soul talisman with trembling hands and was about to throw it over, but the evil ghost started it ahead of time.

Fortunately, I quickly took the money sword into my grandmother’s hand. When the evil ghost’s hand was about to grab my grandmother’s shoulder, my grandmother pushed it hard with the money sword. I saw a flash of gold, and the ghost flew out of the old man. Yuan, seeing this, I was also slightly relieved, it seemed that the ghost was covered in bruises and blue air, and his grandmother asked him, who were you and why did you eat Yang Xuehua, and who instructed you?

Hurry up, or you will be beaten to death. While talking, I took out the soul-suppressing charm. The kid was so frightened that he said tremblingly, “I’m just an ordinary kid. , but he can’t change the book of life and death, so he can only arrange for the kid to eat the grandmother and sigh and say, I’m not embarrassing you, you can go.

After speaking, I let the little devil go. Although I knew that Yang Xuehua was eaten, my grandmother still felt lost and unwilling. Since then, I have often seen a ranking at my grandmother’s house, which reads Taoist friend Yang Xuehua. card, every day

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