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Bullied Classmate

The campus ghost story “The Bullied Classmate” tells the story of Ling Xiaobin’s cowardly character, who can only be bullied when he goes to school.

As the saying goes, good people are bullied by others, and horses are good at being ridden by others.

And they are all bullies.

The easier it is to bully, the more times they are bullied, and the persimmons are soft-touching.

And those who bully people in school are definitely not from the bright and square. The ghost story shared: When the teacher came in, the same table was looking in the mirror, and the next is a very cliché plot. The teacher will confiscate the mirror, while the same The table refused. In the end, I, the middleman, handed over the mirror. When handing over the mirror, I glanced at the face of the same table in the mirror… Do you understand? To read more wonderful short ghost stories, please pay attention to the campus ghost stories section of the ghost story website at any time! Ling Xiaobin has a cowardly personality. When he goes to school, he can only be bullied by others.

As the saying goes, good people are bullied by others, and horses are good at being ridden by others.

And they are all bullies.

The easier it is to bully, the more times they are bullied, and the persimmons are soft-touching.

And those who bully people at school are definitely not from the bright and square, and naturally they do it in a corner that does not attract people’s ideas.

And bullying can only be extorting money.

Zheng Dongqing and the rest of the people in the school not only didn’t study, they didn’t study, but the teachers couldn’t do anything about them.

They are idle in school, and naturally they will not let go of those who are easily bullied.

And always make money.

And why they can not be punished by teachers and other school leaders or some other measures every time, that is because they don’t care about them at all, and as long as someone complains, they will only make you worse the second time.

So no one dares to be high, which makes this force more unscrupulous in the school, and its appetite is growing.

Ling Xiaobin was one of the targets of bullying, and he was also the only one who was bullied the worst.

So Zheng Dongqing and the others in school gave them the title “Scraping Squad.”

“And Zheng Dongqing and the others also ignored this title.

On this day, Ling Xiaobin came to the school and met Zheng Dongqing and the others.

Zheng Dongqing and the others must have nothing good to do.

Zheng Dongqing and several people blocked Ling Xiaobin’s way, Zheng Dongqing said to him, “Did you bring us all the money you brought us today?” Ling Xiaobin was angry.

The person behind Zheng Dongqing patted Ling Xiaobin’s face and said, “I’m asking you something, dumb.

“Ling Xiaobin could only slowly take out a few hundred dollars from his pocket.

Zheng Dongqing asked loudly after seeing it, “Didn’t I ask you to take five hundred, why only three hundred, ah?” Ling Xiaobin said: “There is only so much.

After hearing this, Zheng Dongqing kicked him and said, “It’s very humming.

Then he said to Ling Xiaobin with the three hundred dollars in his hand: “Next time, if you only have this amount of money, you can do it yourself.

“Then said to the person behind: “Let’s go.

“Just like that, Zheng Dongqing and the others left, leaving Ling Xiaobin who was kicked to the ground.

Ling Xiaobin slowly got up, walked into the classroom slowly, and sat in his seat slowly.

Ling Xiaobin was very upset about what happened just now. Thinking of the scene just now, Ling Xiaobin clenched his fists with both hands and slammed the table hard.

Everyone was attracted by this voice, but after one glance, everyone looked back and did their own business.

However, there was one person who didn’t do his own thing, but walked up to Ling Xiaobin’s side, sat down, and said to Ling Xiaobin, “The one who was taken away by the team was taken away.

“Ling Xiaobin was in a bad mood, so he didn’t answer other people’s questions silently.

And when others see him like this, they will know what is going on when they think about it.

Seeing him like this, the man couldn’t ask any more questions, so he returned to his seat and began to bury his head in his homework.

After the whole day, Ling Xiaobin was very angry. After the day’s class, Ling Xiaobin didn’t listen much.

Finally got to Fang Xue, and everyone left the school, ready to go home.

Ling Xiaobin was on duty today, so he stayed to clean up.

After sweeping the floor, I plan to wipe the blackboard.

Ling Xiaobin came back with a basin of water, wet the rag in the water, wring it out, and then wiped the blackboard.

At this moment, Zheng Dongqing and the others came to Ling Xiaobin’s classroom. When they saw that there was no one in Ling Xiaobin’s classroom, only Ling Xiaobin was cleaning the blackboard.

Zheng Dongqing said: “Yo, you are very hardworking, cleaning the blackboard.

Ling Xiaobin didn’t speak, but another person said loudly to him: “Hey, I’m talking to you, the kick in the morning was very light, I still want to try again, right?”

“After that, he rolled up his sleeves and got ready to do it.

Zheng Dongqing saw that he stretched out his hand to stop him and gave the man next to him who wanted to do something, but that man didn’t rush to hit him.

Zheng Dongqing said to him: “Don’t forget, give us the five hundred dollars tomorrow morning, if it is like today, you will understand that you have been warned in the morning.

After speaking, Zheng Dongqing went out. Someone next to him poured the basin of water for wiping the blackboard onto Ling Xiaobin, and then a few people laughed and left.

Ling Xiaobin came to a forest after school and smashed a tree with his fists, until the bleeding stopped.

Ling Xiaobin took a deep breath of fresh air, and when Ling Xiaobin looked at his hand, he thought of a solution.

Ling Xiaobin planned to pretend to be a ghost to scare Zheng Dongqing and several others.

Ling Xiaobin saw Zheng Dongqing and a few people together on the street. On a remote road, Zheng Dongqing prepared his props to scare them.

Zheng Dongqing and the others felt that someone was following behind them. One of them turned his head and was speechless in fright. When they turned their heads and saw the “ghost”, they immediately fell down and sat down in fright.

Zheng Dongqing asked in a trembling voice: “You, are you a human or a ghost?” Ling Xiaobin replied in a faint voice: “You guys have done too many wicked things, that’s why you met me, and today I will take the take your life.

“Several people shouted in horror, Zheng Dongqing pretended to be confused and asked: “What have we done? “Ling Xiaobin continued to say in the voice just now, “Don’t you know what you did? If you recruit yourself, I will let you die for the time being, and if you change your ways, you will just treat it as if nothing happened.

“Zheng Dongqing and several others quickly told what they had done in school.

Ling Xiaobin said: “If you do these things again, be careful to meet me.

“After speaking, Ling Xiaobin felt that it was almost the same, so he was about to turn around and leave, but it was too dark at night, and the road was a bit potholed. He accidentally stumbled and the mask fell off.

Zheng Dongqing was a little suspicious when they saw it, but it turned out that it was Ling Xiaobin.

Zheng Dongqing roared angrily: “Stinky boy, dare to pretend to be a ghost to scare us and hit me.

“Several people punched and kicked Ling Xiaobin, one person was already controlled by anger, and actually picked up a knife and slashed Ling Xiaobin’s head.

Zheng Dongqing and several people were dumbfounded when they saw it.

Zheng Dongqing shouted: “What are you doing, it’s enough to teach him a lesson, why kill him.

The man came to his senses and said, “I didn’t mean to.”

“Zheng Dongqing said:” Hurry up and bury his body.

“Several people worked together to bury Ling Xiaobin’s body, and then went home separately, feeling very scared.

At night, Zheng Dongqing was awakened by a gust of overcast wind. Zheng Dongqing looked around in fear, and then prepared to draw the curtains when Ling Xiaobin’s terrifying face suddenly appeared on the curtains.

Zheng Dongqing was extremely frightened. At this time, Ling Xiaobin suddenly laughed and walked slowly through the window to Zheng Dongqing.

Zheng Dongqing begged: “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, it’s them who killed you, not me, I’ll burn paper money for you every day from now on.

“Ling Xiaobin smiled and said: “As for them, I will go to them, you don’t even want to live.”

“After speaking, Ling Xiaobin died.

On the second day of school, Ling Xiaobin and Zheng Dongqing did not come to school.

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Finally, I, the middleman, handed the mirror over. I glanced at the face of the same table in the mirror… Do you understand? Just for fun, please don’t take it seriously! .

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