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Horror Hospital Experience

1. Hospitalization

I was hospitalized, I insisted. The long and deserted corridors of the hospital, the hall with the pungent smell of disinfectant, the whitewashed wards, and the strangely shaped medical supplies… Everything here excites me and has been fascinated for a long time. I like it here, but I don’t have a chance to come here because I don’t have any pain or illness on weekdays.

Finally, I have a cold! I was so happy that I made up my mind to “makeitbig!” So, on a winter night without heating, I decided not to cover the quilt! The result—haha, of course it got what I wanted, with a high fever until pneumonia—was admitted to the hospital.

2. an angel

The attending physician was very busy and was basically invisible. On the contrary, the head nurse seems to be very busy. If there is anything to do, she will come to chat with me and ask about my condition. She is a very kind and kind middle-aged woman. Although she is in the middle of the year, she still has her charm. She must have been a peerless beauty when she was young. I don’t know how many male doctors have been fascinated. I smirked secretly.

But she just sighed softly, touched my fairly smooth face, and looked at me enviously: “It’s better to be young! Look, the little girl is beautiful even if she doesn’t look beautiful!” I thought to myself after she left. For a long time – is she complimenting me or hurting me? ! Later, I was relieved slowly, she was kind, because she smiled, so kind and warm, completely different from the attending physician who never buttoned the white coat, walks with wind, and pretends to be stylish all day long. If you say he is attending, he will be attending. An old man who is a lot of age, how cool is he? !

3. little girl

Before I knew it, it was getting late, and I came out of the head nurse’s duty room with a pair of flip-flops, a few magazines in one hand, and a handful of spiced peanuts that the head nurse had peeled for me in the other. Eating while going upstairs, the building of the ward is not high, and the fourth floor reaches the top. I staggered upstairs and climbed upstairs. In my mother’s words, it was called “poor.” I was born with a poor physique, and in addition to being ill, I was out of breath when I climbed to the fourth floor.

It looks so embarrassed and embarrassed, it is estimated that the mice will not pay attention to me when they see it. Suddenly, I saw a little girl standing on the wide stairs! A living but dead little girl! Her small eyes, small flat nose bridge, small mouth…especially those eyes, which are surprisingly small! If you use a sketch to draw her 1:1 ratio head portrait, then you only need a 6H sharpened to the extreme point, and a light stroke is enough, there are more than two strokes. However, it is these extremely small eyes that emit a sharp light, which is very divine. I can feel that light hitting me! The little girl was wearing very shabby clothes.

The upper body was a small padded jacket with black and shiny flowers that had been patched and patched, and the sleeves and neckline had been worn down. It should be red—right? (Sorry, because it’s so dirty, I can’t really see the color.) Below is a pair of green velvet pants that are also dirty and old. My first reaction was: she should be a begging homeless child. So, I put on the air of a love ambassador and walked in front of her, handing over the peanuts in my hand. However, she didn’t reach out to pick it up, she just stared at me with the light from the slit, stared at me…

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