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Preface: Nightmares and Reality

The sky is dark and dark. I can’t tell whether it’s dawn or dusk, the surroundings are silent, and I can hear her heartbeat!

She is my girlfriend Rong’er. She knelt outside the door and cried bitterly. She banged her head against my door from time to time. I wanted to sit up and help her, but I couldn’t help myself…

“Liar, liar, big liar, Brother Nong, you are a big liar”

“Brother Nong – we agreed that life and death are inseparable, haven’t you forgotten? Are you ignoring me now that Yin and Yang are separated?”

“Brother Nong, please, open the door and let me in…”

“Sister Rong, don’t leave me–” I held back for a long time, and a wave of resentment finally burst through my throat. With a howl, I stood up and opened the door to hug my Rong’er, but several pairs of big hands already grabbed her. Drag to the distance, a familiar and unfamiliar voice urged: “Furong, don’t be stupid, it’s time to go back, let’s go!”

“Brother Nong, Brother Nong…”

“Rongmei, Rongmei…”

Just like the plot in the movie, I wanted to catch her but couldn’t. She was dragged away by a couple of big hands, Rong’er was struggling desperately, calling me hysterically, I wanted to rush In the past, I tripped over something under my feet. It turned out to be the threshold, but I still haven’t crossed the threshold!

A gust of cool wind blows, and I shudder, ah! where am i? There are dense forests around, and there is a flat land in the middle. There is a new grave in the flat land. In front of the tomb are still burning incense, candles, paper money, and various offerings of fruits, cakes, and various offerings. Among them, there is a bowl of Rong’er’s best, which is also my favorite to eat boiled water. Fish, the fish soup is still hot, steaming…

I picked up the boiled fish and took a sip. It was spicy, fragrant, and still the familiar taste. A mouthful of soup was like a warm current that warmed my heart!

Her nickname is Furong, and the villagers like to call her sister Furong. Only I call her Ronger. We grew up together under the mutual care of our parents. Although we did not mean marriage, we were regarded as a child by the village since we were young. We were born to be a couple. At that ignorant age, we silently regarded each other as lovers or even a part of life. We got engaged the year before last, and we swore to live with each other, and we would never be apart…

But why is Yin and Yang separated? It was fine yesterday! How did she die today? Why bury her here? What happened to this sacrifice? My head is blank, I can’t remember anything!

“Sister Rong, what’s the matter with you? What’s the matter with you? I said, life and death are inseparable, don’t worry, I won’t forget it, I will definitely honor our promise, Sister Rong, you must wait for me …”

  1. Midnight alarm

“Jingle bell – ding bell bell -” A rush of phone calls woke me up, I suddenly sat up, my heart was very painful, there were tears in the corners of my eyes, it was still before dawn, I turned on the bedside lamp, and the pillow was wet Big block, it was a dream, huh? But what about Rong’er? We slept together yesterday, where did she go? Why is there no one in the middle of the night…

The phone is still ringing. It must be Rong’er. Has something happened to her? I quickly grabbed the microphone,

“Rong’er, where are you?”

“Brother, come back soon! I’m your sister, you can’t get through on your phone.” It turned out that it was my sister who was calling. She was crying on the phone, as if her mother was crying, and an ominous premonition came to her mind!

“Where’s your sister-in-law? Where’s Rong’er?” I was really worried, I prayed to God, don’t let anything happen to my Rong’er!

“Brother, sister-in-law is at her house, come back quickly, something happened”

My head banged, and my heart seemed to be broken, Rong’er, what’s wrong with you? Why did you come home all of a sudden? Don’t tell me, my sister urged me to go back in the middle of the night, something must have happened!

“Sister, what did you say? Say it again!” My sister was crying and saying something, and my head kept buzzing, but I didn’t understand!

“She died. She was hanged by the three trees. I just found out today…”

On the phone, my sister’s words were very clear. I was paralyzed on the ground, struggling, and groping with my hands on the ground desperately. I don’t believe that Rong’er is dead. She should be right next to me. We were still together yesterday! Why did she return to her hometown thousands of miles away overnight and hang herself?

I picked up the microphone that fell on the ground: “Sister, what’s going on? What’s going on? Why does your sister-in-law want this?”

“Brother, it’s my grandmother, and my grandmother was hanged. You said that my grandmother wanted to notify you immediately, but it was too late…” After hesitating for a while, the younger sister said, “Sister-in-law is at her house, it’s fine, it’s fine. , you forget her, brother!” At this moment, a mysterious voice faintly appeared on the other end of the phone, he was reminding his sister, I didn’t care.

“God, what’s going on here? I’ll be right back, call me on my cell phone if I have something to do.” I hung up the phone and went out to call a taxi and rushed to the station. I was so anxious that I could not wait to get home immediately.

It sounds a bit selfish. I am most worried, and I am most worried about my Rong’er. In fact, I am not at all surprised by the death of my grandmother. Today is the fourth day of April. Half a year ago, I marked the fourth day of April on the desk calendar here. , marked “grandmother passed away”, but I was so busy with work that I forgot to turn the calendar…

When I got on the long-distance bus home, I suddenly remembered the mysterious voice when I was on the phone with my sister. I remember that he seemed to remind my sister to only tell me about my grandmother. let me know? This mysterious voice is very familiar. By the way, I seem to have made a bet with this voice last year. I bet two lives, one is my grandmother’s life and the other is mine. It seems that I have lost half of it, but this Who is the voice? I can’t remember at all…

What happened today was so messy, the headache was splitting, what happened to Rong’er? Give her a call now. Oops, I slapped myself hard, I walked too fast, I forgot to bring my cell phone, everyone’s phone numbers are stored in my cell phone, I’m so sorry Rong’er, I can’t even remember her cell phone number!

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