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Hospital Flower Pot

Hello everyone, I am the old bachelor who has been single for nearly 30 years, Xiao Lang, the writer of third-rate horror novels on the Internet . Four days ago, because of an acute appendicitis, I had an operation in a small hospital nearby and spent my time here.

After seven long, boring, and full of weird days, today is the day I was discharged from the hospital. There is only one feeling in my heart, that is, I am so happy! To sum up the experience of these seven days, I can only describe it as a great disappointment.

There is no beautiful nurse and sister to accompany me. There is only one big night chattering, and the nocturnal old lady who chatted with her dead husband gave me sight, hearing and heart all day long. Torture, the food in the hospital is terrible, the hygiene is not enough, and the taste is also very bad, alas~! Don’t say it, I will cry too much. Anyway, I will get rid of this broken place today and say goodbye to it forever! In the late autumn, the daytime in the northern part of the country has gradually shortened.

I have gradually become accustomed to going to bed early and getting up early. When I woke up naturally, it was just after four in the morning. It was quiet, and there was no sound at all. The old lady in the clinic was also asleep, but she would babble a few times from time to time. It seemed that her problem of talking to herself was deeply ingrained and could not be changed in her life. .

It’s still early, and I’m idle and bored. I’m just walking around in the corridor outside the ward. My super “dead house” habit has been brought to the extreme by me in the hospital. Every day, someone will come to give it to me. Meals are delivered, the washroom is next to my ward, and next to it is the toilet, so my range of activities is fixed in these three small rooms.

It went around the three small rooms, and it was still a small corridor. The corridor was L-shaped, and there was a row of small houses like the ward on one side. I didn’t know what important things were in it. There are no signs, and the windows on the door are also tightly blocked by curtains, and I don’t know what secrets are inside.

As for what I was not in the mood to pay attention to, but the scene on the other side of the corridor caught my eye. It was next to the window that led to the outside, and the sun could shine directly through the window. There are many flower pots on the ground near the window, roughly forty or fifty pots.

Like most male compatriots, I am not very familiar with flowers. Among these red, green and green plants, I only know two, one is cactus and the other is cactus.

Although I don’t know these flowers, I can see that these flowers are well cultivated. Each one has lush branches and leaves. In this season, it is possible to cultivate such lush flowers. This florist is really amazing!

People prefer beautiful things, although I am not very interested in flowers, but when I am bored, I can’t help but look closely when I see these bright flowers.

After approaching, a faint smell of fishy sweetness came to my nostrils. Squinting my little myopic eyes, I found that the soil in the flowerpot was also a touch of red. I suddenly had an idea in my heart, this hospital will not Are you watering these flowers with human blood?

Isn’t there often similar scenes in movies and TV series, and those burial mounds are usually elegant in environment, charming in scenery, and lush with trees, because they are nourished by the flesh and blood of the dead.

Thinking of this and looking at the dozens of pots of flowers around me, I couldn’t help being stunned, but I couldn’t help laughing at myself. Maybe I’ve been writing horror novels for too long. Is my brain too big now? When you see anything, you will think in that direction. No wonder many great writers have schizophrenia or something.

Thinking of these messy things in my mind, I didn’t have any idle hands either. I picked up a small branch on the windowsill that might also be used to loosen the soil, and started digging the soil in a flower pot to see if there was anything new. ‘s discovery.

The soil below is similar to the surface, and it is also a light pink color, but the fishy smell seems to be more intense. After digging a few times, I saw one. To be precise, it should be a lump of something that looks like an animal viscera. , It looked bloody and slightly decomposed. I felt sick for a while, and hurriedly pulled some soil. The thing that looked like an internal organ was reburied and rushed back to the ward in a hurry, like a man who did something wrong. Like children.

In the morning, I had to infuse two bottles of anti-inflammatory liquid before I could be discharged from the hospital. I had eaten breakfast from my mother and rested for a while. At eight o’clock, the nurses began to inject needles for the patients.

This process was long and boring. The only solution was to sleep. Not long after the infusion needle was inserted, I soon fell asleep and went to Lao Zhou to play chess. With my mother watching the fluid for me, I felt at ease!

I fell asleep and felt a little itchy nose. I opened my eyes and saw a cute little boy sitting on the head of my bed. The child is really too young. It looks like he was born not long ago. I didn’t have a few teeth. When I woke up, he gave me a cute smile, jumped from the head of the bed to the ground, staggered but ran out of the ward very quickly.

For such an old child, it was too dangerous to let him run around like this, so I got up from the hospital bed and chased out.

The little boy is not very old, but he can run quite fast. I just finished the operation, and I didn’t dare to chase too fast. The little boy seemed to be waiting for me on purpose. After running a few steps, he stopped and turned to look at me. Seeing that I was about to catch up with him, I continued to run.

We chased one after another and quickly came to the corridor next to the toilet. Then a strange scene happened. The little boy jumped, jumped directly into a flower pot and disappeared, looking at the loose soil inside, Isn’t this the same pot I just dug out of branches! Could it be that the lump of internal organs is the corpse of that child!

I suddenly opened my eyes and found that it was just a dream. I was still lying on the bed for an infusion, and my mother was chatting with the family members of other patients.

At this time, there was a clutter of footsteps in the corridor. Someone was pushed into the operating room. Listening to the conversation of the people outside, it turned out that another baby was about to come to this world. I wish their mother and child a safe life and a healthy life. !

Soon I finished hanging the hanging bottle, and my mother went downstairs to handle the discharge procedures for me. I was bored and went for a walk, and unconsciously looked at the flower pots again to see if there would be a little boy from inside. jump out.

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps. When I looked up, it was a nurse sister. She was also holding a plastic bag in her hand, which contained something similar to the internal organs of an animal. She skillfully dug up a flower pot and buried the contents in her hand. go in.

Only later did I find out that it turned out to be the placenta, but I don’t know what is important about burying it in the flowerpot.

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