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Old Nurse in hospital

On the 4th floor of a large hospital in the city, there is a long, long corridor. At the end of the hallway is an office and a “mortuary” for anatomical specimens. One night, there was only one very young trainee nurse in that office, and she was waiting for an old nurse to take over.

suddenly! She heard the sound of “Puff! Puff!” from the “mortuary” opposite. In addition to being frightened in her heart, the little intern nurse couldn’t follow her curiosity and moved to the door of the morgue one by one, shivering little by little. She gently pushed the door open slowly through a slit, and what she saw was the corpse that had been bitten by something glowing green, and it was accompanied by the “pop” sound she heard just now. The little intern was frightened and hurried back to the opposite office.

While she was still in shock, the old nurse came. As if the intern had caught a life-saving straw, she tremblingly told the old nurse what she saw in the morgue. But the old nurse disagreed and said that this is normal. Some patients in the hospital like to chew on dead people, and those green lights and sounds are also made by them, so it’s not surprising. The old nurse also told her that to know who gnawed, just look at whose teeth were glowing green.

So the little nurse searched the whole building, but couldn’t find it. When she returned to the office on the 4th floor exhausted, she told the old nurse that she could not find who did it.

At this time, the old nurse showed an incomprehensible smile. She said word by word, “So, have you seen my teeth?!” After speaking, she opened her mouth impressively, only to see the old nurse’s teeth exuding green light and a popping sound, while the old nurse There seemed to be some crumbs still in between the teeth. . . .

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