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The Miscellaneous Music of Connotative Ghost Stories

Connotation of the miscellaneous ghost stories.

A Ping bought a second-hand tape from the Internet, which she was going to use as a prop for the New Year’s Eve performance.

The reason why I like it is that its online shopping price is too cheap compared to other second-hand audio tapes, and it also includes free shipping. For their drama club and social expenses, this high-quality and cheap audio tape is undoubtedly a good thing. Their company appeared, so Ping immediately took it and was ready to receive it.

… When the goods arrived, Ping unpacked the package, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the tape didn’t look like it was second-hand, it was actually brand new.

She started to use it.

The program of the drama has been rehearsed many times, and this tape has also been used to record the voice many times.

It’s just weird that every time it’s played, their recording doesn’t look very good, and there’s always a loud chorus playing out with their voices.

They all kept quiet during the recording, how could there be all these noises? So, as the president, Ping decided to find out the reason.


She played the recordings in sequence.

Still have fun! She recorded it again.

still have! It’s just… Every time the miscellaneous music seems to be different.

This is not radio interference.

There must be something wrong with the tape! So she went online to find the store again to see what was going on, and asked the seller for an explanation.

… And while the tape was playing, she was on the Internet.

After a while, she suddenly ran out of her room in a hurry.

The next morning, accompanied by her parents, Ping threw the tape and the paper money into an iron bucket and burned it.

The answer to the music is revealed: 1. The music in the tape is not radio interference Or the sound caused by the damaged tape, which is the ghost sound.

2. Every time the miscellaneous music seems to be different.

The tape was recording, but it recorded the voice of the surrounding ghosts at the same time as the real voice.

3. Ah Ping went online to visit the online store again and learned something she didn’t know before.

That is, the second-hand tape is actually a supernatural tape, which is used for conjuring and communicating with the dead. This is different from ordinary tapes, so it is so cheap, and the seller, that is, the first-hand owner, is the Doing a psychic business.

4. Every time this second-hand tape is played, there are various music, which means that when this tape is recorded, it means that it is conjuring souls, and its ghost sounds are recorded. At this time, there must be a lot of music in Ah Ping’s room. It was a ghost, so Ping, who knew about it, quickly stopped the tape and escaped from the room.

5. Throw the tape together with the paper money into the iron bucket and burn it.

Since it was a supernatural tape, it naturally belonged to the underworld, so Ping quickly burned this evil thing the next day.

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