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What is the ending of each character in the novel “The Swordsman in the Snow”

The TV series “The Swordsman in the Snow (雪中悍刀行)” is a large-scale costume drama. The protagonist is Xu Fengnian, and there are more than 30 important characters in it. The rivers, lakes and martial arts in this drama are very enjoyable to watch, and each character is very brilliant. So what is the ending of each character in the novel “The Swordsman in the Snow”?

  1. The ending of Xu Fengnian

Xu Fengnian, played by Zhang Ruoyun, is the son of the prince of Beiliang, father Xu Xiao and mother Wu Su. Known in the world as a playboy, in fact, he hides ravines in his chest and has good plans in his belly. Equipped with two swords, a big yellow court was taught by Wu’s current headmaster Wang Chonglou. Under the tutelage of Li Yishan, a national scholar, he is half teacher and half friend with Li Chungang, one of the four great masters of Jianghu before Jiazi, and a senior in kendo.

After the end of the Liang Mang War, Xu Fengnian unloaded the burden of the Beiliang King, changed the city of rejecting the north to Luoyang city, and then indulged in the rivers and lakes. Xu Fengnian’s practice of martial arts has already achieved his goal, avenging his mother and fulfilling his father’s dying wish. Although the 300,000 iron cavalry of Beiliang died in battle, they died for the people of the Central Plains, and they died in the right place. As for Xu Fengnian returning to the world and not wanting to be emperor, that should be Xu Fengnian’s best choice!

After all, his ambition was not in the temple, and finally Xu Fengnian married Jiang Ni, and the two had a daughter.

  1. The ending of ginger mud (Jiang Si)

Jiang Ni played by Li Gengxi is the former Princess Taiping of Western Chu. She entered the royal palace of Beiliang at the age of twelve after her country’s subjugation. There is a “rune” dagger in the sleeve. He went to Wudang with Xu Fengnian, left Beiliang, and traveled around the world. Once helped Xu Fengnian “fall off” Wang Xianzhi.

When Xu Fengnian and Tuoba Chunfen fell into death in the first battle, he appeared to rescue Xu Fengnian, and was selected as the main list of the new round of rouge list. Jiang Ni’s ending, like the white fox face Nangong Pushe, abandoned the hatred of the country and the family that she should not have endured, and finally married Xu Fengnian. The ending of the little clay figurine should also be considered very happy.

  1. Xu Xiao’s ending

The only remaining king of the Liyang Dynasty with different surnames – the King of Beiliang. Dominate the three northwestern states. At the age of ten, he joined the army to kill people, from the killing of the Xiongnu in Jinzhou in the northeast to the slaughter of more than 70 cities in the south, and then to the suppression of the 16 barbarian tribes in the southwest. When fighting Western Chu, he was hit by an arrow in his left leg, leaving the sequelae of slight lameness. He personally led the Dragon Cavalry Army, the largest snow battalion in combat power, against the enemy Beimang Army of 350,000.

In the end, Xu Xiao died peacefully in bed shortly after Bei Liang “privately” handed over the throne to Xu Fengnian.

  1. Chen Zhibao’s ending

The villain Tu, a soldier in white, formerly known as Chen Zhibao, the head of the six righteous sons of the King of Northern Liang (“Tiger”). Son of Chen Qiong, a general of Northern Liang. Beiliang’s 300,000 cavalry prestige is second only to Xu Xiao’s villain Tu, his spear skills are cold and slaughter. Under the tutelage of Gun Immortal King Embroidery, he has the weapon “Plum Wine” and admires Xu Weixiong.

Chen Zhibao later defected from Beiliang and became the king of Western Shu.

  1. The ending of Nangong Pushe (white fox face)

In the novel, Nangong Pushe is also married to Xu Fengnian.

Nangong Pushe is the most beautiful woman in the world, the daughter of Xie Guanying, Xu Fengnian’s confidante, and a martial arts prodigy. He met Xu Fengnian during his three-year and six-thousand-mile travels, and got the opportunity to climb the Tingchao Pavilion. The owner of the double-knife embroidery Dongchunlei. The face is peerless, and the rouge list ranks it as the number one in the world. He brought Wang Sheng into Beimang and vowed to become the number one in the world. She rescued Xu Fengnian on the battlefield of Liang Mang, and made eighteen stops, but she no longer had the mood to make nineteen stops in her life, and finally became Xu Fengnian’s wife.

Although it is difficult to enter the nineteenth stop of swordsmanship in this life, but finally regained her identity as a woman, married Xu Fengnian, and accompanied Xu Fengnian in this life, which is also a very good destination.

  1. The ending of Zhao Kai

Zhao Kai is Zhao Chun’s illegitimate son. He is ambitious, but in reality, he has great ambitions and few talents. The first master is Han Diao Temple, and the second master is Yang Taisui. Possess the five armors of gold, wood, water, fire and soil. Studied at Shangyin Academy, once played against Xu Weixiong, with 5 wins and 5 losses, Huang Sanjia was rated as “I have Zhao’s luck, and the world’s luck is second only to Jiang Ni.

In the end, Zhao Kai was intercepted and killed by Xu Fengnian in the Western Regions, and then committed suicide.

  1. Wu Su’s ending

Wu Su is the princess of Beiliang, she came from the Wu family sword mound, the sword crown of the previous generation of the Wu family. Zhao Yutai was his sword maid. His father is Qi Lianhua, who has the titles of Sword Armor and Book Sage. For Xu Xiao resolutely broke with Wu Jiajianzhong. Buried sword Qingcheng Mountain. Dressed in white clothes, Zou Su personally beat the war drum, the fish-dragon drum, and the sound of the drum was like thunder.

The white jade Guanyin offered to the Buddha by Wang Linquan, the old part of Beiliang, Mushan, is based on the appearance of the princess. Two dead men were left for Xu Fengnian, and sweet potato was one of them.

  1. Li Yishan’s ending

Li Yishan was one of the first military advisors in Bei Liang to join Xu Xiao’s tent. Born in a humble background, he was called Yin Cai by the world, and he was good at poisonous schemes. Xu Fengnian worshipped Xu Fengnian as his teacher when he was young, and was one of Xu Fengnian’s most respected figures.

Li Yishan and Nalan Youci jointly planned the plan of the scholar Beirun to go undercover Beimang. After his death, the ashes were scattered on the border, hoping to see Beimang being conquered by Beiliang after his death.

  1. Xuanyuan Qingfeng’s ending

Xuanyuan Qingfeng is one of Xu Fengnian’s confidantes, the top five in the new rouge review, her beauty is rare, she has never regretted anything in her life, she has an extreme demeanor: paranoid, crazy, ruthless, the master of Huishan Daxueping, now leaving The leader of the Yang Wulin alliance. Dressed in purple, he went to the rivers and lakes and met Xu Fengnian on a three-thousand-mile journey.

Cultivation is mixed, the outside is soft and the inside is firm, and it is not inferior to men. Resist the Northern Mang army at the rejection of the North Pass.

She used the essence and blood of her life to cultivate the unique skills of Han Shengxuan, a human cat. In the battle of Beibei City, she desperately killed Deng Mao and became famous all over the world, but she herself was seriously injured. She died under the iron hoof of Beimang. She has always loved Xu Fengnian in her heart, but she is arrogant, as long as she likes others, she doesn’t care if others like her or not, and Xu Fengnian also said that in the world, only Xuanyuan Qingfeng resembles him the most.

After this battle, Xuanyuan Qingfeng became a land fairy. Instead of dying on the battlefield, he retreated in Daxueping and agreed to fight Xu Fengnian every ten years.

  1. The ending of Li Chungang

Sword Armor, the head of the Thirteen Armored Armor, the old sword god in blue shirt. Before Jiazi, he was the first of the four great masters. Fifty years ago, he fought against Wang Xianzhi. Unfortunately, he did not use his sword to open the gate of heaven. He was defeated by Wang Xianzhi and destroyed the Trojan horse and cattle. Begging for a life-sustaining elixir, he went up the mountain to discuss Taoism with Qi Xuan, and his mind fell to Zhixuan.

Before Li Chungang died, he borrowed the sword Deng Tai’a from thousands of miles to help him break through the land sword fairyland and fight Tuoba Bodhisattva.

  1. Wei Shuyang

Jiudoumi said, Reedang used the peach wood sword array to break the wooden armor in the first battle.

  1. The ending of Xu Zhihu

The head of the county of Northern Liang, the eldest sister of Xu Fengnian. I am deeply in love with Xu Fengnian’s sister and brother. Married to the Lu family in the south of the Yangtze River, she was called a slut because of the so-called kefu, and she was referred to by thousands of husbands. When Xu Fengnian went out of the north to cool down and went to the south of the Yangtze River, he made a killing for her, and the scholar was cold. At the age of 14, she went to Wudang Mountain to enter the fragrance and met Hong Xixiang. She was the reincarnation of the red clothes that Lu Zu loved, but Lu Zu gave up and became a fairy, and waited for the red clothes for seven hundred years.

Hong Xixiang, the reincarnation of Lu Zu, rode a crane to the south of the Yangtze River for her, cut off the luck of the Zhao family and Dongyue and Xishu, and took her to travel around the world.

  1. Xu Weixiong’s ending

The second sister of Xu Fengnian, the top of the rouge list, is a talented girl who is famous all over the world. Nineteen Taoists are unparalleled in the world, taught in the Shangyin Academy, and their swordsmanship and strategy are far superior to others. The real identity is the armor of the dead soldier, the daughter of Ye Baikui.

Chen Zhibao adored her privately. After being seriously injured by Chen Zhibao in the Battle of Tiemenguan, her legs were disabled. Now she is in charge of Qingliangshan Wutongyuan and presides over military and political affairs in Beiliang.

  1. Zhao Xun

Prince Jing’an’s heir, a gentle man, just like his father Zhao Heng, insidious, cunning, joy and anger are invisible. She has bad intentions towards her stepmother Pei Nanwei.

  1. Sweet potato ending

The eldest girl of Wutongyuan, formerly known as Red Deer. Born with a plump body, fair and plump skin, coupled with innate body fragrance and elegant demeanor, the fragrance has always been the most favored by His Royal Highness. One of the two dead men left by the princess to Xu Shizi, Jinshe, the current city owner of Beimang Dunhuang City and one of the top ten killers. She gave birth to a daughter, Little Sweet Potato (Xu Nianliang), for Xu Fengnian.

When the second Liangmang War was about to start, because Tuoba Bodhisattva led the army to break through the city of Dunhuang, he was ordered to be imprisoned by the sympathetic Empress of Beimang.

  1. Wang Xianzhi’s ending

A martial arts genius who deserves to be seen once in a century, he has the qualifications to be the number one in the world and disdain for the heroes, but he claims to be the number two in the world, just to commemorate Li Chungang, who cherished the talents and gave up the half-handed Trojan cow and the fame of the world. Do not bring weapons, fight with people, only use one hand. Victory sword nine yellow, all the famous swords in the box stay in Wudicheng; Victory Li Chungang, two fingers break the wooden horse and ox.

The first in the new martial arts commentary, because Emperor Bai came into the world, and after losing the battle with Xu Fengnian, his soul was divided into three, and he gave three opportunities to the rivers and lakes, and he has passed away.

  1. The ending of Pei Nanwei

The wife of King Jing’an and stepmother of Zhao Xun. He was secretly watched by Zhao Xun. The famous beauty on this year’s rouge evaluation list became the victim of King Jing’an’s assassination of Xu Fengnian outside the city of Xiangfan, and then followed Xu Fengnian. He once asked Xu Fengnian, the number one in the world, to support his waist and go out.

In the end, Xu Fengnian took her away from Xiangfan, but it should be regarded as a very good ending for Pei Nanwei. She should also marry Xu Fengnian in the end, and the ending should be considered very happy!

  1. The ending of Hong Xixiang

The headmaster of Wudang Mountain, Wang Chonglou’s younger brother, the youngest patriarch in the thousand-year history of Wudang Taoism, was brought up the mountain by the previous generation Wudang headmaster at the age of five and accepted as a closed-door disciple, and he joined this generation of headmaster Wang Chonglou at a young age. become brothers. He likes to ride a green bull upside down. If he doesn’t become number one in the world, he can’t go down the mountain. He cultivates the supreme way of heaven. After riding an ox and reading for twenty years, once he became enlightened, he stepped on a crane and went straight into the sky.

Zeng took a step closer and directly snatched the whisk from the hands of Qi Xianxia, ​​the leader of the Daomen sword.

  1. Shu shame ending

Xu Fengnian is a squire by his side. He was born in the southern border, and he knows a lot of crooked ways and has a good internal strength. The palm strength is amazing, in order to get the “White Emperor Baopu Jue” into Beiliang, he became a dead man after being captured. Yi Rong disguised as Princess Jing’an and became a spy beside Zhao Xun in the palace of Jing’an, but he really fell in love with him.

  1. The ending of Han Diao Temple

A great eunuch, he has been in charge of 100,000 eunuchs for more than 20 years. He is known as a cat, and his reputation within the dynasty is only worse than that of Xu Xiao. Three thousand red silk is wrapped around the left hand. The teacher of the emperor’s illegitimate son Zhao Kai. Together with Xu Xiao and Huang Longshi, they are known as the three major devils in the world. He is called the devil because he likes to torture and kill the first-rank masters. He is good at killing celestial phenomena by pointing to the mysterious, and is second in the mysterious realm, second only to Deng Tai’a, the Peach Blossom Sword God.

Han Diao Temple was one of the masterminds of the murder of Princess Wu in the Baiyi case in the capital in the past, and was later killed by Xu Fengnian.

  1. The blue bird ending

Wutongyuan’s maidservant, the daughter of Gun Immortal King Xiu, one of the four great masters in the past, has an uncommon personality, and is naturally cold-faced and cold-hearted. The third of the four dead men of Tiangan that Xu Xiao cultivated, respectfully and close to Xu Fengnian, but not blindly obedient.

Blue Bird is also one of Xu Fengnian’s confidants.

  1. The ending of Ning Emei

One of the four teeth of Northern Liang, a military general from the sixth rank. Holding a 75-pound iron halberd. There are only a few generals in Liyang who use the halberd. He led a hundred Beiliang Army’s front three phoenix battalion guards Xu Fengnian to travel around the rivers and lakes. The war king Mingyin was defeated without falling.

Ning Emei was finally the deputy general of Tiefutu.

  1. The ending of Chu Lushan

The Eagle Dog among the Three Dogs of Liuyizi, nicknamed Lu Qiuer. The bloated body is like a ball, and he is a general of the third rank Qianniu Longwu holding three thousand elite soldiers and tiger talismans. Li Yishan called him “Chu Bacha” because he could form a palace rhyme with eight hands. Back then, he followed his adoptive father Xu Xiao to fight in the north and south and blocked eleven swords for his adoptive father.

Queen Xu Xiaofeng promised him that he could commit eleven capital crimes without dying. The first person in the civil and military affairs of Beiliang Army, the leader of Beiliang espionage, he served as the protector of Beiliang, and insisted on guarding Huaiyang Pass.

  1. Old Kui at the bottom of the lake (Chu Kuangnu)

The old Kui at the bottom of the lake, with extremely high martial arts, has been trapped at the bottom of the lake outside the Tingchao Pavilion for many years. Two iron chains are locked on the bones of the pipa, and there are two large knives on the ends of the chains. After holding his breath at the bottom of the lake for decades, he rescued Xu Fengnian when he was a child, and later taught Xu Fengnian the swordsmanship.

  1. Princess Sui Zhu (Zhao Fengya)

Princess Sui Zhu. Xu Fengnian called him a little sparrow, and he had a marriage contract with Xu Fengnian, and later Xu Fengnian resisted the marriage. Later, the emperor intended to marry Chen Zhibao, but was rescued from Chang’an by Xu Fengnian, and the court cheated to death.

  1. Wenhua Ending

Xu Fengnian’s life and death brother. Hanwei Ranger, carrying a wooden sword, met Xu Fengnian on his three-thousand-mile journey. Being valued by Huang Sanjia, he taught the two swords of the eccentric Sui Xiegu. He defeated Lu Baijie, the sword immortal in Tangxi, and became famous in one fell swoop. Huang Sanjia threatened him to kill Xu Fengnian with his beloved woman Li Baishi and Jiaojian.

After Wen Hua knew Xu Fengnian’s true identity, he cut off his arms and legs, abandoned his beloved woman and the sword that was expected to become a land fairy, and broke the sword out of the rivers and lakes.

  1. Chen Xiliang’s ending

He was originally a desolate scholar in the south of the Yangtze River, and was called by Cao Changqing as Confucianism and Taoism on the surface, but he was a legalist domineering in practice. Xu Fengnian brought back to Beiliang with his eyes and knowledge, and Li Yishan spoke highly of it, and he was good at scheming behind the scenes.

Chen Xiliang later became the longest-serving ambassador of the Northern Liang Daojing.

  1. Yu Youwei (Yu Xuanji)

Also known as Yu Xuanji, after failing to assassinate the prince Xu Fengnian, he gradually fell in love with him and finally returned to Beiliang.

  1. Yellow Array (Old Yellow, Sword Nine Yellow)

The groom of the Beiliang Palace, an old servant who lacks front teeth and carries a sword case. He was a blacksmith and traveled with Xu Fengnian for three years and six thousand miles. It is called Jian Jiuhuang because of the nine-style swordsmanship from Jian Yi to Jian Jiu. In the early years, he narrowly defeated Wang Xianzhi and Chu Kuangnu. He left the Jiujian Jianpu as a gift to Xu Fengnian, and named Jianjiu Liuqianli to commemorate the three-year journey.

Huang Zhentu went to Wudi City to challenge Wang Xianzhi again, and was defeated and died, and all the famous swords in the box were left in Wudi City. He was one of the people who had the greatest influence on Xu Fengnian.

  1. Zhao Heng’s ending

King Jing’an, one of the six major vassal kings in Liyang, resides in the ghost town of Xiangfan, with both civil and military skills. When the late emperor killed him violently, he was the most powerful, and the empress dowager paid the most attention to this filial son. After failing to seize the successor, he was named King Jing’an. Wife Pei Nanwei, son Zhao Xun. He assassinated Xu Fengnian outside the city of Xiangfan, but failed to transfer half a Trojan horse and a book of peerless swords.

In order for his son to inherit the throne, Zhao Xun chose to commit suicide when he was in the capital. The emperor gave Zhao Xun a hereditary replacement in grief.

  1. The ending of Lu Qiantang

The Southern Tang swordsman, carrying the Chixia epee on his back, practiced swordsmanship by the Guangling River for several years after the fall of the country, and became a second-rank epee. In order to steal “Wolonggang Swordsmanship”, he ventured into Tingchao Pavilion, Beiliang Palace, and was spared by Xu Xiao because he blocked Jian Jiuhuang’s four swords. Before Xu Fengnian left Beiliang, Lu Qiantang, Shu Shao, and Yang Qingfeng were each awarded a favorite cheat book, and were asked to protect Xu Fengnian with all their life, and became Xu Fengnian’s squires.

Lu Qiantang fought against Zhao Kai’s talisman, Hong Jia, and died.

32. Oh girl (Jia Jiajia) ending

One of Xu Fengnian’s confidantes, a distant relative of the owner of the Beiliang Sauce Beef Shop. The female killer who rode a panda and carried sunflowers came and went like the wind, and once assassinated Xu Fengnian. When she sold her body to bury her mother when she was young, she was bullied by passers-by and rescued by Xu Fengnian and gave her a jade hairpin. Later, she met Huang Longshi and was taken as a righteous daughter. He killed Wang Mingyin with a knife, and then intercepted Wang Xianzhi to go to Liang and was dying because he did not give in. Xu Fengnian continued to live for ten years with Gao Shu’s physique, rescued Xuanyuan Qingfeng at the Beibei Pass, and rescued the bodies of seven masters.

  1. Xu Longxiang’s ending

Xu Fengnian’s younger brother, born in the Vajra Realm, has a very undeveloped mind. When the old master Zhao Xituan arrived in Beiliang, he accepted him as a disciple and brought him back to Longhu Mountain to teach the Great Dream Spring and Autumn. After subduing the black tiger in Qi Xuan’s frame, he went out of Longhu Mountain, wearing a newly cast armor.

Xu Longxiang became the commander of the Dragon Elephant Army in the First Battle of Beimang, and won the hearts of the army. Sword God Li Chungang was once evaluated as “may become the second Wang Xianzhi”.

  1. Zhao Xuansu’s ending

Zhao Xuansu and Zhao Huangchao made a bet that whoever ascended first would lose a seal. Incarnate as a child, he intends to kill Xu Fengnian in Wudi City and blame Wang Xianzhi, but he is killed by Deng Tai’a.

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