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Tag: Comics

Princess of Doom

Princess of DoomAlternative: 파멸의 공주님Author(s): 개냥빠,한세람Artist(s): 개냥빠,한세람Genre(s): Fantasy, RomanceRelease: 2021Status: Ongoing Description: The Demon King, Kaon broke the taboo and tried to revive his dead lover. However, the magic went […]

Boss, Don’T Send Me Back!

Boss, Don’T Send Me Back!Alternative Name: Boss, Don’T Send Me Back!Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Manhua, Romance, WebtoonsAuthor: N/ARelease: 2020Status: ongoing Description: Boss, don’t send me back!A president gossiped to be a homosexual vs a girl […]

Disorder for Life

Disorder for Life (Manga)Other Name: 错乱终身 / Lifelong confusion Genres: manga, love, romanceAuthors: Phoenix AChapter: N/AYear: 2020Related Show: Description:That year, by an accident, her peaceful life was shattered and she lost contact with him. Bye-bye, […]

Daredevil V3

Description: People found Daredevil and Spider-Man shuttled in the city. It seems that at least a fearless person is not a friendless person. Daredevil V3Alternative Name: 夜魔侠V3, Dare Demon V3Genre: Sci-fiAuthor: Marvel ComicsRelease: N/AStatus: N/A